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Winners Circle for the Week of March 8-14

March 8-14

15th Annual Western BCA Regional 8-Ball Championships
Chinook Winds Casino Resort
Lincoln City, OR

March 10-14

WPBA San Diego Classic
Viejas Casino
Alpine, CA

Look for the replay of this tournament on ESPN2 on Saturday, April 10 from Noon - 3:00 p.m.

Winner Gerda Hofstatter
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San Diego Classic Results
1st Gerda Hofstatter, $12,700
2nd Shu-Han Chang, $7,800
3rd Karen Corr, $5,100
3rd Xiao-Ting Pan, $5,100

March 12-14

GB9-Ball Tour Midlands Classic
Buxton Pro Cup
Buxton Challenge Cup World Pool Masters Qualifier
Barcelo Buxton Palace Hotel
Buxton, Derbyshire, Great Britain

Congratulations to World 9-Ball Champion Daryl Peach, winner of the GB 9-Ball Tour's main event!!

Winner Daryl Peach of Blackpool, UK
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March 12-14

NACPT Partners
Menominee Casino
Keshena, WI

March 13

10-Ball Series--9-Foot
Rockford Billiard Cafe
Rockford, IL

March 13

NGB Amateur Billiards Tour
All Star Billiards
Winder, GA

NGB Amateur Billiards Tour Results
1st Leon Whately, $800
2nd Robert South, $400
3rd Joe Pierce, $200
4th Shane Winters, $150
5th David Shadden, $75
5th Jim Lee, $75
7th Jim Giorllia, $50
7th Jeff Scarbough, $50

March 13 World Pool Masters Qualifier
Billiard Club Gavan
St. Petersburg, Russia

Congratulations to winner Yevgeny Novosak (Ukraine)!

March 13-14

DMIRO 10-Ball Tour
Atlantic City Billiards
Egg Harbor, NJ

March 13-14

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour
Strokers 2 Billiards
Tampa, FL

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Open Division Winner Justin Hall and Runner-up Tommy Kennedy
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KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Amateur Division Results
1st Jerry Troy, $550
2nd Todd Anderson, $400
3rd Jason Richko, $300
4th Han Berber, $200
5th Tom Giorgi, $150
5th Jeremy Aurswald, $150
7th Jose Delrio, $90
7th Jimmy Dean, $90
9th Bill Stoll, $60
9th Elvis Rodriguez, $60
9th Louie Smith, $60
9th Mike Hawks, $60

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Open Division Results
1st Justin Hall, $550
2nd Tommy Kennedy, $430
3rd Louis Altes, $350
4th Tony Crosby, $250
5th Mike Davis, $160
5th Lee Holland, $160
7th Hunter Lombardo, $100
7th Bobby Livrago, $100

March 13-14

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour
Master Billiards
Queens, NY

From Left: Tony Eglesias, Mhet Vergara & Mike Wong
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Tri-State 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Mhet Vergara, $685
2nd Michael Wong, $345
3rd Tony Eglesias, $220
4th Gary Murgia, $140

March 13-14

Joss North East 9-Ball Tour
Trick Shot Billiards
Clifton Park, NY

From Left: Dennis Hatch, Owner Tim Berlin and Bucky Souvanthong
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Joss North East 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Dennis Hatch, $1,170
2nd Bucky Souvanthong, $900
3rd Dave Grau, $700
4th Mike Zuglan, $450
5th Jason Michas, $250
5th Dwight Dixon, $250
7th Chance Chin, $100
7th Dave Varano, $100

March 13-14

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Kylie's Sportsbar
Cornelius, NC

From Left: Brian White, Shanon Daulton & Ron Park
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Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Brian White, $1,000
2nd Ron Park, $500
3rd JR Poste, $300
4th Matt Reed, $200
5th Mark Patterson, $125
5th Marty Free, $125
7th Jeff Peele, $55
7th Josh Newman, $55

March 13-14 World Pool Masters Qualifier
De Loft, Frederick
Leuven, Belgium

Congratulations to winner Noel Bruynooghe (Belgium)!

March 13-14

USSA National Snooker Tour
California Billiard Club
Mountain View, CA

March 14

Dominiak NE 10-Ball Tour
The Golden Cue
Albany, NY

Dominiak NE 10-Ball Tour Results
1st Paul Rozonewski, $250
2nd Tom Acciavatti, $150
3rd Keith Lauer, $100
4th Frank Rich, $75
5th James Taylor, $40
5th Brandon Ryan, $40

March 14

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Q-Ball Billiards
Vineland, NJ

Congratulations to winner Shaun Wilkie!

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