Friday, June 24, 2011

Allison Fisher Dominates Ga Young Kim, Taking WPBA US Open Top Title

Defending WPBA US Open Champion Allison Fisher beat out two-time US Open Champion Ga Young Kim 7-4 to take the top spot in the 2011 WPBA US Open.

Check out the WPBA brackets for a blow-by-blow of the final match.

Tune in to ESPN on August 7th to view the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals.

Final 8 (race to 7)

Jeanette Lee 6 vs. Erica Park 7
Kelly Fisher 5 vs. Allison Fisher 7
Ga Young Kim 7 vs. Vivian Villarreal 5
Monica Webb 6 vs. Jasmin Ouschan 7

Final 4 (race to 7)

Erica Park 2 vs. Allison Fisher 7
Ga Young Kim 7 vs. Jasmin Ouschan 2

Final Round (race to 7)

Allison Fisher 7 vs. Ga Young Kim 4

Live Scoring of WPA and World 9-Ball Championship Now Available on Twitter

via press release from

Follow the WPA and World 9-Ball Championship on Twitter

Pool fans around the world now have another great resource to keep up to date with all the happenings from the World 9-ball Championship which begins June 21st in Doha, Qatar.

The World Pool Association is now on Twitter. Our Twitter user name is @poolwpa. You can go directly to our Twitter page at,

The WPA will be providing complete online coverage from the World 9-Ball Championships. The event begins June 21st with a three day qualifier which will offer 12 open spots. The tournament proper begins June 25th and runs through July 1. 128 of the world's best men pool players from 44 countries will be on hand at Doha's Al Sadd Sports Club to contest one of the sport's most prestigious prizes.

Our Twitter account is the latest enhancement of our coverage of big WPA events. The WPA will be offering live scoring throughout the event. Fans who want to know what's happening in each match can go to our new and improved website,, and click the "Live Scoring" banner. There you will see the current matches in progress and the up to date score line. You can also see the brackets by clicking on the "Brackets" button on our home page.

In addition, well known pool journalist and TV commentator Ted Lerner will be on hand in Doha to cover all the exciting action, writing several articles each day for the WPA website with complete analysis and his unique insights. Lerner will also be manning the Twitter account so fans will get plenty of instant insights, immediate updates and important news from right inside of the Al Sadd Sports Club.

So don't forget. Tell your pool friends around the world to follow the WPA on Twitter via our username @poolwpa

By Press Release - 2011-06-21

Friday, June 17, 2011

WPBA US Open 9-Ball Championships Kick Off In Tulsa, OK

The top 64 women players from around the world are squaring off at the WPBA US Open 9-Ball Championships at the River Spirit Casino in Tulsa, OK.

Full brackets and scoring updates are available here.

Round One Results:

Nicole Keeney vs. Susan Lance 9-4
Jasmin Ouschan vs. Jennifer Kraber 9-1
Amy Chen vs. Sharon O'Hanlon 9-6
Julie Kelly vs. Brianna Miller 9-5
Cathy Metzinger vs. Melissa Morris 9-6
Jeanette Lee vs. Kim Benson 9-3
Morgan Steinman vs. Megan Smith 9-6
Vivian Villarreal vs. Maureen Seto 9-6
Eleanor Callado vs. JoAnne Ashton 9-6
Xiaoting Pan vs. Barbara Lee 9-4
Naomi Williams vs. Borana Andoni 9-4
Ewa Laurance vs. Erica Park 9-7
Mary Rakin vs. Emily Duddy 9-4
Kelly Fisher vs. Kim Pierce 9-2
Kim White vs. Tina Hess 9-0
Line Kjorsvik vs. Kim Jones 9-2
Stacie Bourbeau vs. Angel Paglia 9-8
Ga Young Kim vs. Veronique Menard 9-3
Liz Cole vs. Cheryl Pritchard 9-7
Tina Meraglio vs. Tamara Rademakers 9-3
Dawn Hopkins vs. Susan Mello 9-5
Allison Fisher vs. Dana Aft 9-2
Teruko Cucculelli vs. Jennifer Chen (F)
Val Finnie vs. Melissa Little 9-3
Susan Williams vs. Vicki Paski 9-8
Monica Webb vs. Lindsay Dorn 9-2
Brittany Bryant vs. Theresa Gifford 9-3
Kim Shaw vs. Erin McManus 9-5
Jennifer Barretta vs. Stacy Novak 9-5
Karen Corr vs. Rebecca Warner (F)
Laura Smith vs. Rhonda Pierce 9-6
Liz Ford vs. Samantha Patton 9-4

Saturday and Sunday's play will be televised for ESPN.

China's Xiao Fang Fu, Britain's Chris Melling Take Home China Open Gold

Before an estimated television audience to over ten million, Xiao Fang Fu beat out fellow Chinese and defending tournament champion Chen Siming 9-3 to take the China Open Championship title. This is Fu's second major tournament win in the last year, after September's World 9-ball Championship title.

For more on the win, check out

Over on the men's side, Britian's Chris Melling overtook Chinese Taipei's Hsu Kai Lan 11-3 to capture the title.

For more on the men's tournament, see InsidePool

Friday, June 10, 2011

Morris Defeats Hundal To Take The Interpool Open Title in Sweden

Even though the 7th Annual Interpool Open in Gavle, Sweden was dominated by Swedish players, it was England vs. America in the finals with Rodney Morris squaring off (and ultimately winning against) Raj Hundal.

Tournament highlights from

Interpool Open Results
1st Rodney Morris, $3,247
2nd Raj Hundal, $1,623
3rd Marcus Chamat, $811
3rd Jim Chawki, $811
5th Mika Immonen, $405
5th Christian Fisher, $405
5th Roger Lysholm, $405
5th Vegar Kristiansen, $405
9th Morgan Cedarstrom, $202
9th Henrik Hagen, $202
9th Marcus Sjoberg, $202
9th Roger Akerbloom, $202
9th Robert Gronlie, $202
9th Alejandro Dinamarca, $202
9th Joakim Haugen, $202
9th Christian Lugowski, $202

Friday, June 3, 2011

9-Ball The Movie Production Marches On; Release Set for 2011

Production of the movie 9-Ball continues, with recent shooting taking place at the 2010 APA National Team Championships and in Pottsville, PA.

The producers are also running a contest to crown a "Ms. 9-Ball". The winner will be invited to appear as a featured extra with speaking part in the movie, as well as a limited edition autographed director's cut DVD. More information on the contest is available on 9-Ball the Movie's Facebook Page.

Behind the Scenes Footage from Pottsville, PA

More Behind the Scenes from Pottsville

Cast and Crew Photos

Cafe Scenes

A wide variety of 9-Ball movie apparel is now available for men and women. Check out all the designs at the 9-Ball Movie website.


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