Thursday, March 25, 2010

2010 Allan Hopkins Super Billiards Expo Tournament Results


Diamond Open 10-Ball Pro Players Championship

1st Shane Van Boening $10,000
2nd Johnathan Pinegar $5,000
3rd Corel Deulel $3,000
4th Thorsten Hohmann $3,000
5th/6th Thorsten Hohmann $2,500
5th/6th Dennis Hatch $2,500
7th/8th Mike Davis $2,000
7th/8th Rodney Morris $2,000
9th/12th Al Lapena $1,700
9th/12th Earl Strickland $1,700
9th/12th Johnny Archer $1,700
9th/12th Mike Dechaine $1,700
13th/16th Marlon Manalo $1,400
13th/16th Ryan McCreesh $1,400
13th/16th Joey Testa $1,400
13th/16th Shaun Wilkie $1,400
17th/24th Chris Bartram $1,200
17th/24th James Baraks $1,200
17th/24th Jason Klatt $1,200
17th/24th Ronnie Wiseman $1,200
17th/24th Charlie Williams $1,200
17th/24th Hunter Lombardo $1,200
17th/24th Ralph Eckert $1,200
17th/24th Robb Saez $1,200

The Winning Match Between Van Boening & Pinegar

Artistic Pool Masters Championship

Live streaming video by Ustream

Invitational Women's Pro Tournament

1st Kelly Fisher $2,500
2nd Brittany Bryant $1,500
3rd Sarah Rousey $1,000
3rd Angel Paglia $1,000
5th Morgan Steinman $500
5th Jennifer Baretta $500
5th Amy Chen $500


Pro-Am Bar Table Challenge

1st Matt Krah $2,000
2nd Oscar Dominguez $1,400
3rd Shane Winters $900
4th Jorge Rodriguez $900

Amateur Open Players Championship

1st Matt Clatturbuck (VA) $5,000
2nd Ron Frank Jr. (VA) $2,000
3rd Marc "Spain" Vidal (NY) $1,500
4th Tom D'Alfonso (CT) $1,500

Amateur Womens' Players Championship

1st Brianna Miller (PA) (14-year old) $1,800
2nd Grace Nakamura (ON) $1,000
3rd Liz Lovely (OH) $750
4th Erin McManus (NY) $750

Amateur Seniors Players Championship

1st Larry Price $3,000
2nd Kelly Espinoza $1,500

Amateur Juniors Players Championship--12 & Under Division

1st Ethan Madara
2nd Taylor Reynolds (ME)
3rd Ronald Sabine
4th Ray Rodriguez (NYC)

Amateur Juniors Players Championship--17 & Under Division

1st Skyler Woodward
2nd Chris Bruner
3rd Kyle Ray
4th Jeremy Gibson

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