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Winners Circle for the Week of February 22-28

February 22-28

17th Annual U.S. Bar Table Championships
Sands Regency Hotel & Casino
Reno, NV

10-Ball Champion Shane "The South Dakota Kid" Van Boening

10-Ball Championship
1st Shane "The South Dakota Kid" Van Boening, $5,000
2nd Jose "Amang" Parica, $3,200
3rd Glenn Atwell, $1,600
4th Sal Butera, $1,000
5th Thorsten Hohmann, $750
6th Larry Wilson, $750
7th Scott Frost, $500
8th Brian Butler, $500
9th Oscar Dominguez, $300
10th Tommy D'Alfonso, $300
11th Earl Strickland, $300
12th Brendan Crockett, $300
13th Bernardo Chavez, $200
14th Scott Tollefson, $200
15th Steve Moore, $200
16th Josh O'Neal, $200

9-Ball Champion Shane "The South Dakota Kid" Van Boening
Photo courtesy of

9-Ball Championship
1st Shane "The South Dakota Kid" Van Boening, $5300
2nd Thorsten Hohmann, $3400
3rd Scott Frost, $1700
4th Oscar Dominguez, $1100
5th Rob Phillips, $750
6th Steve Moore, $750
7th Sylver Ochoa, $500
8th Jose Parica, $500
9th Chris Melling, $300
10th Earl Strickland, $300
11th Beau Runningen, $300
12th Jaynard Orque, $300
13th Tyler Edey, $150
14th Tommy Tokoph, $150
15th Max Eberle, $150
16th Dan Louie, $150
17th Brendan Crockett, $125
18th Brandon Shuff, $125
19th Charles Bryant, $125
20th Justin Whitehead, $125
21st Jeff Heath, $125
22nd Johnathan Pinegar, $125
23rd Glenn Atwell, $125
24th Dan Olson, $125

8-Ball Champion Earl Strickland
Photo courtesy of

8-Ball Championship
1st Earl Strickland, $6200
2nd Darren Appleton, $3800
3rd Scott Frost, $2000
4th Shane Van Boening, $1300
5th Chris MacDonald, $850
6th Beau Runningen, $850
7th Sylver Ochoa, $600
8th Oscar Dominguez, $600
9th Glen Atwell, $400
10th Tyler Edey, $400
11th Chris Clatterbuck, $400
12th Steve Moore, $275
13th Ryan Hartnett, $275
14th Josh O'Neal, $275
15th Thorsten Hohmann, $275
16th Stan Tourangeau, $200
17th Gabe Apollos, $200
18th Nicholas Kruger, $200
19th Charles Bryant, $200
20th Edwin Montal, $200
21st Gregory Harada, Jr., $200
22nd Johnathan Pinegar, $200
23rd Derek Pogirski, $200

Ladies' Champion Melissa Little
Photo courtesy of the WPBA

Ladies' Results
1st Melissa Little, $1000
2nd Tina Pawloski, $675
3rd Amanda Lampert, $400
4th Bonnie Plowman, $225
5th Sunny Griffin, $150
6th Andrea Wilson, $150
7th Kimberly Benson, $100
8th Tara Vreeland, $100

February 24-28

PartyPoker World Pool Master Qualifier
Empire Pool Lounge
Adelaide, Australia

February 24-28

Wisconsin BCA State Championship
Olympia Resort
Oconomowoc, WI

February 26-28

Alpena Team Classics
Alpena Holiday Inn
Alpena, MI

February 27

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour
Starship Billiards
Decatur, IL
Left-Right: Dustin Wilgus (2nd) - Jamie Baraks (1st)

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour 32nd Stop Final Results
1st Jamie Baraks (Milan, IL)$240 + $1020 side pot
2nd Dustin Wilgus (Champaign, IL)$200 + $765 side pot
3rd Mike Dunklin (Normal, IL)$160 + $510 side pot
4th Rick Halls (Danville, IA)$140 + $225 side pot
5th Sergio Perez (Chicago, IL)$120
6th Chris Austin (Sailor Springs, IL)$120
7th Chris Winschief (Paris, IL)$100
8th Ike Runnels (Kankakee, IL)$100
9th Mike Durbin (Sullivan, IL)$60 + Free singles entry to the ACS Nationals
10th Tony McCray (Westchester, OH)$60
11th Marco Jyawook (Springfield, IL)$60
12th Richard Southwell (Warrensburg, IL)$60
13th Randy Pope (Bethany, IL)$30
14th Mike Verkruyse (Mahomet, IL)$30
15th Mike Schultz (Champaign, IL)$30
16th Mike Wilder (Decatur, IL)$30

February 27

Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour (BAAT)
Tampa, FL

BAAT Results
1st Jessica Barnes, $330
2nd Bethann Ryno, $225
3rd Barbara Ellis, $150
4th Valerie Dukich, $100
5th Shanelle Loraine, $50
5th Susanne Cherkowsky, $50

February 27

Gateway Tour
Side Pockets
St. Peters, MO

February 27

PartyPoker World Pool Master Qualifier
Frame Billiard Club
Lodz, Poland

Bartosz Rozwadowski
Photo courtesy of Professor Qs Billiards

Congratulations Bartosz Rozwadowski, most recent qualifier tournament winner!

Other players that have won their chance to compete at the World Pool Master Tournament to be held from May 12-16 in Las Vegas, NV, include:
  • Germany's Oliver Ortmann, who took the top spot at the Sucy en Brie Paris qualifier
  • Holland's Hudji See from the Rotterdam, Netherlands qualifier
  • Norway's Tron Engebakk, who won his spot at the Bergen Norway qualifier

February 27

Steve Cook Memorial
East Road Billiards
Elida, OH

February 27

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour
Edison Billiards
Edison, NJ

From Left to Right: Roy Allan, Justin Muller & Carl Sallo
Photo courtesy of

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Justin Muller, $500
2nd Roy Allan, $250
3rd Carl Sallo, $150
4th Robert Perkins, $100
5th Gary Murgia, $60
6th Antonio Navarro, $60

February 27-28

Friendswood Senior Tournament
Legends Billiards
League City, TX

Legend’s Billiards manager Samantha Morningstar, Bob Green, promoter Bill Tippit and Sonny Bosshammer
Photo courtesy of

Friendswood Senior Tour Results
1st Bob Green, $1000
2nd Sonny Bosshamer, $500
3rd Phil Lambert, $250
4th Dave Cardenas, $125
5th Tom O'Neil, $75
5th Mark Kopsie, $75
7th Bob May, $45
7th Gene Marshall, $45

February 27-28

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Fast Eddie's Sports Bar
Goldsboro, NC

From Left to Right: Daulton, Mike Basha, Sam Monday, Frowein
Photo courtesy of

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Mike Basha, $1000
2nd Sam Monday, $500
3rd Tony Williams, $300
4th Rick Royster, $200
5th Justin Ward, $100
6th Sparky Ferrell, $100
7th Tony Morrison, $70
8th Larry Faulk, $70
9th Bobby Hicks, $40
10th Zach Wilson, $40
11th Montez "Pokey" Lloyd, $40

February 27-28

Joss Northeast Tour--CANCELED
Silver Cue Billiards
Woburn, MA

February 27-28

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour
Fast Break Billiards
Longwood, FL

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Amateur Event Results
1st Louis Altese, $600
2nd Dustin Morris, $400
3rd Travis Moore, $350
4th Glen Olson, $250
5th Dan Lettau, $150
6th Jerry Troy, $150
7th Jesse Bradley, $110
8th Richard Murray, $110
9th Jim Sandaler, $80
10th Bill Stoll, $80
11th Carlos Torres, $80
12th Brian McBride, $80
13th Wesley White, $60
14th Ted Lepak, $60
15th Chip Dickerson, $60
16th Joe Scarborough, $60

Open Event - 2nd Mike Delawder, Room Owner Ted Lepak, 1st Julio Aquino

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Open Event Results
1st Julio Aquino, $520
2nd Mike Delawder, $400
3rd Tony Crosby, $300
4th Mike Davis, $220
5th Louis Altes, $150
6th Tommy Kennedy, $150
7th Justin Hall, $100
8th Wesley White, $100

February 27-28

Larry Lisciotti Memorial East Coast Pool Tour
Branford Cue & Brew
Branford, CT

February 27-28

Lone Star Billiards Tour
Q Stix Billiards & Sports Bar
Houston, TX

From Left to Right: Adams, James Davis Jr., White & Ernesto Bayaua
Photo courtesy of

Lone Star Billiard Tour Open Division Results
1st James Davis, Jr., $800
2nd Ernesto Bayaua, $550
3rd Danny Tam, $350
4th John Newsome, $250
5th Doug Young, $160
5th Mike Alonzo, $160
7th Aaron Springs, $85
7th David Mendiola, $85
9th Dalton Riley, $60
9th Andy Jethwa, $60
9th Jason Abate, $60
9th Leroy Hawkins, $60
13th Denis Strickland, $40
13th Sonny Demetro, $40
13th Jacob Pena, $40
13th JC Torres, $40

Davis vs. Bayaua Match

Lone Star Billiard Tour One Pocket Results
1st Doug Young, $425
2nd James Davis, Jr., $225
3rd Joe MacNamara, $155

Lone Star Billiard Tour Ladies Division Results
1st Ming Ng, $350
2nd Terry Petrosino, $250
3rd Courtney Peters, $125
4th Belinda Lee, $55
5th Kim Pierce, $20
5th Rebecca Riley, $20

Video available here:

February 27-28

Midwest 9-Ball Tour
The Billiard Center
Cape Girdu, MO

February 27-28

USSA National Snooker Tour
Prince Snooker Club
New York, NY

USSA National Snooker Tour 2nd Stop Results
1st Raymond Fung (Brooklyn, NY), $300
2nd Ahmad Ali (Brooklyn, NY), $200
3rd Paul Carbin (Queens, NY), $100
4th Kyle Sim (Brooklyn, NY), $100
High Run Ahmad Ali (Brooklyn, NY) [75], $80
5th Rebecca Riley, $20

February 27-28

Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
Fast Break Billiards
Longwood, FL

February 27-28

Virginia State 14.1 Championships
Obelisk Billiards Club
Newport News, VA

Congratulations Bobby Chamberlain, Winner of the Virginia State 14.1 Championships!!

February 28

Big D's 9-Ball Tournament
Big D's Bar 'n' Grill
Midland, MI

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