Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whose the Oldest Pool Cue Maker in the USA?

Did you know that Viking Cues is the largest and oldest pool cue manufacturer in the USA?

They have been in business since 1965. Viking pool cues are crafted with a keen attention to detail. Viking has experienced craftsman using CNC technology. These master artisans take the utmost care to provide you with a superior pool cue. Viking is a name that you can trust to deliver a great pool cue.

Here are 5 reasons to play with a Viking pool cue:

1. Viking pool cues are made differently than most other manufacturers' cues. Viking pool sticks hardly ever use metal or steel dowel pins to hold the wood pieces of a butt together. Viking cues uses a more reliable, natural way of constructing the pool cue butts by finger jointing the wood pieces of a pool cue butt together. Finger jointing the pieces of the pool cue butt improves the structural integrity and playability while further assuring straightness.

2. Viking cues are seasoned over an extended period of time, usually 12 to 24 months, in a climate-controlled environment to insure straightness.

3. Viking has not needed to repair one cracked ferrule since 1996. All it takes is some 400-600-grit sandpaper and you can lightly sand the area where you believe it to be cracked on your pool cue. Viking guarantees it is only a scratched pool stick ferrule and will sand out.

4. Your Viking pool cue has a pro taper of 12 to 14 inches and is designed to reduce cue ball deflection without adding any “after market” technology shafts.

5. Every Viking pool cue goes through the same stringent quality control standards as it makes its way through their production process. There are over a dozen quality control checks in Viking's process of making your pool cue.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Winner of 21st Annual Junior National Billiard Tournament Plays with a Hybrid

Lucasi Hybrid cues have come along way. Now the up and coming professionals choose Lucasi Hybrid as their brand of destruction. Liz Lovely, the tournament champion for Girls 19 and under, prevailed with her Lucasi Hybrid pool cue. Not to mention the runner up, Jauslinn Arnold, who was sporting a Lucasi Hybrid LHF10 pool cue, Air Hog, Big Beulah, and a Sports cue case played very well too.

Kudos to these fine champions of Pool! Beating out nearly 100 other players for their top spots.

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) 21st Annual Junior Nationals, was held July 23-26 in the Bone Student Center at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. Two-time 14-and-under Boys Junior Nationals Champion Landon Shuffett, hailing from Greensburg, KY, pulled off another win his first time out in the 19-and-under Boys Division, while Liz Lovely of Centerville, OH topped the 19-and-under Girls Division. Brendan Crockett of Bell Canyon, CA went undefeated through the 14-and-under Boys Division, while Briana Miller of Allentown, PA took the 14-and-under Girls title for the third year in a row.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rock Solid Hit and Affordable! Players G-2252 Pool Cue Review

I like this Players cue for its affordability and classic design. At only $79.19, this Players cue has a rock solid hit and feels like a much more expensive cue. The genuine black and white double pressed Irish linen was tight and smooth, not rough or bumpy like I usually find on pool cues under $100.

The shaft is 100% north American grade "A" hard rock maple with a pro taper sealed with french cue wax. It's always a treat to have a value priced cue literally glide through my fingers for a really smooth stroke.

Smart styling is what you get when you play with a Players G-2252. This cue features a decal designed with Mother of Pearl accents and white double points surrounded by black inlay on dark fancy birds-eye maple veneers.

The Players G-2252 comes standard with high gloss super "UV" finish, a high impact ferrule, and a lifetime guarantee against warpage! Virtually unheard of features for a pool cue that is under a hundred dollars. I like this pool cue and you will too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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