Friday, April 29, 2011

World 9-Ball Beijing Open Going Strong

Follow Jasmin Ouschan along with 47 other women and 96 men as they compete from April 27-May 1 for the top title at Yuetan Stadium in Beijing, China.

Live Scoring

Winning Men as of Round 2: Lo Li Wen, John Morra, Efren Reyes, Jun Lin Chang, Hao Xiang Han, Mika Immonen, Thorsten Hohmann, Stephan Cohen, Francisco Bustamante, Feng Ban Zhao, Jiaqing Wu, Yong Hwang, Carlo Dalmatin, Cheng Chieh Liu, Che Wei Fu and Jinabo Fu.

Winning Women as of Round 2: Ga Young Kim, Han Yu, Rubelin Amit, Pan Xiao-Ting, Xiao-Fang Fu, Chichiro Kawahara, Doudou Zhou, Jasmin Ouschan, Allison Fisher, Shu-Han Chang, Yukkio Ol, Kelly Fisher, Sha Sha Liu, Chieh-Yu Chou, Miyuki Fuke and Siming Chen.

Allison Fisher and Mike Dechaine - 2011 Ultimate 10-Ball Champions

Allison Fisher courtesy of Ultimate

Mike Dechaine courtesy of Ultimate

Allison Fisher and Mike Dechaine walked away with the champion titles at this year's Ultimate 10-Ball Championship held April 22-24 in Frisco, Texas.

Fisher won 7-5 over Kelly Fisher to take the lead; Dechaine pulled out a narrow 11-12 win after an extended battle against Jeremy Jones.

Top Winners


1st: Allison Fisher, England, $5,600 and the gold medal

2nd: Kelly Fisher, England, $3,750 and the silver medal

3rd: Angel Paglia, USA, $2,800 and the bronze medal

4th: Line Kjoersvik, Norway

5th: Vivian Villarreal and Monica Webb, USA

7th: Dawn Hopkins and Amy Chen, USA

9th: Kim White and Tara Williams of the USA, EJ Park of Korea, and Kyoko Sone of Japan

13th: Brittany Bryant of Canada and Melissa Little, Laura Smith and Ming Ng of the USA


1st: Mike Dechaine, USA, $16,600 and the gold medal

2nd: Jeremy Jones, USA, $9,500 and the silver medal

3rd: Jason Klatt, Canada, $6,200 and the bronze medal

4th: Charlie Williams, USA

5th: Darren Appleton of the UK and Jeremy Sossei of the USA

7th: Rodney Morris and Jonathan Pinegar of the USA

9th: Oscar Domingues, Dennis Hatch, Brian Brekke and Jesse Engel of the USA

13th: Raj Hundal of India, Niels Feijen of Holland, Brandon Shuff and Paul Song of the USA

17th: Ralf Souquet of Germany and Johnny Archer, Mike Davis, Shawn Putnam, Max Eberle, John Gabriel, CJ Wiley and Sylver Ochoa of the USA

The full brackets, player list and photos

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Unbeatable Liz Cole Earns Spot In 2011 WPBA US Open

March 19-20

NWPA Tour Stop
Askar's Golden Fleece

Kenmore, WA

WPBA Tour Results
1st Liz Cole, $425 + $500 Entry for US Open
2nd Kim Jones, $275
3rd Jana Montour, $180
4th Andrea Saenz-Maes, $140
5th Mary Hopkin, $84
5th Shari Ross, $84
7th Kimberly Kirk-Lengel, $84
7th Mona Remedios, $84

Second Chance Results
1st Shelby Locati, $60
2nd Heather Moonias, $50
3rd Alisha Rogers, $40
4th Cathy Duenas, $30
5th Jessica Orth
5th Talya Makus

Coverage from

Philippine Open: Day 1 Brings Across the Board Upsets

April 7-11

Philippine Open
SkyDome SM City

Quezon City, Metro Manila, The Philippines

The Philippine Open is a ranking World Pool-Billiard Association event featuring 10-ball.

Men's division: 64 player field ($100,000)
Women's division: 32 player field ($76,000)

Men's Division Highlights

Finland's Mika Immonen was unseated by number 105 player Japan's Li Wen Lo. Lo looks to be one to watch, if his day 1 play is any indication. Immonen is working his way through the loser's side by beating out Rudy Sustano 9-6, and now waits to face Filipino Jerico Banares.

The USA's top player, Shane Van Boening fell as well, losing out to Naoyuki Oi from Japan. Van Boening kept the trend going with a 7-9 loss against Indonesia's Yoni Rachmanto and is now out of the game.

Ralf Souquet narrowly beat out Filipino qualifier winner Carlo Biado in his first match and went on to beat Qatar's Bashar Hussain Abdulmajed. Souquet will next square off against Filipino Dennis Orcollo.

Orcollo squeaked out a win against fellow Filipino Demosthenes Pulpul and then beat out countryman Allan Cuartero by the same 9-7 margin; let's see if he keeps that winning margin streak going in his match against Souquet.

Former English Billiards World Champion Robbie Foldvari gave number one seed Antonio Lining a run for his money before losing out 7-9. He then repeated that margin, losing out against China's Hao Wu on the left side. Foldvari now takes a seat in a spectator's chair.

Women's Division Highlights

In a stunning upset, world number 2 Allison Fisher lost to qualifier Wu Jing from China. She will now face off against Finland's Marika Poikkijoki on the loser's side.

World number 1 Ga Young Kim breezed through her match with Aradhana Nail, winning 9-0. Kim was then narrowly defeated by Yun-Mi Lim and waits to take on the winner of the Fisher v. Poikkijoki match on the left side.

Reigning World 10-Ball Champion Jasmin Ouschan spanked Canada's Veronique Menard 9-0, going on to beat Helena Benjamin 9-3 in her next match. Ouschan now waits to take on Siming Ching.

Korea's Yu Ram Cha beat out Suniti Damati by a landslide and then took on Yuan-Chun Lin, beating her tidily 9-4. Cha will next face off against Yun-Mi Lim in round 2.

China Open Champion Siming Chen beat out Reggie Ann Biagcong 9-1 and then dispatched Line Kjorsvik handily to the loser's side as well 9-7. Chen will go head to head with Jasmin Ouschan in round 2.

Play will commence at 2:00 p.m. (+7GMT).


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