Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

Here are several truths that I want to share with you this Holiday Season. Many can apply to our Pool life or our personal life. Hopefully, you will find them as inspiring as I have.

Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle the setbacks.

Friends are more important than money.

Nature wants us to be mediocre because we have a greater chance to survive and reproduce. Mediocrity is as close to the bottom as it is to the top and will give you a lousy life.

Do one a thing a day that scares YOU.

Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.

Lastly, Play pool, sing, floss, and travel!

Happy Pool Playing,


Monday, November 30, 2009

Great Gifts for Pool Players under $20

I have been making out my Christmas list since Thanksgiving. Trying to be a little budget minded this year and those Cyber deals can be very persuading, so my list keeps me focused. I have put together several pages of cool gifts for pool players and here are my personal favorites below.

I have a few friends in my pool league that I would like to get a nice gift for, but I don't want to break the bank. I like the Q- Claw 5 cue holder. This way Jill can keep her cues handy while we play. Too often they end up against the bar stool or wall. She knows that is not the proper way to care for her Lucasi pool cue, but she hates pulling them out of her pool cue case, so the Q-Claw will make a nice gift for her.

I also am going to get Devon a PCG pocket chalker. What a neat way to keep your pool chalk with you! The pen like attachment easily fits into the back pocket. I know that she will love that.

There are actually 32 different gifts for under $20 for the pool enthusiasts on the web site.

Pool Cue Guru also has several great deals under $99. You will like the Sneaky Pete pool cue and pool cue case combo under $40.00. Sneaky Pete pool cues always make great gifts. When I worked at the Billiard store in Arizona, that was our Number 1 requested gift cue.  But, there are several other great pool cue and case combos available. Jump pool cue combos by Predator for under $99 or Players pool cue and case combos for women.

I usually give several of the Kandy pearlized billiard ball sets out as well. They make great gifts. The balls are very unique and are a luxury item that most people wouldn't buy for themselves.

Anything order over $75 will ship free, so you can combine several gifts into one purchase and if you order this week there is no problem getting anything before December 22nd.  So knock a few people off of your list and start enjoying the Holidays!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Billiards and the Big Screen

It's great to see Anthony Palma and his crew working so hard to produce a billiards movie. I think that you will see a real inside look into the world of "league" play with this film. Gail, aka, Jennifer Beretta is the underdog taking advice from Jeanette Lee who plays herself. Watch the clip and tell me what you think?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

APA Impresses Again!

I really like this American Pool Players Association video. It clears up any confusion on scoring for matches. I am very impressed with the APA's professionalism. They do a great job making billiards fun and exciting.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rooting for Vivian Villarreal at the Galveston World Classic 2009

I had the opportunity to play Vivian Villarreal," The Texas Tornado" several years ago in an exhibition match that she was doing for charity. She was an excellent ambassador for billiards. Vivian was gracious, funny, entertaining, and played to win. I hope that she does well in the Galveston World Classic. Go Vivian!

Most of the professional billiards players have a great attitude when playing with their fans. Billiards is such an accessible sport. I mean how many people have played golf with Tiger Woods? He is pretty much untouchable. If you really want to play with any major pool player in the world, it really is possible. That is really awesome!

Friday, September 11, 2009

This is the "Real" PoolDawg! Go Halo

I wonder what skill level he would be in the APA Pool Leagues? Maybe a 7? This reminds me of how I used to play pool as a child with my sister. We would smack the balls around with our hands trying to pocket the balls while standing on boxes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Amazing World Cup Pool Battle Between Phillipines and Germany

Philippines B, made up of legendary cuemen Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante, delighted an entire nation on Sunday evening at the SM North Mall Annex in Quezon City, Manila, as they came from behind at the death to beat the German team of Thorsten Hohhman and Ralf Souquet by 11-9.

It would be hard to think of a more nerve-wracking, thrilling or tense major pool final as both teams had chances to win and both displayed their awesome skills as well as frailties under pressure.

It’s hard to be exact but there were upwards of 2,000 people watching from every possible angle and the atmosphere in the arena was charged from the start. In addition, millions more were viewing in homes, bars and clubs across the Philippines as the event was aired live in its entirety on Solar Sports and CS9.

“We are very happy because we thought we were lucky. When they were leading we thought we were going to lose as the score was 9-7 and they were still playing easy run outs,” said an elated Bustamante.

“Thorsten’s miss on the 5 ball meant we got lucky and that changed everything. We are very proud to have won this tournament twice.

“We didn’t think we would get into the final but when we beat China, Efren said ‘we will win this tournament’. We don’t play much together normally then we came together for the World Cup and it’s amazing that we have won but it was very tough,” he added.

It was the second time these two have won this coveted title and they each collected checks for $30,000.

The tension was palpable as MC John McDonald introduced the two teams into the arena for the race to 11 championship match and it was the Philippines got off to a flyer as they took the first three to the delight of the massive crowd. In the fourth though, Bustamante's break was an illegal one, but Germany passed back the table and Reyes pushed out.

That left an intense, high-quality safety battle as none of the players dared to make a mistake. Finally it was the Philippines who made the error and the Germans got on the scoreboard.

The Germans took the next to go 2-3 and then in the sixth game, an excellent kicked double bank shot on the 2 ball by Reyes set the Philippines up for a good run out and they completed it to put a two rack gulf between themselves and their opponents.

Reyes and Bustamante then ran out the next to take the score to 5-2 and that left the German pair looking a little glum in their chairs. They got to the table in the next but Hohmann scratched to give ball in hand to Bustamante.

A bad miss by Busta though, on the green 6, saw the table return to Germany and they cleared to win their first rack since the fifth game.

A terrible snatch on the 7 ball by Reyes saw it miss and it rolled up table from where Hohmann deposited it to set up the run out for Germany. They then took the next from the break to tie the match up at 5-5.

The 11th game hinged on a miss on the orange 5 by Bustamante which tried to fall into the corner pocket but stayed out. Germany seized the opportunity to run out as they took the lead for the first time in the match.

Souquet returned the favour in the next as he missed the 1 ball and left it on for Bustamante. There was more 6 ball trouble for Reyes as he missed an absolute sitter. Hohmann though came to his rescue as he too missed it into the middle pocket.

It was shaky stuff but the Philippines managed to complete the run out to restore parity at 6-6. Both teams had visits in the next but it was Germany who took it, despite Souquet nearly scratching going from 8 to 9. That restored their one rack lead as the score moved to 7-6.

Reyes, who was looking increasingly tentative, missed the orange 5 and Germany needed no second invitation to run out as they increased their lead to two racks for the first time in the match.

A good break from Hohmann saw the 1 available but with the balls positioned awkwardly, the teams exchange safeties before a brilliant kicked bank shot from Hohmann put Germany in the ascendancy.

They scuppered themselves though with more safety and it was Reyes who bagged the 9 ball to give the Philippines a fighting chance as the score went to 8-7 in favour of Germany.

A crunching Bustamante break came up dry and the Souquet chose to push out. They exchanged safeties before the Kaiser jumped out of a snooker and fluked the 1 ball. Nothing was on and a very long safety battle ensued.

There was huge drama as Bustamante escaped a tough snooker and potted the 3 ball but Reyes missed once again, this time on the 4 ball. Trying to do too much with cue ball, Souquet missed the pot on the black 8 but Bustamante could only play safe.

There was more suspense as Hohmann left the 8 on but Reyes left his partner with a horrible 9 ball and he missed it. Souquet gathered himself and dropped the 9 ball to put his team 9-7 to the good.

A bad miss on the 1 ball from Bustamante let the Germans in but Hohmann missed the orange 5 ball. Reyes, recovering his confidence, banked it in and from there, the Philippines made it 9-8. They took the next to level the score at nine racks each and the crowd were almost out of control with excitement.

A dry break from Bustamante left the 1 ball on but Souquet, feeling the heat, missed a pressure pot on the orange 5. Reyes, fighting the choke, squeezed the 5 ball past the 8 and into the middle pocket and from there, the Philippines reached the hill first.

The Philippines enjoy huge good fortune as the balls rolled in their favour but at this stage it was all about nerves rather precision play. In the end, after visits from both sides, it was the Philippines in the shape of Efren Bata Reyes, who rolled the winning 9 ball home which saw the crowd erupt in delight.

“We should have won easily, 11-6, but it was just the way the match went but that’s the way it is. There is nothing you can do about it,” said a dejected Souquet.

“We had enough chances, and I’m very very disappointed we didn’t win. To be honest I still don’t believe that it was a fantastic match as both teams made a lot of errors, but it was very dramatic for the spectators and there was a lot of tension for both teams,” he added.

Article By Matchroom Sport - 2009-09-06

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hints on Completing Your Billiard Room!

Completing your game room with the perfect pool table accessories will step your billiard room up to the next level. Your friends and family will be jealous with envy of your "man cave" or "gentleman's billiard room" when you add the perfect spectator chair, billiard light, billiard clock, pool cues, and other billiard accessories. Whether you just got a brand new Brunswick, Olhausen, American Heritage or even a used "new to you" pool table; PoolCueGuru has what you need.

We have over 1500 billiard supply items to outfit your game room. That is the beauty of the web. Instant access to a huge selection at the lowest prices possible. Every pool room needs some type of seating for the players to enjoy while they watch their opponent. There are individual spectator chairs, benches, triple benches, and spectator chairs with trays. If you have an extra 5 feet above the recommended room size then a pub table and bar stools make for comfortable seating. Having a place for snacks and drinks makes playing pool more enjoyable for everyone. The top of the line game room furniture makers are Darafeev and California House. They make spectator chairs for celebrities like Goldie Hawn, LeBron James, Tom Brady, Dale Earnhardt Jr to name a few. PoolCueGuru carries HJScott which is a high quality value priced gameroom furniture line. The HJScott Cushion Back Spectator chair is half the price of a comparable Darafeev billiards chair and sells for $271.99.

A great game room has a place for all the fun accessories. A functional cue rack can keep the tip tools, chalk, cone chalk, brushes, and cue sticks in a nice and tidy place. The floor cue racks can be placed on the floor against the wall or a corner. Wall cue racks are made in many different sizes to fit in between windows and doors in your game room. On the better designed cue racks you will find a place for your drinks, storage for your tip tools, balls, triangles, chalk, and brushes. Covering the back of a wall cue rack with a decorative cloth or billiard felt is often done in designer game rooms.

Usually when you purchase a pool table, a set of economy billiard balls will come with that table as a gift. You should upgrade your billiard ball set to Aramith brand balls as soon as possible. Aramith is the leading manufacturer of quality, tournament approved, regulation billiard balls. Aramith balls are made out of phenolic resins giving them superb hardness, balance and rolling power. PoolCueGuru carries several Aramith billiard ball sets. You can get a basic Aramith Crown Standard Billiard Ball set for $95.99, but I recommend buying any of the Aramith Super Pro Billiard Ball sets. The most popular set is the Aramith Super Pro Value set for $191.99 because it includes the famous "measled" red dot cue ball and ball cleaner.

There are also several novelty sets available. Pro Series makes a Kandy Pearlized billiard ball set for $63.99 and Elephant Balls made marbleized billiard ball sets very popular during the past decade by sponsoring nationally televised nine ball tournaments. There are a lot of imitations of the Elephant Ball sets on the web like this one for $65.99.

Lighting completes a room. You need a quality light over your pool table to prevent shadows from throwing your game off. The right lighting also sets the tone for your billiard room. A light with your favorite sports team, a beautiful stained glass, or a classic bar light will speak volumes about your personality. The light should hang about 65 inches from the floor to the bottom of the shade. Adjust the height of the billiard light for your view of the table and the shadows thrown on the billiard balls.

Finally, place art work, posters, clocks, antique signs, sports memorabilia or metal sculptures on your game room walls to show off your style. Pick one or two signature pieces and make them shine. Or you could do the TGIF approach and make a mural out of your pieces like they do in the interior of the restaurant. To really kick it up that last notch, add a bar, popcorn machine, slot machine, video game or pinball. They will add that wow factor!

You will have created a space that you will enjoy for many years to come with your family and friends.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How do Technology Pool Cues Reduce Deflection?

Many technology cue makers talk about reducing squirt with their shafts. How do they reduce the amount of squirt or cue ball deflection? Simply by reducing the end mass at the end of the cue. If the cue maker can make the cue shaft lighter in the first 3 inches of the pool stick where it has contact with the cue ball then he can reduce the amount of squirt.

Most performance cues feature pool cue shaft construction, balance point, tip shape, and ferrule material that will affect the amount of squirt. Reducing the amount of squirt will make your stroke, therefore your aim more accurate. The cue ball will then go where you want it to go when you play pool.

The balance point should be closer to the tip. When you play with a Lucasi Hybrid Zero FlexSlim shaft or a Predator Z2 shaft, you will notice an increased level of responsiveness compared to other low deflection shafts because of their conical taper which makes the balance point closer to the tip. According to the rigid cone approximation theory, the balance point will have an effect on the end mass.

The diameter of the cue tip will affect squirt. A smaller tip will weigh less therefore giving a cue stick less end mass. The shape of the tip has not been proven to affect squirt, however the Predator web site indicates that a dime shaped tip has less squirt than a nickel shaped tip.

Ferrule material should be as light weight as possible to reduce squirt. A thicker, heavier ferrule will weigh more, making the end mass of the pool cue heavier therefore increasing the squirt. That is why space age materials that are light, strong, and low in density are used on performance pool cue shafts.

Bottom line is that the end mass of the pool cue needs to be lighter to reduce squirt. Many cue makers hollow out the end of their pool cue shafts to make the end mass weigh less. Then they are filled with composite materials like carbon fiber and epoxy to keep them structurally strong and reduce vibration.

Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Play Ten Ball like the Pros did Last Weekend

Would you like to play a more challenging game than 9 Ball? You should try Ten Ball. Ten ball is preferred by the professionals because it is statistically harder to pocket any balls on the break with the larger rack. Odds are higher with 10 balls versus 9 balls. All the shots must be called and you can not instantly win by pocketing the 10 ball like you can in 9 ball. You can pocket the ten ball on the break and win.

Ten ball is a better test of a players skill than nine ball. All the shots must be called with the pocket and the ball and you can only call one ball a shot. Random balls that go into the pocket do not count unless they are pocketed simultaneously as your called ball. No slop or lucky shots are allowed in this game. Many professional pool players who can perform multi shots do not like this rule.

Ten ball is played mostly like nine ball. You rack the 10 balls in an 8 ball triangle with the 10 ball placed in the middle and the 1 ball at the top. Place the 1 ball over the foot spot and the rest of the balls in the rack do not have to be any certain pattern. You lag to determine who chooses the break and alternate breaking over the set. The cue ball must be behind the head string and a ball must be pocketed or at least four balls need to hit the rail.

A player can play a "push out" if no foul is committed on the break shot by making his intention known to the referee. Whenever a player is trying to pocket a ball, he must call the ball and the pocket. The balls are played from lowest to highest and the lowest numbered ball must make contact with the cue ball in order to be a legal hit. The first player to pocket the ten ball wins the rack. Only one ball may be called per shot.

You can call a safety where you hit the called ball but do not pocket it. If you accidentally pocket your called ball, your opponent has the option to play or hand it back to you. If the wrong ball is pocketed then you can play the shot as is or hand it back to your opponent. The ten ball is the only ball that can be spotted if mistakenly pocketed. If a foul is committed then it is ball in hand for your opponent anywhere on the table.

You can find a list of fouls and standardized rules at World Pool-Billiard Association courtesy of a Billiard Congress of America link.

What Type of Cue Tip Should I Use on My Pool Cue?

There are hard, soft, and layered leather tips available at

House cues usually have soft tips and most custom 2 piece cues come with a hard leather tip. Many performance pool cues like Lucasi Hybrid or Predator have a layered tip. Professional players prefer the playability of a layered tip like a Moori or Maesteri. The layered tip grabs the cue ball better than a hard leather tip but does not break down as easily as a soft tip. Essentially giving the player the best of both worlds.

Soft tips are easier to scuff and shape because the leather is less dense. It is much easier for the chalk to stay on a soft leather cue tip. On the flip side, a soft leather cue tip will mushroom and flatten out more quickly than a hard leather tip. So you will need to shape and scuff your pool cue more frequently and change your cue tip more often. It is this "softness" in the leather which allows the fibers of the tip to hold chalk that also grab the cue ball better when playing pool. You will see more draw from the cue ball when playing with a soft tip versus a hard tip if all things were equal. If you are just starting to play pool or learning the basics of position or english then i would recommend a soft tip for practice sessions.

Hard leather tips have fibers that are more compact or dense so they do not flatten or mushroom as quickly as a soft leather tip. Hard tips also last longer and are more accurate. They are more accurate because their shape does not change quickly. A greater percentage of your hits will react and feel the same because it takes longer for the fibers to adjust to the impact of the tip hitting the cue ball. Most players use a hard leather tip for these reasons.

Many specialty pool cues like the Lucasi Big Beulah use a Bakelite tip to enhance your breaks while Predator breaking cues use a carbon fiber tip. The real difference is that bakelite is a synthetic plastic formed by a reaction under heat and pressure of phenol and formaldehyde, combined with a wood flour filler. Phenolic resin is made from synthetic thermosetting resins, obtained by the reaction of phenols with simple aldehydes. Basically, this means they are both super dense tips. However, the Bakelite tips are known to hold chalk better, meaning less miscues for you and I.

POOLCUEGURU offers Le Pro hard tips and Tweeten Elk Master soft tips in value boxes of 50 tips. And I can special order many other tips, just call me at 877-283-6253.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taking Care of Your Pool Cue 101

Taking care of your pool cue has never been so easy. There are hundreds of devices and topical applications designed for pool cue maintenance. With proper care of your pool cue, your pride and joy will last you a lifetime. Bringing you many years of top performance and satisfaction. Pool Cue Guru carries everything that you need for pool cue maintenance.

The most important tool is a tip shaper or scuffer. Proper care of your cue tip is the single best investment that you can make to improve your pool game. PoolCueGuru stocks Williards, Cue Cubes, Rasps, Brad Scuffers, Tip Piks and multi purpose tools like the TipMaster Tool 6-n-1.

These tools allow you to shape your tip into your preferred dime or nickel radius to give you optimum control of the ball. They are small and easily stored in your cue case because you will need to reshape your cue tip frequently. Keeping a proper shape on your cue tip will also prevent mushrooming.

I personally like the Williard because its was designed with a nickel or dime sized reference point built into it. All I need to do is line up my cue tip to the reference point to see where I need to shape the tip. It’s smart, simple and effective. The Williard cannot reduce the flares on the side of the tip so I will follow up with a quick stroke of my rasp on the sides of the tip.

Over time your pool cue can become scratched, nicked, or dented from everyday wear and tear. You should clean your shaft with a cue cleaner or burnisher before you work on removing those dents. Smart Wipes are a great product. You can choose from a Shaft treatment and polisher or a Shaft and Ferrule Cleaner.

The Smart Wipes Cleaner is a high-performance, presaturated wipe that lifts chalk, oil, and grime from your cue shaft and ferrule, all in one easy step, leaving it clean and smooth. This exclusive chemistry is a laboratory-tested formula, which contains no harsh chemicals that will dry out wood or damage your cue shaft or any ferrule material. Each wipe contains safe, deep-cleaning agents and conditioners that dry rapidly while you clean your cue shaft, without raising the grain of the wood. No need to use paper towels, small expensive bottles of cleaner, or messy powders that raise the grain. Simply pull out a wipe and start cleaning.

If you do prefer burnishing papers, you can't go wrong with Nick’s Edge Burnishing Papers. Each packet of Nick’s Edge includes 12 sheets that are color coded into 3 different grades of abrasive micro grade film. After you use Nick’s Edge your pool cue shaft will feel like new. Nick’s Edge Burnishing Papers will not scratch or damage cue shafts. The slips are washable and reusable and are quick and easy to use.

We've got over 50 cue shaft products to choose from. Check out our entire selection of pool cue accessories or give us a call at 877-283-6253 and we'll be happy to help you find the best pool cue shaft application or device for your cue.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whose the Oldest Pool Cue Maker in the USA?

Did you know that Viking Cues is the largest and oldest pool cue manufacturer in the USA?

They have been in business since 1965. Viking pool cues are crafted with a keen attention to detail. Viking has experienced craftsman using CNC technology. These master artisans take the utmost care to provide you with a superior pool cue. Viking is a name that you can trust to deliver a great pool cue.

Here are 5 reasons to play with a Viking pool cue:

1. Viking pool cues are made differently than most other manufacturers' cues. Viking pool sticks hardly ever use metal or steel dowel pins to hold the wood pieces of a butt together. Viking cues uses a more reliable, natural way of constructing the pool cue butts by finger jointing the wood pieces of a pool cue butt together. Finger jointing the pieces of the pool cue butt improves the structural integrity and playability while further assuring straightness.

2. Viking cues are seasoned over an extended period of time, usually 12 to 24 months, in a climate-controlled environment to insure straightness.

3. Viking has not needed to repair one cracked ferrule since 1996. All it takes is some 400-600-grit sandpaper and you can lightly sand the area where you believe it to be cracked on your pool cue. Viking guarantees it is only a scratched pool stick ferrule and will sand out.

4. Your Viking pool cue has a pro taper of 12 to 14 inches and is designed to reduce cue ball deflection without adding any “after market” technology shafts.

5. Every Viking pool cue goes through the same stringent quality control standards as it makes its way through their production process. There are over a dozen quality control checks in Viking's process of making your pool cue.

And PoolCueGuru has them on sale right now! Some Viking Cues are over 30% off the retail price. Shop Viking Cues at PoolCueGuru now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Winner of 21st Annual Junior National Billiard Tournament Plays with a Hybrid

Lucasi Hybrid cues have come along way. Now the up and coming professionals choose Lucasi Hybrid as their brand of destruction. Liz Lovely, the tournament champion for Girls 19 and under, prevailed with her Lucasi Hybrid pool cue. Not to mention the runner up, Jauslinn Arnold, who was sporting a Lucasi Hybrid LHF10 pool cue, Air Hog, Big Beulah, and a Sports cue case played very well too.

Kudos to these fine champions of Pool! Beating out nearly 100 other players for their top spots.

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) 21st Annual Junior Nationals, was held July 23-26 in the Bone Student Center at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. Two-time 14-and-under Boys Junior Nationals Champion Landon Shuffett, hailing from Greensburg, KY, pulled off another win his first time out in the 19-and-under Boys Division, while Liz Lovely of Centerville, OH topped the 19-and-under Girls Division. Brendan Crockett of Bell Canyon, CA went undefeated through the 14-and-under Boys Division, while Briana Miller of Allentown, PA took the 14-and-under Girls title for the third year in a row.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rock Solid Hit and Affordable! Players G-2252 Pool Cue Review

I like this Players cue for its affordability and classic design. At only $79.19, this Players cue has a rock solid hit and feels like a much more expensive cue. The genuine black and white double pressed Irish linen was tight and smooth, not rough or bumpy like I usually find on pool cues under $100.

The shaft is 100% north American grade "A" hard rock maple with a pro taper sealed with french cue wax. It's always a treat to have a value priced cue literally glide through my fingers for a really smooth stroke.

Smart styling is what you get when you play with a Players G-2252. This cue features a decal designed with Mother of Pearl accents and white double points surrounded by black inlay on dark fancy birds-eye maple veneers.

The Players G-2252 comes standard with high gloss super "UV" finish, a high impact ferrule, and a lifetime guarantee against warpage! Virtually unheard of features for a pool cue that is under a hundred dollars. I like this pool cue and you will too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here is a " Best Kept Secret" in Pool

Find your Best Deal on pool cues, billiard balls, billiard supplies, pool cue cases, and game room furniture in Pool Cue Guru's Clearance section. Save over 20% sometimes up to 80% off, on top-quality, name brand manufacturers like:

  • Lucasi
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  • Plus many more fantastic brands.
You get the best deal possible on overstocked or close out billiard items. Clearance items are sold "as is" concerning cosmetic flaws, but still come with their manufacturer's original warranty. Our Clearance items do not include a free cue case.

Beat your competition with a pool cue in my Clearance section at Pool Cue Guru. Or brag to your neighbor about that steal of deal that you got on a billiard light for your game room. It's so easy to save your hard earned money at Pool Cue Guru.

Pool Cue Guru will always offer the lowest price possible on all pool sticks and billiard supplies. Plus, we have free shipping for all orders over $50. This free shipping includes everything except billiard lights and game room furniture.

When you buy now from Pool Cue Guru, you will get the best price, best customer service, best selection, and best quality guaranteed! There is no need to shop anywhere else because we are the Best in Billiards online.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Solid and Stripes Forever with McDermott's M2-2B Spirit of America

Solid and Stripes forever takes on a whole new meaning to pool players. July 4th is just around the corner. This is the holiday that we all take the day off to celebrate our independence from England. We spend time at the bbq, lounging in the pool, playing pool with friends, hanging out at the beach, watching parades or enjoying the fireworks. In the spirit of Independence Day, I have selected this McDermott pool stick to highlight.

The McDermott M2-2B-Spirit of America pool cue retails for msrp $249.00. Its hand selected North American Hard Rock maple forearm and sleeve is accented with metallic paint. I like the red but you can get several colors and the white is their better seller.

McDermott's M22-B pool cue features 2 deluxe 6 color lithograph images, which are the most expensive type of images. The images are of the American Bald Eagle against our American Flag. Very cool! A great way to show support for our troops is by playing with this cue.

This cue also features the exclusive McDermott Impact Control ring, made from a Polymer Matrix Composite developed by NASA, which maximizes feel. The black with blue specks Irish Linen wrap is double pressed and polished. It has a wood to wood joint with a 3/8 x10 stainless steel pin for a solid compact hit. You can self adjust the cue weights. Plus it has a lifetime warranty against Warpage and FREE Maintenance.

This is truly a great All American pool cue with quality craftsmanship and American workers standing behind it all the way.

Happy July 4th!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cues are Changing the Game of Pool

Lucasi Hybrid is game changing technology for under $290.00. It all started with Jim Lucas, an early partner with Predator pool cues. Passion for the game of pool led Jim Lucas to invest in the early days of Predator pool cues. Jim recognized that new and better technology in pool cues would make it a whole lot easier to win. He has taken his 40 plus years of experience in billiards and designed the perfect line of cues- Lucasi Hybrid.

Lucasi Hybrid's state-of-the-art technology will transform your game. It's so much easier to pocket the billiard balls, that you'll feel like you're cheating! Here is how the engineers at Lucasi Hybrid Cues improved the pool cue:

  • TSC (Total Sweet Spot Construction)- 8 piece radial construction that extends the sweet spot throughout the entire pool cue shaft. TSC gives you more power and better ball control by transferring your energy into the shot.
  • Maesteri 8 Layer Tip- The only tip on the market that gives you unparallel responsiveness. Get 8 layers of the top-quality pigskin leather that is vacuum-sealed after being checked for hardness and uniform thickness during the lamination process.
  • 4 Piece Cue Butt Technology- Packs a solid hit every time and reduces vibration.
  • X-SHOX Dampening System- Patent pending shock absorbing memory foam integrated into the wrap, which reduces impact vibration on your arm.
  • G5 Grip Technology- Enables your hand to hold the cue loosely yet have all the control you want with its unprecedented traction and stability.
  • Zero Flexpoint or Zero FlexSlim-Get dead-on accuracy with low deflection. Choose the 12.75mm Zero Flexpoint with a pro taper or the 11.75mm Zero FlexSlim with a narrower taper.

· 100% Satisfaction-Guaranteed-Lucasi Hybrid cues.

Get your smooth, powerful, and technically superior Lucasi Hybrid pool cue at PoolCueGuru for the best prices available online.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 Reasons to Buy Predator Pool Cues

Since 1992, Predator Cues has led the billiard industry in a technological revolution. Predator Cues believes that innovation is the name of the game. Behind every stronger break, higher jump, and straighter shot is painstaking research, countless redesigns, and relentless testing to make your game better.

Predator Cues will enhance your pool playing performance with their key technologies:

* 314 and Z Shaft 2nd Generation Technology- Patented ferrule (Patent 5725437) and patented internal bore (Patent 6162128) technology feature a lighter weight on the front end of the cue and a shorter ferrule. Making it easier for you to hit at what you're aiming for because Predator Cues shoot straighter.

* C4 Cue Butt Technology- Eliminates the need for threaded weight bolts that other less expensive cues use. The 4 piece splice makes Predator Cues stronger, straighter, and more stable over the long haul. Giving you a solid hit.

* State of the Art Components- Predator Cues begin with Phenolic encased Uni-Loc joints. Phenolic tips with carbon fiber pads on the Predator BK2 or Predator Sport Air cues for super hard strength when you need it. Leather Luxe wraps that absorb hand moisture in IKON Predator Cues. Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge System for unheard of precision in the Predator P3's. No expense has been spared. Only the best materials for the best for pool players world wide!

* Leaders in Radial Consistency- Iron Willie, a Predator Cue designed robot started Predator's drive to create the most perfect billiard shaft ever. Unequaled by any 1 piece shaft, Predator's unique 10 piece splicing construction eliminates grain directionality giving you that consistent flex. You can practice on your stroke knowing that your Predator cue will hit the same way every single time.

Predator Pool cues are accurate, consistent, solid and produce more spin than any conventional pool cue. Predator pool cues are super responsive and will take your pool game to the next level. It will take you about a week to adjust your play to these performance enhancing features, but then it will be so easy that you'll feel like your cheating. Pool Cue Guru has the largest Predator Cue selection on the web with the best prices. We also carry Predator accessories like joint protectors and cue cases.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Free Case Page is Up!

Like I said last week, we are working on improving the site. Now the free case page is up which clearly explains are free case promotion. If you just click on the link then it will explain all the technical mumbo jumbo and legalese.

But, the bottom line is with most cases over $50 you will get a nice ruggedly constructed soft vinyl case and if the cue is over $200 then you will get a virtually indestructible poly-form molded black leatherette case.

If you already have a case, just call or email and we can go over the substitutions. Click here to read all about it on the site or see below.

Free case with cues over $50

Purchase any cue from $50-$199 and receive a FREE soft case.

Ask how to Upgrade your Free Case and Save even more! Call today 1-877-283-6253

Alternate Views
Shop Now

Purchase any cue from $200 and up and receive a FREE hard case.

Ask how to Upgrade your Free Case and Save even more! Call today 1-877-283-6253

Comes with a Polyform Core — So hard even a car can run over it!

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Shop Now

* Please note the free offer EXCLUDES PREDATOR CUES, POISON CUES, OB CUES, and LUCASI HYBRID CUES. Typically your free gift will ship with your cue, however due to availability, sometimes your free gift may ship separately and at a later date.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New & Improved Website! View All

You will love the new & improved site! You are now able to view all the new pool cues or cases that you want with one click. See example below. You can view 10/25/50 or all items per page at

View: Showing: 1-10 of 95
Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ..10 »

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unbelievable Pool Cue Prices on Ginger Wizard Cues

Dave Pearson, a great friend of mine, is the World Record Holder for Speed Pool. Not sure what Speed Pool is? Well, you try to run as many 15 ball racks that you can in a timed event. His current Guiness Book record is 26.5 seconds. And he pockets the 8 ball last!

See more about Dave at his web site Pool Sensations.

I have taken some of his best selling personally designed cues and added a Lucasi Hybrid Shaft. Threw in his Pool dvd to boot. The whole package only costs $159.20 saving you over $200 dollars. Click here for this Lucky Break Special.

Shop PoolCueGuru Now! Start saving today.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Players Pool Cue Review: HydroGel HCS40

I have been playing with the Players HydroGel HCS40 Blue pool cue for a couple of weeks now. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. The cue looks like it was designed to sell in Dick's Sporting Goods. You know, one of those big box chains, where the clerk couldn't tell you anything about pool, so they make the cue all flashy and price it low to attract a buyer.

Well I was surprised. This Players HydroGel cue is pretty cool.

I definitely saw reduced deflection and my shots were more accurate. The HX Low Deflection shaft has a lightweight proprietary absorbing core. The lighter tip is what reduced my unwanted spin therefore giving me more control.

The Players HydroGel HCS40 has a stainless steel 5/16 x 18 joint with a solid hit. Also, there’s the grip, or the HydroGel Contouring system, which is a silicone like substance encased in a molded rubber handle. That felt great when it conformed to my hand. Definitely different! This is not like playing with an Irish Linen wrap. The HCS system is supposed to reduce vibration and feel more responsive. I liked the touch however I couldn't tell how much vibration was reduced.

Overall it has performance features often found in way more expensive cues. If I was trying to master cue ball control with a low deflection shaft then I'd spring for the $151.99. The Players HydroGel HCS40 is a great start to learning how to use the high end technology cues that are popular with the pros like Predator cues or Lucasi Hybrid cues.

Guru liked!

PS This is one of my Lucky Break Specials this price $94.99 limited quantity. That's over 50% off the original price of $189.99 msrp.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Players Flirt Special Ends This Weekend

My Players Flirt cue special on PoolCueGuru will be over this weekend. It's not too late to take advantage of the great combo pricing. Up to 35% off a Players Flirt cue designed for women and a coordinating case. Plus a silver gift box and a personalized Mother's Day card! That's an extra 15 % off!

You can surprise Mom with a gift that she is sure to love and save a lot of money at the same time. How cool is that?This offer ends soon so buy her gift now at PoolCueGuru. Don't forget that we offer free shipping too! And these pool cue and case combos will easily qualify.

Players Flirt pool cues make great gifts for MOM! They have a large selection of styles and several performance enhancing features to make running the table a whole lot easier. Here are some of the great performance enhancing features that make these Women's cues stand out above the rest.

Smaller diameter butts. Easier to wrap our small hands around the cue for a smoother swing.
Cue extensions. No problem handling the hard to reach shots on a tournament table.
Shorter cue lengths. Simpler to balance the cue when it's designed for the average ladies' height.
Designs inspired by women. Traditional, asian, biker, surfer, punk and classic styles by all the major cue makers.
Cue cases to match her style. Modeled after top selling handbag material, they protect and look great too.

Shop PoolCueGuru today. Call 877-283-6253.

Monday, May 4, 2009

9 Ball Match-Exciting Race to 7-Great Pool Shots

This is HOT! Thorsten Hohmann and Mike Massey are some of the best pool players in the world. Enjoy this video of a race to 7 playing 9 ball between them. Some of the better filming of pool that I have seen. Great music and great pool shots. Video courtesy of Jordidonosti.

Notice the Super Aramith Pro TV billiard ball set that they are shooting pool with... the pink and brown balls really stand out. They would make a great gift for any pool player.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hilarious insights into League Pool @OMGWTF: a little more

I have spent many hours reading about pool when I can't play. I came across this blog several months ago. It is very entertaining! I always smile after I read her posts.

Recently she quit league pool for many reasons and this post is her response back to the many comments that she has gotten from quitting. OMGWTF: a little more

I am sure that you'll enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Glad to see you visiting!

Welcome Pool Afficianados,

This morning I sent out an email to followers and Lucasi Hybrid fans across the world. I am excited about you visiting my blog. Please make any comments and suggestions. Go to email sign up at, if you haven't already signed up for my emails.

I promise to send you billiard news and gossip, upcoming tournaments, product reviews on great billiard pool cues, pool cue cases, billiard balls, or any billiard accessory that I find worthy of reviewing. Plus you'll get exclusive previews on poolcueguru's Lucky Break deals. You won't have to worry about us running out of stock because you will be the first to know.

Hard to believe that we only have 11 days left until Mother's Day! My favorite Player's Flirt pool cue and case combo is the LB-2740 Lotus Unleashed. My mom is a free spirit and loves Hawaii. This pool cue will remind her of a little Jimmy Buffett time. She's a bit of a parrot head, you know? Her perfect day is a swim up pool bar and going to play pool with her friends at Pacific Beach Bar & pool before 4pm..yeah! Mom's always been frugal and she's retired. I'm jealous of her free time to play pool whenever she wants. Wish it was me!

Enough already..right. Thanks again for visiting.

Oh yeah..for a limited time it's free shipping over $50. Not the usual $75. Yeah, I know my site says $75, but I have to call the techie guy to come help me change that. So until he gets here ...Free Shipping over $50. Just tell Kelli if you have a problem at check out. She can fix most anything. Awesome girl!

Monday, April 27, 2009

3 Worst Pool Cue Chalking Mistakes

Here are 3 simple pool cue chalking mistakes to avoid.

  • Too Hard! The best way to apply pool cue chalk is with light brush strokes covering the entire tip of the pool cue.
  • Not Enough! Make sure and apply cue chalk to the entire tip to prevent miscues. I personally like Masters cue chalk for the best consistency. Apply cue chalk before every shot.
  • Grinding! That is a sure fire way to wear your pool cue tip down quickly. Brush over the tip lightly with your cue chalk.

Shop PoolCueGuru for all of your billiard supply needs.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 Reasons to Buy a Players Cue

Quality, style, and an affordable price is the Players advantage. If you want a quality cue that doesn't cost an arm and a leg then you will love Players cues. Take a look at just a few things that make these cues so special...

1.100% North American Grade "A" Hard Rock Maple Shafts- Carefully selected by seasoned craftsmen for maximum quality and straightness.

2.Turned and Dried 7 Times to Prevent Warping- Plus, they treat the wood with Nelsonite, a patented wood stabilizer that protects the wood from changes in atmosphere; then they apply a proprietary epoxy finish that seals the cue and protects the wood from moisture and warping.

3.High Gloss "Super UV" finish- Protects against fading and chipping.

4.French Cue Wax and a Pro Taper for an Extra Smooth Stroke and Better Follow Through- The shaft literally glides through your fingers for a much better, smoother stroke.

5.Exotic Hardwood Butts for Added Value and Style- Including cocobola, walnut, purple heart, American bird's eye maple, and straight grain maple.

6.Quality French "Le Pro" Tips- For maximum ball control.

7.A Special High-Impact Ferrule- With a lifetime guarantee against chipping and cracking.

8.A Variety of Wraps to Choose From- Genuine double pressed Irish linen for a smooth feel; simulated wraps for a great look, high-tech Isoprene wraps for just the right texture, leatherette wraps with style, genuine leather wraps for a touch of class, and a new full-length leather wrapped cues for style that's unmatched in the pool room.

9.Beautiful Inlays- Genuine handcrafted inlays and terrific graphic designs.

10.Guaranteed 100% Straight- Every Players cue is guaranteed 100% straight or I'll give you your money back. Each cue is checked for straightness 3 different times during the manufacturing process, and then checked again the day I ship them to you.

So if you want a new quality cue and don't want to be out of a lot of bank, then shop for the best selection in Players cues.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exciting Mother's Day Offer from Player's Flirt Cues

I am so excited about my PoolCueGuru Mother's Day special! I worked really hard to get a deal from Players so I could pass the savings on to you. Up to 35% off a Players Flirt cue designed for women and a coordinating case. Plus a silver gift box and a personalized Mother's Day card!

That's an extra 15 % off! You can surprise Mom with a gift that she is sure to love and save a lot of money at the same time. How awesome is that?

This offer lasts only 5 don't wait. Buy her gift now at PoolCueGuru so you won't have to worry about shopping at the last minute. Don't forget that we offer free shipping too! And these cue and case combos will easily qualify.

The reason why I worked so hard to get such a great deal on Players Flirt cues is because these pool cues make great gifts for MOM! A large selection of styles and several performance enhancing features to make running the table a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the great performance enhancing features that make these Women's cues stand out above the rest.

Smaller diameter butts. Easier to wrap our small hands around the cue for a smoother swing.

Cue extensions. No problem handling the hard to reach shots on a tournament table.

Shorter cue lengths. Simpler to balance the cue when it's designed for the average ladies' height.

Designs inspired by women. Traditional, asian, biker, surfer, punk and classic styles by all the major cue makers.

Cue cases to match her style. Modeled after top selling handbag material, they protect and look great too.

So you see this really is a no brainer! Buy now and save now! Shop PoolCueGuru today.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We have been working really hard to update the site. In the last few weeks, we have uploaded new Players, Lucasi, Lucasi Hybrid, Action, McDermott, Scorpion cues just to name a few. Offering you the best selection, service, and price is what were all about.

It's amazing to see all the great playing cues that are available, and at such cheap prices.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Found a great Breaking Cue- Big Beulah by Lucasi Hybrid

I recently reviewed the Lucasi BIG Beulah breaking cue and this cue really stacks up against the other break cues on the market. At only $299.99, it is a true value.

Lucasi has used their 4 piece butt construction to give it an extremely solid hit. My fingers were easily sliding over the 8 pc radial shaft. It's advanced breaking taper was designed for forceful breaks like mine. I like a 20 oz cue to break the rack. After 2 hours of practicing breaking drills, my arm was not tired. I credit this to the XSHOX Dampening system which uses shock absorbing memory foam under the wrap.

My breaks were spreading the balls all over the table. The massive tip size (14mm) made it easy to control the cue ball and the tip didn't break down like other breaking cues that I have tried. Overall this is one of the best break cues out there. You can find it at POOLCUEGURU at the cheapest price available in the world!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Were the 80's really cooler than we remembered?

I was shopping this weekend for a bathing suit. This is the best time of year..Spring. Everything starts over with fresh growth..ahh lovely! I have been watching the fashionistas predict the 80's comeback. UGGH! Rubber bracelets, mullets, big hair, rolled up jeans, docksiders with laces tied in a twirly knot...what could be great about that decade?

Then I saw several swimsuits which took the neon colors of the 80's, added new state of the art fabrics, and psuedo minimalists designs to make some hot looking suits. Wow! I was impressed. I bet custom cue makers could do the same. Billiard tips, wraps, finishes, butt caps, joints have all improved so much in 20 years. Let's take the best 80's looks in cues and design several new masterpieces.

Several manufacturers have created series that hint back to the Golden Age of Pool like Lucasi's Old School series or Predator's Roadline series, but they are missing that 80's mystique. The closest current cue I have found produced is the Viking G50 with the traditional points but mirrored inlays for $500. That is a sweet looking cue! The best place to view the cue is on their website because they show you the rotation with the sunlight hitting the cue.

Of course, I can save you $100 off this cue when you shop, and give you a free case. Or just shoot me an email to, mention this blog post, and I'll call you for the details and send you a free gift. That simple. Or call and talk to my assistant Kelli @ 1-877-283-6253.

Let me get back to my original train of thought....send me photos of your favorite 80's cue. Tell me why you love it. I am going to take those photos to the next tradeshow, and get some new cues designed! Who knows... your favorite cue might be reincarnated as a Lucasi Hybrid or a Scorpion cue. Send those photos to .



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