Friday, March 19, 2010

Live Streaming Video of 2010 Super Billiards Expo from Inside Pool Magazine--New Women's Tourney Announced

Inside Pool Magazine is offering live streaming video of the 2010 Super Billiards Expo.

Check out the video box below.

Additional Pro tournament announced for Saturday, March 20 at 3:00 p.m.

Invitational Women's Pro Tournament

Pros scheduled to play include:

Jennifer Barretta (NY)
Liz Ford (NY)
Sarah Rousey (IL)
Supadra Geronimo (formerly Boonpasook) (NY)
Angel Pagila (AZ)
Caroline Pao (NY)
Kelly Fisher (UK)
Brittany Bryant (CAN)
Borana Andoni (NY)
Megan Smith (PA)
Morgan Steinman (MT)
Val Finnie (UK)
Amy Chen (FL)
Nicole Keeney (CO)
Emily Duddy (NY)
My-Hanh Lac (VA)

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