Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Welcome Pool Afficianados,

This morning I sent out an email to followers and Lucasi Hybrid fans across the world. I am excited about you visiting my blog. Please make any comments and suggestions. Go to email sign up at, if you haven't already signed up for my emails.

I promise to send you billiard news and gossip, upcoming tournaments, product reviews on great billiard pool cues, pool cue cases, billiard balls, or any billiard accessory that I find worthy of reviewing. Plus you'll get exclusive previews on poolcueguru's Lucky Break deals. You won't have to worry about us running out of stock because you will be the first to know.

Hard to believe that we only have 11 days left until Mother's Day! My favorite Player's Flirt pool cue and case combo is the LB-2740 Lotus Unleashed. My mom is a free spirit and loves Hawaii. This pool cue will remind her of a little Jimmy Buffett time. She's a bit of a parrot head, you know? Her perfect day is a swim up pool bar and going to play pool with her friends at Pacific Beach Bar & pool before 4pm..yeah! Mom's always been frugal and she's retired. I'm jealous of her free time to play pool whenever she wants. Wish it was me!

Enough already..right. Thanks again for visiting.

Oh yeah..for a limited time it's free shipping over $50. Not the usual $75. Yeah, I know my site says $75, but I have to call the techie guy to come help me change that. So until he gets here ...Free Shipping over $50. Just tell Kelli if you have a problem at check out. She can fix most anything. Awesome girl!

Monday, April 27, 2009

3 Worst Pool Cue Chalking Mistakes

Here are 3 simple pool cue chalking mistakes to avoid.

  • Too Hard! The best way to apply pool cue chalk is with light brush strokes covering the entire tip of the pool cue.
  • Not Enough! Make sure and apply cue chalk to the entire tip to prevent miscues. I personally like Masters cue chalk for the best consistency. Apply cue chalk before every shot.
  • Grinding! That is a sure fire way to wear your pool cue tip down quickly. Brush over the tip lightly with your cue chalk.

Shop PoolCueGuru for all of your billiard supply needs.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 Reasons to Buy a Players Cue

Quality, style, and an affordable price is the Players advantage. If you want a quality cue that doesn't cost an arm and a leg then you will love Players cues. Take a look at just a few things that make these cues so special...

1.100% North American Grade "A" Hard Rock Maple Shafts- Carefully selected by seasoned craftsmen for maximum quality and straightness.

2.Turned and Dried 7 Times to Prevent Warping- Plus, they treat the wood with Nelsonite, a patented wood stabilizer that protects the wood from changes in atmosphere; then they apply a proprietary epoxy finish that seals the cue and protects the wood from moisture and warping.

3.High Gloss "Super UV" finish- Protects against fading and chipping.

4.French Cue Wax and a Pro Taper for an Extra Smooth Stroke and Better Follow Through- The shaft literally glides through your fingers for a much better, smoother stroke.

5.Exotic Hardwood Butts for Added Value and Style- Including cocobola, walnut, purple heart, American bird's eye maple, and straight grain maple.

6.Quality French "Le Pro" Tips- For maximum ball control.

7.A Special High-Impact Ferrule- With a lifetime guarantee against chipping and cracking.

8.A Variety of Wraps to Choose From- Genuine double pressed Irish linen for a smooth feel; simulated wraps for a great look, high-tech Isoprene wraps for just the right texture, leatherette wraps with style, genuine leather wraps for a touch of class, and a new full-length leather wrapped cues for style that's unmatched in the pool room.

9.Beautiful Inlays- Genuine handcrafted inlays and terrific graphic designs.

10.Guaranteed 100% Straight- Every Players cue is guaranteed 100% straight or I'll give you your money back. Each cue is checked for straightness 3 different times during the manufacturing process, and then checked again the day I ship them to you.

So if you want a new quality cue and don't want to be out of a lot of bank, then shop for the best selection in Players cues.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exciting Mother's Day Offer from Player's Flirt Cues

I am so excited about my PoolCueGuru Mother's Day special! I worked really hard to get a deal from Players so I could pass the savings on to you. Up to 35% off a Players Flirt cue designed for women and a coordinating case. Plus a silver gift box and a personalized Mother's Day card!

That's an extra 15 % off! You can surprise Mom with a gift that she is sure to love and save a lot of money at the same time. How awesome is that?

This offer lasts only 5 don't wait. Buy her gift now at PoolCueGuru so you won't have to worry about shopping at the last minute. Don't forget that we offer free shipping too! And these cue and case combos will easily qualify.

The reason why I worked so hard to get such a great deal on Players Flirt cues is because these pool cues make great gifts for MOM! A large selection of styles and several performance enhancing features to make running the table a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the great performance enhancing features that make these Women's cues stand out above the rest.

Smaller diameter butts. Easier to wrap our small hands around the cue for a smoother swing.

Cue extensions. No problem handling the hard to reach shots on a tournament table.

Shorter cue lengths. Simpler to balance the cue when it's designed for the average ladies' height.

Designs inspired by women. Traditional, asian, biker, surfer, punk and classic styles by all the major cue makers.

Cue cases to match her style. Modeled after top selling handbag material, they protect and look great too.

So you see this really is a no brainer! Buy now and save now! Shop PoolCueGuru today.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We have been working really hard to update the site. In the last few weeks, we have uploaded new Players, Lucasi, Lucasi Hybrid, Action, McDermott, Scorpion cues just to name a few. Offering you the best selection, service, and price is what were all about.

It's amazing to see all the great playing cues that are available, and at such cheap prices.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Found a great Breaking Cue- Big Beulah by Lucasi Hybrid

I recently reviewed the Lucasi BIG Beulah breaking cue and this cue really stacks up against the other break cues on the market. At only $299.99, it is a true value.

Lucasi has used their 4 piece butt construction to give it an extremely solid hit. My fingers were easily sliding over the 8 pc radial shaft. It's advanced breaking taper was designed for forceful breaks like mine. I like a 20 oz cue to break the rack. After 2 hours of practicing breaking drills, my arm was not tired. I credit this to the XSHOX Dampening system which uses shock absorbing memory foam under the wrap.

My breaks were spreading the balls all over the table. The massive tip size (14mm) made it easy to control the cue ball and the tip didn't break down like other breaking cues that I have tried. Overall this is one of the best break cues out there. You can find it at POOLCUEGURU at the cheapest price available in the world!


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