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Winners Circle for the Week of March 15-21

European Championships

Quadruple Gold Medal Winner--The Unstoppable Jasmin Ouschan of Austria
Photos courtesy of Markus Hofstatter of Touch Magazine
Check out more of his great photos here

Men's 14.1
Gold Medal: David Alcaide (Spain)
Bronze Medal: Nick Van Den Berg
Bronze Medal: Huidje See

Ladies 14.1
Gold: Jasmin Ouschan (Austria)
Bronze: Anja Wagner (Austria) and Kunthia Orfandis (Austria)

Men's 10-Ball
Gold: Ralf Souquet
Bronze: Vincent Facquet and Koshovj

Ladies 10-Ball
Gold: Jasmin Ouschan
Bronze: Sabrina Naverschnig and Line Kjorsvik

Wheelchair 10-Ball
Gold: Jouni Tahti
Bronze: Fred Dinsmore and Tankred Volkmer

Men's 8-Ball
Gold: Konstantin Stepanov
Bronze: Marcus Chamat

Ladies 8-Ball
Gold: Jasmin Ouschan
Bronze: Line Kjorsvik

Wheelchair 8-Ball
Gold: Kurt Deklerck
Bronze: Henrik Larsson

Men's 9-Ball
Gold: Ralf Souquet
Bronze: Mateusz Sniegocki

Ladies 9-Ball
Gold: Jasmin Ouschan
Bronze: Gerda Hofstatter

Wheelchair 9-Ball
Gold: Jouni Tahti
Bronze: Henrik Larsson

March 15 World Pool Masters Qualifier
Buxton, Derbyshire

Congratulations to winner Karl Boyes of England.

March 16-20

Lucasi Hybrid 2010 Canadian 8-Ball Championships
Doubletree International Plaza Hotel
Toronto, Ontario Canada

March 17-21

12th Annual Black Gold BCAPL State Championships
Buffalo Run Casino
Miami, OK

March 18 World Pool Masters Qualifier
International Pool Club
Taipei, Taiwan

Congratulations to winner Po-Cheng Kuo of Thailand!

Congratulations also go out to recent Japan qualifiers Li-wen Lo, Toru Kuribayashi & Naoyuki Oi!

March 18-21

3rd Annual BCAPL Canadian Open Series
Penticton Curling Club
Penticton, BC Canada

March 18-21

Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo 2010
Valley Forge Convention Center
King of Prussia, PA

List of winners

TAP Rally in the Valley

2010 TAP Rally in the Valley Elite Board Champions, "Mulligans": Brian McGee, Dennis Dudgeon, Kurt Wanyek, Dave Kriak, Larry Holschuh, Greg Kencson, Bryan Kasper & Karl Abend

2010 TAP Rally in the Valley Elite Board Winners, "Fat Guy Assassins": Bert Csizek, Ron Perry, Winston Davis, Tim Hyatt, John Walsh, Jack Albainy, Justin Yankowski, Bill Varkonyl

Singles Championship Winners: Butch Weimer (7 handicap), Nick Comstock (6 handicap), Travis Babcock (5 handicap), Pat Boone & Ben Pope (4 handicap), Laura mallery (3 handicap)

March 19-21

Six Arrows 8-Ball Tournament
Fortune Bay Casino
Tower, MN

March 20

Bay Area Amateur Tour
The Corner Pocket
Largo, FL

BAAT Tour Results
1st Kim Caso, $350
2nd Keva Hevener, $250
3rd Michell Monk, $180
4th Jamie Toennies, $125
5th Helene Caukin, $85
5th Bettina Chase, $85
7th Margie Soash, $50
7th Patti Mitchell, $50

March 20

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour
Greenfields Pool & Sports Bar
Lakewood, CO

March 20

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour
Legends Sports Bar
Clinton, IA

March 20

Tri-State Tour
Castle Billiards
East Rutherford, NJ

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Tim Edmonds, $500
2nd Annie Flores, $200
3rd Christian Smith, $100

March 20-21

Desert Classic Tour
Phoenix, AZ

Desert Classic Tour Results
1st Jude Espinoza, $750
2nd Chuck Parrill, $275
3rd Ed Scott, $175
4th Matt Kwasny, $160
5th Steve Wilson, $160
6th Ken Gouso, $100
7th Lenny Marshall, $50
7th Jason Polk, $50

March 20-21

Fast Eddie's 9-Ball Tour
Fast Eddie's
San Antonio, TX

Fast Eddie's 9-Ball Tour Results
1st James Davis, Jr., $900
2nd Bill Mykleby, $650
3rd Shane Manaole, $500
4th Max Eberle, $320
5th Sylver Ochoa, $160
5th Manuel Ayala, $160
7th Gordy Vanderveer, $100
7th Danny Almaraz, $100
9th Vivian Villarreal, $80
9th Ismail Ramirez, $80
9th Bill Fuller, $80
9th Eric Aicinea, $80

March 20-21

Northwest Women's Pool Association US Open Qualifier
Golden Fleece Billiard Club
Kenmore, WA

Jana Montour and Cindy Silva
Photo courtesy of the Northwest Women's Pool Association

NWPA Tour Results
1st Jana Smallboy, $563
2nd Cindy Sliva, $375
3rd Kathy Stanley, $260
4th Liz Cole, $200
5th Mary Hopkin, $120
5th Kit Dennis, $120
7th Suzanne Smith, $90
7th Shelby Locati, $90
9th Shari Ross, $80
9th Jessica Orth, $80
9th Mikki Small, $80
9th Natalie Seal, $80
13th Kimberly Kirk-Lengel, $60
13th Camie Chou, $60
13th Suwanna Kroll, $60
13th Jackie Karol, $60

March 20-21 World Pool Masters Qualifier
Las Vegas Cue Club
Las Vegas, NV

Congratulations to winner Ernesto Dominguez!

March 20-21

USSA National Snooker Tour
New York Athletic Club
New York, NY

March 21

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour
Castle Billiards
East Rutherford, NJ

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