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Winners Circle for the Week of March 1-7

March 5-7

2010 Grand Prix Open
Biel, Switzerland

2010 Grand Prix Open Results
1st Dimitri Jungo (SUI), $4000
2nd Shane Van Boeing (USA), $2800
3rd Sander Tot (SRB), $1400
3rd Dominic Jentsch (GER), $1400
5th Roman Hybler (CZE), $700
5th Oliver Ortmann (GER), $700
5th Daryl Peach (ENG), $700
5th Marco Tschudi (SUI), $700

March 5-7

Mid-America PVA Sooner Shootout
Magoo's Billiards and Restaurant
Tulsa, OK

Main Event Results
1st John Reynolds
2nd Richard Harrell
3rdCharles Interrante
4th Jeff Anderson
5th Bill Frisby
6th Gary Dornbrack
7th Chris Parnell
8th Loretta Moon
9th Johnny Holland
10th Stephen Smith
11th Rick Layton

2nd Flight Event Results
1st Gary Dornbrack
2nd Chris Parnell
3rdStephen Smith
4th Rick Layton
5th Loretta Moon
6th Johnny Holland

March 6

Tri-State Tour
Eastside Billiards
Manhattan, NY

From Left: Sam Li, Geoffrey Bauer, Alan Chan
Photo courtesy of

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Geoffrey Bauer, $440
2nd Sam Li, $220
3rd Alan Chan, $105

March 6

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour
Bulldog Billiards
Dubuque, IA

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour 33rd Stop Results
1stAnthony Garcia (Cedar Rapids, IA)$615 + Free singles entry to the ACS Nationals
2ndRich Bideaux (Moline, IL)$235
3rdNate Mindham (Beloit, WI)$90
4thCraig Rice (Cedar Rapids, IA)$56
5thCraig Hintgen (Dubuque, IA)$34
6thMason Parks (E. Moline, IL)$34
7thTracey Christenson (Beloit, WI)$28
8thRon Pluym (Dubuque, IA)$28

March 6

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour
West Palm Beach, FL

March 6

Flamingo Billiards Tour
Ultimate Billiards
Fort Pierce, FL

Two hard-working poolroom owners, Margie Soash (second from left) and Stephanie Mitchell (second from right) squared off at the Flamingo Billiards Tour
Photo courtesy of

Flamingo Billiards Tour Results
1st Margie Soash, $350
2nd Stephanie Mitchell, $230
3rd Jessica Barnes, $100
4th Jeannie Seaver, $100
5th JoAnn Mason Parker, $55
6th Kim Caso, $55
7th Helene Caukin, $55
8th Melissa Durkin, $55

March 6-7

Desert Classic Tour
Phoenix, AZ

Winner Scott Frost
Photo courtesy of

Desert Classic Tour Results
1st Scott Frost, $950
2nd Dennis Orender, $570
3rd Susan Williams, $325
4th Tres Kane, $220
5th Mike Williams, $125
5th Nick Deleon, $125
7th Bret Huth, $75
7th Jim Galati, $75
9th Jose Gonzales, $50
9th Chris Paradowski, $50
9th Ronn Rutan, $50
9th Todd Dilley, $50

March 6-7

DMIRO 10-Ball Tour
Michael's Billiards
Fairfield, OH

March 6-7

Fast Eddie's 9-Ball Tour
Fast Eddie's
San Angelo, TX

March 6-7

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Raisin' Cain's
Inman, SC

From Left: Josh Newman, Mark Parlier, Dustin Gosnell
Photo courtesy of

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Josh Newman, $1000
2nd Mark Parlier, $600
3rd Dustin Gosnell, $400
4th Chase Smith, $200
5th Paul Mullins, $150
6th Jared McGee, $150
7th Marvin Reed, $100
8th Michael Walker, $100
9th Randy Henderson, $50
10th Marty Free, $50
11th Barry Medlock, $50
12th Trey Melston, $50
13th Nathan Roberts, $25
14th Kenny Wilson, $25
15th Dayne Miller, $25
16th John Thompson, $25

March 6-7

Jacoby Custom Cues Tour
Break Time Billiards
Wilmington, NC

Jacoby Custom Cues Tour Results
1st Larry Nevel, $1000
2nd Johnny Archer, $400
3rd Keith Bennett, $100

March 6-7

Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour
Cap's Cue Club
Syracuse, NY

Winner Steve Moore
Photo courtesy of

Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Steve Moore, $1000
2nd Dennis Hatch, $800
3rd Dave Grau, $600
4th Bucky Souvanthong, $400
5th Chance Chin, $250
6th Bruce Carroll, $250
7th Dwight Dixon, $100
8th Mike Zuglan, $100

March 6-7

MBO London Pool Tour
London Qualification Tournament for the Matchroom Sport World Pool Masters
Shepherds Bush, London

Congratulations to Kevin Uzzell for winning his ticket to the Vegas main event!

Other recent ticket winners include Canada's John Moria, Poland's Radoslaw Babica, Scotland's Jayson Shaw and Ben Nunan of Australia.

March 6-7

Midwest 9-Ball Tour
Break Billiards
Cahokia, IL

March 6-7

Missouri State 10-Ball Championship
Teachers Billiards
St. Peters, MO

March 6-7

OB Cues Ladies' Tour
Casper's Billiards
San Leon, TX

From Left: Jennifer Kraber, Courtney Peters, Roy Robinson, Lisa Marr, and Ming Ng
Photo courtesy of

OB Cues Ladies' Tour Results
1st Lisa Marr, $750
2nd Jennifer Kraber, $550
3rd Courtney Peters, $400
4th Ming Ng, $270
5th Amanda Lampert, $155
6th Helen Laiche, $155
7th Ashley Nandrasy, $100
8th Melinda Bailey, $100
9th Terry Petrosino, $70
10th Kyu Yi, $70
11th Tara Williams, $70
12th Julia Rapp, $70

March 6-7

Ozone Billiards Predator 9-Ball Tour
Raxx Pool Room, Bar & Grill
West Hempstead, NY

From Left: "Wu Tang" Duane Toney (2nd), Bob Schlott (3rd), Kevin Guimond (1st), Tony Robles (Tour Founder)
Photo courtesy of

Ozone Billiards Predator 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Kevin Guimond, $2000
2nd Duane Toney, $1400
3rd Bobby Schlott, $1000
4th Justin Muller, $600
5th Thomas Wan, $400
6th Raj Vannala, $400
7th Eddie Crespo, $275
8th Tom Seminaro, Jr., $275
9th John Hasci, $200
10th Niko Berdzenishvili, $200
11th Yesid Geribello, $200
12th John Trobiano, $200
13th Albert Estevez, $150
14th Naldo Troncoso, $150
15th Stew Warnock, $150
16th Junior Sanchez, $150
17th Clive Rose, $100
18th Raphael Dabreo, $100
19th Chulo Sastro, $100
20th Troy Deucharranm, $100
21st Peter Ziemak, $100
22nd Daniel Smith, $100
23rd Scott Simonetti, $100
24th Eric Toledo, $100

March 6-7

Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour
Skeeters Billiards
Gulfport, MS

Winner Tommy Kennedy
Photo courtesy of

Open Results
1st Tommy Kennedy, $700
2nd John Schmidt, $475
3rd Jay Bird, $300
4th Greg Hagin, $250
5th Johnny Armstrong, $150
6th Cliff Joyner, $150

Amateur Results
1st Jason Moran, $470
2nd Steve Kuhnau, $300
3rd Tracy Guernsey, $200
4th Ken Black, $100
5th Luke Detierne, $45
6th Jim Sterling, $45

March 7

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Main Line Billiards
Frazer, PA

Winner Adam Keilar (left)
Photo courtesy of

Mezz Pro-Am Tour Results
1st Adam Kielar, $1100
2nd Eddie Abraham, $590
3rd Shaun Wilkie, $340
4th Joe Hong, $200
5th Tom Bow, $125
6th Gregg McAndrews, $125
7th Dominic Noe, $100
8th Ray Lee, $100

March 7

New England 9-Ball Series
Robert Dionne Memorial Tournament
Busters Billiards
Somersworth, NH

Winner Nelson Olivera
Photo courtesy of

Robert Dionne Memorial Tournament Results
1st Nelson Oliviera, $910
2nd Ivaylo Petrov, $460
3rd Joe Dupuis, $325
4th Nick Kafalas, $200
5th Mike Nicoloro, $125
5th Ted Krampitz, $125
7th Cleiton Rocha, $100
7th Dave Hambley, $100
9th Dave Fernandez, $60
9th Mike Minichello, $60
9th Rich Minichello, $60
9th Ernest Perell, $60

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