Thursday, March 11, 2010

Billiard Babes Bring Cheer to GIs

10-year old Makayla proved to Duchess of Doom Alison Fisher that she has what it takes to take on the WPBA

Photo courtesy of Ashi Fachler of

As the WPBA prepares to (finally) kick off its 2010 season in Alpine California, WPBA stars Allison Fisher, Sarah Rousey, Dawn Hopkins and Laura Smith spent an afternoon educating and playing with fans and soldiers at the Marine Corp Air Station at Miramar in San Diego.

In other WPBA news.....

Whoa, Momma!

WPBA player & APA spokesperson Jeanette Lee and her husband George Breedlove recently announced that they are eagerly awaiting the birth of their sixth child in mid-September. This new mini black widow will be the couple's first natural-birth child. The pair's other children include: Chloe Angelee Breedlove, who was born to a surrogate mother; adopted daughter Cheyenne; foster son John Kang; and Morgan and Olivia, Breedlove's two daughters from a previous marriage.

Lee & family shortly after the birth of daughter Chloe Angelee Breedlove
Photo courtesy of Jeanette Lee's blog:

Lee will continue to play in professional tournaments through mid-July and will take maternity leave until mid-November.

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