Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Poker? No Problem!

Win cash in new online pool tournaments at

Cuesportz is an online pool video site where players can shoot for fun in the pool room or compete in tournaments for cash. For a limited time, there is no entry fee for tournament play.

Cuesportz boasts that it delivers the most realistic 2 dimensional pool game ever to the Internet.

*note to laptop users: You must have a mouse or 2-button bar in order to play (right click capability is required in order to shoot).

Tournament play is conducted weekly over a number of days and includes an unlimited number of participants. Each player has a 22 hour window to play all required matches for the day. Players are matched up within 5 minutes of joining the waiting room and are awarded a forfeit if that time lapses and no game has been joined. Play on the final tournament day is a typical fixed draw format with all players receiving prize money.

Cuesportz also offers tutorials on trick shots and online drills to help improve your "real life game.

Check it out here.

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