Thursday, August 13, 2009

How do Technology Pool Cues Reduce Deflection?

Many technology cue makers talk about reducing squirt with their shafts. How do they reduce the amount of squirt or cue ball deflection? Simply by reducing the end mass at the end of the cue. If the cue maker can make the cue shaft lighter in the first 3 inches of the pool stick where it has contact with the cue ball then he can reduce the amount of squirt.

Most performance cues feature pool cue shaft construction, balance point, tip shape, and ferrule material that will affect the amount of squirt. Reducing the amount of squirt will make your stroke, therefore your aim more accurate. The cue ball will then go where you want it to go when you play pool.

The balance point should be closer to the tip. When you play with a Lucasi Hybrid Zero FlexSlim shaft or a Predator Z2 shaft, you will notice an increased level of responsiveness compared to other low deflection shafts because of their conical taper which makes the balance point closer to the tip. According to the rigid cone approximation theory, the balance point will have an effect on the end mass.

The diameter of the cue tip will affect squirt. A smaller tip will weigh less therefore giving a cue stick less end mass. The shape of the tip has not been proven to affect squirt, however the Predator web site indicates that a dime shaped tip has less squirt than a nickel shaped tip.

Ferrule material should be as light weight as possible to reduce squirt. A thicker, heavier ferrule will weigh more, making the end mass of the pool cue heavier therefore increasing the squirt. That is why space age materials that are light, strong, and low in density are used on performance pool cue shafts.

Bottom line is that the end mass of the pool cue needs to be lighter to reduce squirt. Many cue makers hollow out the end of their pool cue shafts to make the end mass weigh less. Then they are filled with composite materials like carbon fiber and epoxy to keep them structurally strong and reduce vibration.

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  1. Which would you recommend to be better? The Lucasi Zero Flex Slim or Predator Z shaft?



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