Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 Reasons to Buy Predator Pool Cues

Since 1992, Predator Cues has led the billiard industry in a technological revolution. Predator Cues believes that innovation is the name of the game. Behind every stronger break, higher jump, and straighter shot is painstaking research, countless redesigns, and relentless testing to make your game better.

Predator Cues will enhance your pool playing performance with their key technologies:

* 314 and Z Shaft 2nd Generation Technology- Patented ferrule (Patent 5725437) and patented internal bore (Patent 6162128) technology feature a lighter weight on the front end of the cue and a shorter ferrule. Making it easier for you to hit at what you're aiming for because Predator Cues shoot straighter.

* C4 Cue Butt Technology- Eliminates the need for threaded weight bolts that other less expensive cues use. The 4 piece splice makes Predator Cues stronger, straighter, and more stable over the long haul. Giving you a solid hit.

* State of the Art Components- Predator Cues begin with Phenolic encased Uni-Loc joints. Phenolic tips with carbon fiber pads on the Predator BK2 or Predator Sport Air cues for super hard strength when you need it. Leather Luxe wraps that absorb hand moisture in IKON Predator Cues. Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge System for unheard of precision in the Predator P3's. No expense has been spared. Only the best materials for the best for pool players world wide!

* Leaders in Radial Consistency- Iron Willie, a Predator Cue designed robot started Predator's drive to create the most perfect billiard shaft ever. Unequaled by any 1 piece shaft, Predator's unique 10 piece splicing construction eliminates grain directionality giving you that consistent flex. You can practice on your stroke knowing that your Predator cue will hit the same way every single time.

Predator Pool cues are accurate, consistent, solid and produce more spin than any conventional pool cue. Predator pool cues are super responsive and will take your pool game to the next level. It will take you about a week to adjust your play to these performance enhancing features, but then it will be so easy that you'll feel like your cheating. Pool Cue Guru has the largest Predator Cue selection on the web with the best prices. We also carry Predator accessories like joint protectors and cue cases.

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