Monday, June 29, 2009

Solid and Stripes Forever with McDermott's M2-2B Spirit of America

Solid and Stripes forever takes on a whole new meaning to pool players. July 4th is just around the corner. This is the holiday that we all take the day off to celebrate our independence from England. We spend time at the bbq, lounging in the pool, playing pool with friends, hanging out at the beach, watching parades or enjoying the fireworks. In the spirit of Independence Day, I have selected this McDermott pool stick to highlight.

The McDermott M2-2B-Spirit of America pool cue retails for msrp $249.00. Its hand selected North American Hard Rock maple forearm and sleeve is accented with metallic paint. I like the red but you can get several colors and the white is their better seller.

McDermott's M22-B pool cue features 2 deluxe 6 color lithograph images, which are the most expensive type of images. The images are of the American Bald Eagle against our American Flag. Very cool! A great way to show support for our troops is by playing with this cue.

This cue also features the exclusive McDermott Impact Control ring, made from a Polymer Matrix Composite developed by NASA, which maximizes feel. The black with blue specks Irish Linen wrap is double pressed and polished. It has a wood to wood joint with a 3/8 x10 stainless steel pin for a solid compact hit. You can self adjust the cue weights. Plus it has a lifetime warranty against Warpage and FREE Maintenance.

This is truly a great All American pool cue with quality craftsmanship and American workers standing behind it all the way.

Happy July 4th!

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