Monday, March 30, 2009

Were the 80's really cooler than we remembered?

I was shopping this weekend for a bathing suit. This is the best time of year..Spring. Everything starts over with fresh growth..ahh lovely! I have been watching the fashionistas predict the 80's comeback. UGGH! Rubber bracelets, mullets, big hair, rolled up jeans, docksiders with laces tied in a twirly knot...what could be great about that decade?

Then I saw several swimsuits which took the neon colors of the 80's, added new state of the art fabrics, and psuedo minimalists designs to make some hot looking suits. Wow! I was impressed. I bet custom cue makers could do the same. Billiard tips, wraps, finishes, butt caps, joints have all improved so much in 20 years. Let's take the best 80's looks in cues and design several new masterpieces.

Several manufacturers have created series that hint back to the Golden Age of Pool like Lucasi's Old School series or Predator's Roadline series, but they are missing that 80's mystique. The closest current cue I have found produced is the Viking G50 with the traditional points but mirrored inlays for $500. That is a sweet looking cue! The best place to view the cue is on their website because they show you the rotation with the sunlight hitting the cue.

Of course, I can save you $100 off this cue when you shop, and give you a free case. Or just shoot me an email to, mention this blog post, and I'll call you for the details and send you a free gift. That simple. Or call and talk to my assistant Kelli @ 1-877-283-6253.

Let me get back to my original train of thought....send me photos of your favorite 80's cue. Tell me why you love it. I am going to take those photos to the next tradeshow, and get some new cues designed! Who knows... your favorite cue might be reincarnated as a Lucasi Hybrid or a Scorpion cue. Send those photos to .



Constant change is here to stay.

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