Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whose the Oldest Pool Cue Maker in the USA?

Did you know that Viking Cues is the largest and oldest pool cue manufacturer in the USA?

They have been in business since 1965. Viking pool cues are crafted with a keen attention to detail. Viking has experienced craftsman using CNC technology. These master artisans take the utmost care to provide you with a superior pool cue. Viking is a name that you can trust to deliver a great pool cue.

Here are 5 reasons to play with a Viking pool cue:

1. Viking pool cues are made differently than most other manufacturers' cues. Viking pool sticks hardly ever use metal or steel dowel pins to hold the wood pieces of a butt together. Viking cues uses a more reliable, natural way of constructing the pool cue butts by finger jointing the wood pieces of a pool cue butt together. Finger jointing the pieces of the pool cue butt improves the structural integrity and playability while further assuring straightness.

2. Viking cues are seasoned over an extended period of time, usually 12 to 24 months, in a climate-controlled environment to insure straightness.

3. Viking has not needed to repair one cracked ferrule since 1996. All it takes is some 400-600-grit sandpaper and you can lightly sand the area where you believe it to be cracked on your pool cue. Viking guarantees it is only a scratched pool stick ferrule and will sand out.

4. Your Viking pool cue has a pro taper of 12 to 14 inches and is designed to reduce cue ball deflection without adding any “after market” technology shafts.

5. Every Viking pool cue goes through the same stringent quality control standards as it makes its way through their production process. There are over a dozen quality control checks in Viking's process of making your pool cue.

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