Thursday, April 9, 2009

Found a great Breaking Cue- Big Beulah by Lucasi Hybrid

I recently reviewed the Lucasi BIG Beulah breaking cue and this cue really stacks up against the other break cues on the market. At only $299.99, it is a true value.

Lucasi has used their 4 piece butt construction to give it an extremely solid hit. My fingers were easily sliding over the 8 pc radial shaft. It's advanced breaking taper was designed for forceful breaks like mine. I like a 20 oz cue to break the rack. After 2 hours of practicing breaking drills, my arm was not tired. I credit this to the XSHOX Dampening system which uses shock absorbing memory foam under the wrap.

My breaks were spreading the balls all over the table. The massive tip size (14mm) made it easy to control the cue ball and the tip didn't break down like other breaking cues that I have tried. Overall this is one of the best break cues out there. You can find it at POOLCUEGURU at the cheapest price available in the world!

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