Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exciting Mother's Day Offer from Player's Flirt Cues

I am so excited about my PoolCueGuru Mother's Day special! I worked really hard to get a deal from Players so I could pass the savings on to you. Up to 35% off a Players Flirt cue designed for women and a coordinating case. Plus a silver gift box and a personalized Mother's Day card!

That's an extra 15 % off! You can surprise Mom with a gift that she is sure to love and save a lot of money at the same time. How awesome is that?

This offer lasts only 5 don't wait. Buy her gift now at PoolCueGuru so you won't have to worry about shopping at the last minute. Don't forget that we offer free shipping too! And these cue and case combos will easily qualify.

The reason why I worked so hard to get such a great deal on Players Flirt cues is because these pool cues make great gifts for MOM! A large selection of styles and several performance enhancing features to make running the table a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the great performance enhancing features that make these Women's cues stand out above the rest.

Smaller diameter butts. Easier to wrap our small hands around the cue for a smoother swing.

Cue extensions. No problem handling the hard to reach shots on a tournament table.

Shorter cue lengths. Simpler to balance the cue when it's designed for the average ladies' height.

Designs inspired by women. Traditional, asian, biker, surfer, punk and classic styles by all the major cue makers.

Cue cases to match her style. Modeled after top selling handbag material, they protect and look great too.

So you see this really is a no brainer! Buy now and save now! Shop PoolCueGuru today.

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