Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taking Care of Your Pool Cue 101

Taking care of your pool cue has never been so easy. There are hundreds of devices and topical applications designed for pool cue maintenance. With proper care of your pool cue, your pride and joy will last you a lifetime. Bringing you many years of top performance and satisfaction. Pool Cue Guru carries everything that you need for pool cue maintenance.

The most important tool is a tip shaper or scuffer. Proper care of your cue tip is the single best investment that you can make to improve your pool game. PoolCueGuru stocks Williards, Cue Cubes, Rasps, Brad Scuffers, Tip Piks and multi purpose tools like the TipMaster Tool 6-n-1.

These tools allow you to shape your tip into your preferred dime or nickel radius to give you optimum control of the ball. They are small and easily stored in your cue case because you will need to reshape your cue tip frequently. Keeping a proper shape on your cue tip will also prevent mushrooming.

I personally like the Williard because its was designed with a nickel or dime sized reference point built into it. All I need to do is line up my cue tip to the reference point to see where I need to shape the tip. It’s smart, simple and effective. The Williard cannot reduce the flares on the side of the tip so I will follow up with a quick stroke of my rasp on the sides of the tip.

Over time your pool cue can become scratched, nicked, or dented from everyday wear and tear. You should clean your shaft with a cue cleaner or burnisher before you work on removing those dents. Smart Wipes are a great product. You can choose from a Shaft treatment and polisher or a Shaft and Ferrule Cleaner.

The Smart Wipes Cleaner is a high-performance, presaturated wipe that lifts chalk, oil, and grime from your cue shaft and ferrule, all in one easy step, leaving it clean and smooth. This exclusive chemistry is a laboratory-tested formula, which contains no harsh chemicals that will dry out wood or damage your cue shaft or any ferrule material. Each wipe contains safe, deep-cleaning agents and conditioners that dry rapidly while you clean your cue shaft, without raising the grain of the wood. No need to use paper towels, small expensive bottles of cleaner, or messy powders that raise the grain. Simply pull out a wipe and start cleaning.

If you do prefer burnishing papers, you can't go wrong with Nick’s Edge Burnishing Papers. Each packet of Nick’s Edge includes 12 sheets that are color coded into 3 different grades of abrasive micro grade film. After you use Nick’s Edge your pool cue shaft will feel like new. Nick’s Edge Burnishing Papers will not scratch or damage cue shafts. The slips are washable and reusable and are quick and easy to use.

We've got over 50 cue shaft products to choose from. Check out our entire selection of pool cue accessories or give us a call at 877-283-6253 and we'll be happy to help you find the best pool cue shaft application or device for your cue.

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