Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Players Pool Cue Review: HydroGel HCS40

I have been playing with the Players HydroGel HCS40 Blue pool cue for a couple of weeks now. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. The cue looks like it was designed to sell in Dick's Sporting Goods. You know, one of those big box chains, where the clerk couldn't tell you anything about pool, so they make the cue all flashy and price it low to attract a buyer.

Well I was surprised. This Players HydroGel cue is pretty cool.

I definitely saw reduced deflection and my shots were more accurate. The HX Low Deflection shaft has a lightweight proprietary absorbing core. The lighter tip is what reduced my unwanted spin therefore giving me more control.

The Players HydroGel HCS40 has a stainless steel 5/16 x 18 joint with a solid hit. Also, there’s the grip, or the HydroGel Contouring system, which is a silicone like substance encased in a molded rubber handle. That felt great when it conformed to my hand. Definitely different! This is not like playing with an Irish Linen wrap. The HCS system is supposed to reduce vibration and feel more responsive. I liked the touch however I couldn't tell how much vibration was reduced.

Overall it has performance features often found in way more expensive cues. If I was trying to master cue ball control with a low deflection shaft then I'd spring for the $151.99. The Players HydroGel HCS40 is a great start to learning how to use the high end technology cues that are popular with the pros like Predator cues or Lucasi Hybrid cues.

Guru liked!

PS This is one of my Lucky Break Specials this week...sale price $94.99 limited quantity. That's over 50% off the original price of $189.99 msrp.


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