Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 Reasons to Buy a Players Cue

Quality, style, and an affordable price is the Players advantage. If you want a quality cue that doesn't cost an arm and a leg then you will love Players cues. Take a look at just a few things that make these cues so special...

1.100% North American Grade "A" Hard Rock Maple Shafts- Carefully selected by seasoned craftsmen for maximum quality and straightness.

2.Turned and Dried 7 Times to Prevent Warping- Plus, they treat the wood with Nelsonite, a patented wood stabilizer that protects the wood from changes in atmosphere; then they apply a proprietary epoxy finish that seals the cue and protects the wood from moisture and warping.

3.High Gloss "Super UV" finish- Protects against fading and chipping.

4.French Cue Wax and a Pro Taper for an Extra Smooth Stroke and Better Follow Through- The shaft literally glides through your fingers for a much better, smoother stroke.

5.Exotic Hardwood Butts for Added Value and Style- Including cocobola, walnut, purple heart, American bird's eye maple, and straight grain maple.

6.Quality French "Le Pro" Tips- For maximum ball control.

7.A Special High-Impact Ferrule- With a lifetime guarantee against chipping and cracking.

8.A Variety of Wraps to Choose From- Genuine double pressed Irish linen for a smooth feel; simulated wraps for a great look, high-tech Isoprene wraps for just the right texture, leatherette wraps with style, genuine leather wraps for a touch of class, and a new full-length leather wrapped cues for style that's unmatched in the pool room.

9.Beautiful Inlays- Genuine handcrafted inlays and terrific graphic designs.

10.Guaranteed 100% Straight- Every Players cue is guaranteed 100% straight or I'll give you your money back. Each cue is checked for straightness 3 different times during the manufacturing process, and then checked again the day I ship them to you.

So if you want a new quality cue and don't want to be out of a lot of bank, then shop for the best selection in Players cues.

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