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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of June 14-20

June 18-20

APA 9-Ball Cities Team Nationals Qualifier
Main Street Billiards
Mesa, AZ

June 18-20

Valley Forge Bar Box Championships
Valley Forge Convention Center
King of Prussia, PA

June 19

Jose Blaze ABCD Tour
One Shot Billiards
Somerset, NJ

June 19

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour
Sandcastle Billiards
Edison, NJ

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Rikki Ragoonanan, $500
2nd Raphael DaBreo, $280
3rd Pat DiBuono, $180
4th Troy Deocharran, $100
5th George Osipovitch, $60
5th Allen Wong, $60

June 19-20

2010 Maryland Straight Pool Open
Richard & Cindy Molineiro's Big Daddy's Billiards
Glen Burnie, MD

Winner Danny Harriman lines up his shot while Thorsten Hohmann looks on
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2010 Maryland Straight Pool Open Results
1st Danny Harriman, $3,500
2nd Shaun Wilkie, $2,500
3rd Mike Dechaine, $1,300
3rd Thorsten Hohmann, $1,300
5th Dave Daya, $700
5th Mike Davis, $700
5th Gerda Hofstatter, $700
5th Zion Zvi, $700
9th Bob Maidhof, $400
9th Steve Lipsky, $400
9th Brian Deska, $400
9th Ed Deska, $400
9th Charlie Williams, $400
9th Dan Heidrich, $400
9th Bob Hunter, $400
9th Danny Barouty, $400

June 19-20

Final ACS Lucasi Hybrid Tour Stop
Slick Willie's
Houston, TX

June 19-20

APA 8-Ball Cities Team Nationals Qualifier
Main Street Billiards
Mesa, AZ

June 19-20

J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour
New York State 9-Ball Championships

Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar & Grill
West Hempstead, NY

Megan Smith
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New York State Championship Results
1st Megan Smith, $750
2nd Kim Jones, $500
3rd Briana Miller, $350
4th Emily Duddy, $240
5th Linda Haywood Shea, $150
5th Neslihan Gurel, $150
7th Shanna Lewis, $100
7th Borana Andoni, $100

June 19-20

Lone Star Billiards Tour
Q Stix Billiards
Houston, TX

Charlie Bryant and Jeremy Jones
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Lone Star Billiards Tour Open Results
1st Jeremy Jones, $780
2nd Charlie Bryant, $520
3rd Billy Sharp, $390
4th Sylver Ochoa, $260
5th Ty Few, $145
5th Denis Strickland, $145
7th Andy Jethwa, $100
7th Jason Bacon, $100
9th Derek Fontenot, $50
9th Ernesto Bayaua, $50
9th Aaron Remijio, $50
9th Cesar Bahena, $50

Lone Star Billiards Tour Ladies Results
1st Ming Ng, $280
2nd Terry Petrosino, $200
3rd Deanna Kniola, $145
4th Kyu Yi, $60
5th Angela Martinez, $40
5th Courtney Peters, $40

Lone Star Billiards Tour One-Pocket Results
1st Jeremy Jones, $600
2nd Charlie Bryant, $350
3rd Ernesto Bayaua, $150

June 19-20

Northwest Womens' Pool Association Tour
Tacoma, WA

NWPA Tour Results
1st June Maiers
2nd Jana Montour
3rd Suwanna Kroll
4th Cindy Silva
5th Liz Cole
5th Kimberly Kirk
7th Shelby Locati
7th Regene Wentzell

NWPA Tour Second Chance Results
1st Talya Makus
2nd Jenny Sheldon
3rd Adrianne Beach
3rd Bonnie Russell

June 19-20

Poison Pool Tour
Cunningham's Billiards
Vero Beach, FL

June 19-20

Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
Classic Billiards
Conyers, GA

This event was postponed.

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