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2010 VNEA International Championships Results and Videos

The Valley National 8-Ball (VNEA) 3oth Annual International Championships were held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 27-June 5.

The Singles and Team finals were broadcast live via the web courtesy of OTBnTV.com.

Men's Singles Events

Men's 8-Ball Singles Regular Results
1stAlfredo Correia, $6500
2ndWill Shaffer, $4000
3rdAndre Cardinal, $2800

Men's Intermediate 8-Ball Singles Results
1stCarlos Ariza, $2200
2ndDavid Merlero, $1675
3rdDanny Gohul, $1200

Men's 8-Ball Masters Singles Results
1stDustin Gunia, $2700
2ndRuss Whittle, $1800
3rdChris Mitchell, $1400

Men's Seniors 8-Ball Singles Results
1stJoe DeGuara, $2100
2ndDavid Cole, $1600
3rdZeno Rawley, $1200

Men's Sports 8-Ball Singles Results
1stJeff Maurer, $500
2ndBarry J. Phillips, $400
3rdGeorge Price, $300

Men's 9-Ball Singles Results
1st Jason McPherson, $3,200
2nd Larry Romero, $2,500
3rdGlen Collins, $1,700

Men's Intermediate 9-Ball Singles Results
1stCarlos Ariza, $1100
2ndIvan Belmonte, $850
3rdAndy Morris, $600

Men's Seniors 9-Ball Singles Results
1stJohn D. Maki, $400
2ndJose Garvia, $300
3rdTommy Chavis, $200

Men's 9-Ball Classic Singles Results
1stDave Cote, $1000
2ndBobby Hibbits, $600
3rdDave Mitchell, $400

Classic Master Intermediate Singles 9 Ball Results
1stDon Branson, $400
2ndDon Brunelle, $300
3rdTerry Young, $200

Women's Singles Events

Women's 8-Ball Regular Singles Results
1stJacqui Schroeder, $2100
2ndRita Fortin, $1460
3rdElissenda Fernandez, $1000

Women's Intermediate 8-Ball Singles Results
1stAngie Voorhees, $1300
2ndCheryl Holm, $1000
3rdAmber Harrison, $750

Women's 8-Ball Classic Singles Results
1stRenee Young, $1100
2ndVicki McCoy, $800
3rdVicki Saienga, $650

Women's Sports 8-Ball Singles Results
1stInmaculada Rebuerda, $330
2ndDebbie Arens, $230
3rdLiz Grote, $130

Women's 9-Ball Singles Results
1stHeather Lavin, $1,000
2ndTerry Kelley, $600
3rdJacqui Schroeder, $400

Women's Intermediate 9-Ball Singles Results
1stCarlos Ariza, $1100
2ndIvan Belmonte, $850
3rdIvan Belmonte, $850

Women's Sports 9-Ball Singles Results
1stChristine Snody, $200
2ndMegan Rushmore, $100
3rdThelma Allen, $50

Women's 9-Ball Classic Singles Results
1stDawn Spencer, $580
2ndCharlene Pinelli, $400
3rdVirgie Catanach, $200

Team Events

Open 8-Ball Masters Team Results
1stMetro, $9000
2ndTeam Showsports, $5200
3rdTeam Spain Ola, $3000

Men's 8-Ball Regular Team Results
1stWinning Stroke, $10000
2ndLes Demons, $7000
3rdH2O Dead Money, $6000

Men's 8-Ball Intermediate Team Results
1stSee N' Goan, $5500
2ndClean Slate, $4000
3rdRackem-N-Watch, $2500

Women's 8-Ball Regular Team Results
1stPreferably On Top, $4000
2ndJoseph's Chalk Talk, $2500
3rdEagles 3, $1500

Women's 8-Ball Intermediate Team Results
1stOne Ball Short, $4000
2ndOmalley's Hines, $2000
3rdDa Bomb Squad, $1500

Women's 8-Ball Masters Team Results
1stLogistically Challenged, $4200
2ndGet Outtha Way, $2200
3rdShoot to Thrill, $1200

Sportswoman's Team Results
1stAlmost Scorpion, $500
2ndTeam Top Shots, $350
3rdThe Beavers, $250

Scotch Doubles Events

Scotch Doubles Regular Results
1stSchroeder/Schroeder, $1000
2ndShafer/Tedder, $800
3rdHamilton/Bowman, $500

Scotch Doubles Intermediate Results
1stSelinger/Wood, $550
2ndPeterson/Letsche, $325
3rdVoorhees/Gokhul, $175

Scotch Doubles Masters Results
1stJones/Shognosh, $500
2ndFondell/Fondell, $200
3rdCruz/Rezin, $50

OTBnTV Video

Men’s 9-Ball Singles: Jason McPherson vs. Larry Romero
Men’s Intermediate 9-Ball Singles: Carlos Ariza vs. Ivan Belmonte
Women’s Intermediate 9-Ball Singles: Laurie Hawkins vs. Nicole Scott

Men’s Regular 8 Ball Singles (joined in progress): Alfredo Correia vs. Will Slone

Men’s Regular 8 Ball Singles – Part 2: Alfredo Correia vs. Will Slone

Women’s Regular Team: Preferably On Top vs. Chalk Talk
Women’s Intermediate Team – Part 2: One Ball Short vs. O’Malley’s Hines

Men’s Intermediate Team: Smee n Goan vs. Clean Slate

Women’s Intermediate 8-Ball Singles: Angie Voorhees vs. Cheryl Holm (joined in progress)
Women’s Regular 8-Ball Singles: Rita Fortin vs. Jacqui Schroeder

Men’s Classic 8-Ball Singles: Roger Anderson vs. Harold Rigdon Jr
Men’s Classic 9-Ball Singles: Bobby Hibbits vs. Dave Cote


Men’s Master Teams: Metro vs. Showsports
Women’s Master Teams – Part 1: Logistically Challenged vs. Get Outtha Way

Women’s Master Team – Part 2: Logistically Challenged vs. Get Outtha Way

Open Regular Team Finals: Les Demons vs. Winning Stroke

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