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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of May 31-June 6

May 27-June 5

Riviera Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Full list of winners

June 4-6

2010 USBA Tour
International Open Tournament

College Billiards and Cafe
San Diego, CA

2010 USBA Tour Results
1st Jae Hyung Cho, $4,000
2nd Luis Miguel Avila, $3,000
3rd Ramon Rodriguez, $2,400
4th Guillermo Sosa, $1,700
5th Pedro Piedrabuena, $1,350
6th Rodolfo Covarrubias, $1,000
7th Hugo Patino, $850
8th Carlos Palafox, $700
9th Roberto Rojas, $600
10th Luis Aveiga, $500
11th Peter Banyai, $400
12th Sonny Cho, $300

High Run in Finals ($100)
Pedro Piedrabuena, Luis Avila: 12

Best Game in Finals ($100)
Pedro Piedrabuena: 30 points in 6 innings: 5.000 average

Best Game and High Run in the Prelims ($50)
Guillermo Sosa: High Run of 18
Best Game: 25 points in 6 innings: 4.167 average

June 5

Midland Tour
Players Pool & Snooker Lounge
Staffordshire, England

June 5

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour
Castle Billiards
East Rutherford, NJ

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Scott Simonetti, $850
2nd Scott Bannon, $520
3rd Pat DiBuono, $350
4th Duane Toney, $180
5th Tony Eglesias, $100
5th Kevin Kemp, $100
7th Teddy Lapadula, $70
7th Rich Sacco, $70

June 5-6

APA Phoenix Metro Championships
Phoenix, AZ

Teams Qualified for the next round of play (Cities)

Summer Session
1808 A Little Twisted, Mike Young as Captain
105 Eight on the Break, Charlie Mills as Captain
1601 Bullets, Gary Wheeler as Captain
1801 Hit It Or Quit It, Josh Riddle as Captain
704 O B C, David Rayner as Captain
1008 Pocketeers, Lee Lawrence as Captain
104 Oceans Eight, Richard Hill as Captain

Fall Session
307 We Got This, Ron Novotny as Captain
101 Cue Tips, William Mauricio, Jr. as Captain
1002 Just for Fun, Nina Castillo as Captain
707 Pocket Poolers, Jeremy Zastrow as Captain
805 Off Constantly, Steve Vallie as Captain
103 STR8 Arrows, Travis Williams as Captain
1004 Skadoosh, Ross King as Captain
106 8 Ball Assassains, Terry Whitt as Captain

Spring Session
706 Cowboys S * C K, Holly Dose as Captain
304 Magic Cues, Terry Camp, Sr. as Captain
303 Ball Breakers, Dominic Racite as Captain
1003 Spank U Very Much, Chuck Sandman as Captain
1506 Just Take A Swag, Terry Camp, Sr. as Captain
108 What, Shaun Weaver as Captain
807 Magic Eightballs, Carol Torzewski as Captain
1806 Deadstrokes, Chris Zenner as Captain

June 5-6

Desert Classic State Championship One-Pocket Tournament
Kolby's Korner Pocket
Tempe, AZ

Arizona State One-Pocket Championship Results
1st Mike Pankoff, $825
2nd Gus Briseno, $520
3rd Tony Confalone, $320
4th Tres Kane, $225
5th Peter Lhotka, $150
5th Rudy Alameda, $150
7th Bobby Emmons, $100
7th John Henderson, $100

June 5-6

Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9-Ball Tour
Fast Eddie's Billiards
Waco, TX

Fast Eddie's 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Leroy Mathis, $450
1st Jason Hunt, $450
3rd Joseph Olivarez, $225
4th Robert Stewart, $150
5th Gordy Vanderveer, $110
5th Cesar Garcia, $110

June 5-6

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Zoo City Saloon
Asheboro, NC

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Brad Smith, $1,000
2nd Jerry Hilton, $500
3rd Derek Leonard, $300
4th Wayne Briles, $150
5th Adam Stanton, $55
5th JR Poste, $55

June 5-6

Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour
On the Snap Billiards
Fuquay Varina, NC

Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour Results
1st BJ Ussery, $1,000
2nd Keith Bennett, $400

June 5-6

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour
Uncle Waldos Billiards
Daytona Beach, FL

June 5-6

Kwikfire Tour
150 N Out Billiards
Mooresville, NC

Kwikfire Tour Results
1st Kelly Fisher, $950
2nd Allison Fisher, $650
3rd Amy Chen, $500
4th Gerda Hofstatter, $350
5th Kim Shaw, $200
5th Holly Sholes, $200
7th Belinda Campos-Calhoun, $100
7th Christi Steele, $100

June 5-6

Lone Star Billiards Tour
Crazy 8's
Port Arthur, TX

Lone Star Billiards Tour Open Results
1st Gary Abood, $700
2nd Charlie Bryant, $460
3rd Sylver Ochoa, $350
4th Eric Renteria, $230
5th James Davis, Jr., $116
5th Aaron Remijio, $116
7th John Newsome, $89
7th Derek Fontenot, $89
9th Troy Woodard, $80
9th Jason Abate, $80
9th Mike Alonzo, $80
9th Viet Do, $80

Lone Star Billiards Tour One-Pocket Results
1st Sylver Ochoa, $500
2nd Charlie Bryant, $300

Lone Star Billiards Tour Ladies Results
1st Kyu Li, $260
2nd Courtney Peters, $150
3rd Loretta Lindgren, $80
4th Tasha Salandanan, $40

June 5-6

New England 9-Ball B-D Season Finale
Buster's Billiards
Somersworth, NH

New England 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Joe Muse, $1,100
2nd Gareth Steele, $500
3rd Stan Rupard, $320
4th Joe Kalanaues, $220
5th Jim Brumbaugh, $150
5th Randy Marcot, $150
7th Austin Roberts, $100
7th Nick Kafalas, $100
9th Mike Barbagello, $40
9th Dave Hambley, $40
9th James Corell, $40
9th Jake Longley, $40

June 6

Jose Blaze ABCD Tour
Atlantic City Billiards
Egg Harbor, NJ

June 6

Ozone Billiards Predator Tour
Master Billiards
Sunnyside, NY

Ozone Billiards Predator Tour Amateur Results
1st Thomas Wan, $900
2nd Dinko Busanich, $600
3rd Michael Hertz, $400
4th Dave Shlemperis, $300
5th Lionel Rivera, $200
5th Chuck Giallorenzo, $200
7th Raphael DaBreo, $150
7th Arturo Reyes, $150
9th Daniel Dagotot, $90
9th Asif Mustafa, $90
9th Stewart Warnock, $90
9th John Hasci, $90

Ozone Billiards Predator Tour Open/Pro Results
1st Tony Robles, $850
2nd Jeremy Sossei, $500
3rd Marco Tschudi, $335
4th Marc Vidal, $200

June 6-12

ACS National 8-Ball & 9-Ball Championships
Riviera Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

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