Friday, June 4, 2010

Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of May 24-30

May 27-June 5

VNEA 30th Anniversary International Pool Championships
Riviera Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

May 29

East Coast Pool Tour Season Finale
Branford Brew & Cue
Branford, CT

East Coast Pool Tour Season Finale Results
1st Robert Madenjian, $800
2nd Brooke Myer, $550
3rd Bill Santiago, $345
4th Rob Piersa, $170
5th Lou Ferrara, $90
5th Phil Davis, $90
7th Sal Midolo, $65
7th Chuck Young, $65

May 29-30

15th Annual Open 9-Ball Memorial Day Tournament
Everett, WA

May 29-30

Ozone Billiards Predator 9-Ball Tour
Master Billiards
New York

A/B/C/D Division Results
1st Raphael DaBreo, $1,000
2nd Asif Mostafa, $650
3rd Stewart Warnock, $450
4th Sam Li, $325
5th Arturo Reyes, $250
5th John Alicea, $250
7th Chris Carp, $150
7th Mike Wong, $150
9th Billy Chang, $100
9th Nicholas Chan, $100
9th Borana Andoni, $100
9th Derek Schwager, $100

Open/Pro 10-Ball Division Results
1st George Sansouci, $600
2nd Oscar Bonilla, $400
3rd Frankie Hernandez, $160

May 29-30

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour
Amsterdam Billiards & Bar
New York, NY

May 29-31

Seminole Memorial Day 10-Ball Tournament
Hollywood Billiards
Los Angeles, CA

Seminole Pro Tour Results
1st Rodney Morris, $5,000
2nd Corey Deuel, $3,000
3rd Rafael Martinez, $2,000
4th Gabe Owen, $1,250
5th Oscar Dominguez, $750
5th Stevie Moore, $750
7th Hunter Lombardo, $550
7th Marco Tschudi, $550
9th Frank Almanza, $400
9th Eddie Abraham, $400
9th Max Eberle, $400
9th Sal Butera, $400
13th Ramin Bakhtiari, $250
13th Manual Chau, $250
13th Charlie Williams, $250
13th Brendan Crockett, $250

Scoring Brackets

May 30

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Riley's Concord Billiards
Boothwyn, PA

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