Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Smart Phone App Calculates Break Speed

Break Speed is a pretty cool little app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, BlackBerry/BlackBerry Touch, and Windows Mobile devices that calculates distance and time to give you the speed of your break. This app was debuted live during the 2010 US Open 10-Ball Championship, providing live break speeds for the first time ever during a professional event.

Sounds Kinda Cool. How Is This Going To Help My Game?

This app, which according to the developers is more than ten times more accurate than a radar gun, can help you to break harder, make more balls and win more games.

Want to know what effect a small change like grip position has on your game? This app will tell you what effect any changes you make to your game has on your break speed.

Want to know how you really perform under pressure? If you're stressed in a tournament, there's no way your break will be up to speed. This app will make you more aware of how you handle pressure, so you can work better to overcome anxiety and stay cool no matter what.

How Does It Work?

From the developers:

Speed calculation requires distance and time (hence, we say "55 miles per hour".)
Break Speed calculates the distance automatically when you select your table and cue ball position. Time is calculated by listening to your break shot very carefully to find the exact moments in time where the cue tip hits the cue ball and where the cue ball hits the rack.

Automatic break recognition requires the use of advanced audio analysis algorithms engineered specifically for Break Speed. This technology is capable of telling the difference between your break, and the player breaking at the table next to you. Our Break Recognition is very effective at discerning your break from the ambient noise in the room - we have even captured break speeds of players from across the pool room (with music playing!)*

* Some functionality is device-dependent (see FAQ for more details)

How Can I Get In On This?

The developers of Break Speed are so confident this app will help your game, they're giving away a trial version that includes 10 free breaks. Check it out at their website. If you like the app, the full version is available for $5.99.

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