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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of May 17-23

May 14-22

BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships
Riviera Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Congratulations to Chris Melling; winner of both the Men's Grand Master Singles (8-ball) and the 9-Ball challenge!

Singles Divisions

Women's Open Results
1st Gail Glazebrook, $4,900
2nd Tara Williams, $3,600
3rd Dana Aft, $2,700

Men's Open Results
1st Nuno Santos, $10,000
2nd Brian Sanders, $7,000
3rd Dustin Gunia, $5,300

Women's Masters Results
1st Gari Jo Bloomberg, $4,200
2nd Ming Ng, $2,900
3rd Susan Williams, $1,900

Men's Masters Results
1st Manuel Gama, $5,300
2nd Bruno Sousa, $3,900
3rd James Davis, Jr., $2,900

Women's Grand Masters Results
1st Vivian Villarreal, $2,600
2nd Kelly Fisher, $1,800
3rd Allison Fisher, $1,200

Men's Grand Masters Results
1st Chris Melling, $3,400
2nd Shane Van Boening, $2,600
3rd Stan Tourangeau, $2,000

Women's Seniors Results
1st Debbie Snook, $2,400
2nd Kim Anderson, $1,700
3rd Darla Decker, $1,200

Men's Seniors Results
1st Tom McGonagle, $4,800
2nd Shane Harvey, $3,200
3rd Tony Oliva, $2,300

Men's Super Seniors Results
1st Bob Oliver, $3,400
2nd Don Harp, $2,300
3rd Roy Skenadore, $1,600

Women's Player Member Results
1st Stacy Lantz, $1,500
2nd Aubrey James, $1,200
3rd Bonita Zuck, $700

Men's Player Member Results
1st Dan Olson, $3,400
2nd Justin Brandt, $2,500
3rd Dave Olson, $1,800

Team Divisions

Mixed Open Team Results
1st Who Needs a Billiard Coach, $11,000
2nd PJ's Champs, $7,900
3rd Not Mine, $6,000

Mixed Trophy Team Results
1st The Rack Pack
2nd The Italian Job
3rd Dayz Off Rayzorbacks

Women's Open Team Results
1st We've Got the Runs, $4,000
2nd Jackson Cue - Mickey's, $2,800
3rd Lighthouse Pub, $2,000

Women's Trophy Team Results
1st Pocket Aces
2nd Full House
3rd Crown Ladies Night

Mixed Master Team Results
1st Portugul Masters, $3,800
2nd Good Eggz, $2,600
3rd Hustlin, $1,300

Women's Master Team Results
1st Magoo's Masters, $3,500
2nd Tick TIck Boom, $2,300
3rd Logistically Challenge, $1,500

Scotch Doubles

Open Scotch Doubles Results
1st Kim and Brian Sanders, $2,800
2nd Garcia/Cortez-Ram, $2,000
3rd Garza/Taguchi, $1,400

Masters Scotch Doubles Results
1st Veronique Menard and Francis Crevier, $3,200
2nd Atwell/Carter, $2,200
3rd Clepper/Snyder, $1,600

May 17-22

2010 US Open 10-Ball Championships
Riviera Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Title holder Lee Van Corteza with Sunny Griffin
Photo courtesy of

U.S. Open 10-Ball Championships Results
1st Lee Van Corteza, $20,000 + Entry into U.S. 9-Ball Open and 2011 U.S. 10-Ball Championship
2nd Lo Li-Wen, $12,500
3rd Shane Van Boening, $8,500
4th Francisco Bustamante, $5,700
5th Mika Immonen, $4,000
5th Manny Chau, $4,000
7th Charlie Williams, $2,800
7th Rodney Morris, $2,800
7th Mike Dechaine, $2,000
7th Darrel Appleton, $2,000
7th Roberto Gomez, $2,000
7th Edwin Montal, $2,000

May 22

North West Open
Dishers Pool & Snooker Club
Cheshire, UK

May 22

Tri-State Tour
Sandcastle Billiards
Edison, NJ
From Left: Sandie Paterno, Muaz "The Hurricane" Arshad and John Palmiery
Photo courtesy of

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Sandie Patarino, $495
2nd Muaz Arshad, $245
3rd John Palmiery, $150
4th Joe Varvaro, $90

May 22-23

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Kylie's Sports Bar and Grill
Cornelius, NC

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Josh Newman, $1,000
2nd Glenn Russell, $500
3rd Ron Park, $300
4th Mike Baumgarner, $200
5th John Sandifer, $85
5th Rick Roper, $85
7th Jeff Abernathy, $45
7th Riley Myers, $45

May 22-23

Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour
Raxx Pool Room
West Hempstead, NY

Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Zion Zvi, $1,000
2nd Kevin Guimond, $700
3rd Mhet Vegara, $500
4th Brian Veska, $400
5th George San Souci, $250
5th Scott Tollefson, $250
7th George Rodriguez, $100
7th Chance Chin, $100

May 22-23

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour
Strokers Billiards
Palm Harbor, FL

May 22-23

Poison 9-Ball Tour
Strokers Billiards
Palm Harbor, FL

May 22 Results
1st Jim Sandaler, $550
2nd Raymond Linares, $400
3rd Richard Knight, $300
4th Mike Delawder, $200
5th Lincoln Seiffert, $120
5th Jimmy Thoms, $120
7th Dan Whitten, $70
7th Joe Scarborough, $70
9th Todd Anderson, $50
9th Dave Ross, $50
9th Billy Moses, $50
9th Wesley White, $50

May 23 Results
1st Tommy Kennedy, $520
2nd Julio Aquino, $380
3rd Richie Richeson, $280
4th Donnie Mills, $200
5th Trevor Braymore, $80
5th Raymond Linares, $80
7th Tony Crosby, $60
7th Louis Altes, $60

May 22-23

Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
Classic Billiards
Conyers, GA

May 23

Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour
Stix Billiards
Palm Harbor, FL

BAAT Results
1st Kim Caso, $350
2nd Deanna Foster, $275
3rd Jessica Barnes, $200
4th Niki Rasmussen, $150
5th Kelly Cavanaugh, $75
5th Rachel Delaney, $75
7th Sis Tarver, $50
7th Virginia Billie, $50

May 23-24

J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour
Castle Billiards Lounge
East Rutherford, NJ

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