Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top Pool Players To Compete At Inaugural World Professional Billiard League Event May 6-9

The premier World Professional Billiard League (WPBL) event is coming up this weekend to introduce the game of Bonus Ball. The Super Series of Billiards will be played from May 6-9 at the McPhillips Station Casino in Winnipeg, Canada.

Event Schedule

WPBL players and World Champion Trick Shot Artist Mike Massey will be delighting the crowd with artistic pool demonstrations.

May 6
Group 1
Bustamante vs. Van Boening
Archer vs. Varner
Deuel vs. Schmidt
Morris vs. Hjorleifson

May 7
Group 2
Van Boening vs. Archer
Hjorleifson vs. Deuel
Varner vs. Bustamante
Schmidt vs. Morris

Group 3
Archer vs. Schmidt
Bustamante vs. Hjorleifson
Morris vs. Van Boening
Deuel vs. Varner

Group 4
Hjorleifson vs. Archer
Schmidt vs. Bustamante
Van Boening vs. Deuel
Varner vs. Morris

May 8
Group 5
Archer vs. Deuel
Bustamante vs. Morris
Hjorleifson vs. Ban Boening
Varner vs. Schmidt

Group 6
Morris vs. Archer
Deuel vs. Bustamante
Schmidt vs. Hjorleifson
Van Boening vs. Varner

Group 7
Archer vs. Bustamante
Deuel vs. Morris
Hjorleifson vs. Varner
Van Boening vs. Schmidt

May 9
WPBL Super Series Playoff Matches
Group 8
Fifth Place vs. Sixth Place
Third Place vs. Fourth Place
Second Place vs. Winner Above
First Place vs. Winner Above

Bonus Ball Rules

How Points Are Awarded

First Place: 100 points
Second Place: 80 points
Third Place: 75 points
Fourth Place: 70 points
Fifth Place: 65 points
Sixth Place: 60 points
Seventh Place: 55 points
Eighth Place: 50 points

This system allows any single player to have a bad event and not fall too far behind the point leaders. The round robin event also rewards players with bonus points that add to their point total. Making the final round from third or fourth place is worth 2 bonus points. 3 bonus points will be awarded to a player placing second in the round robin who makes the final round. 4 bonus points will be awarded to the round robin winner. One bonus point will be awarded to: the player who pockets the most bonus balls; the highest-scoring player; and the player with the most "targeted" bonus balls.

The players' point standing will be updated here after the event.

Johnny Archer vs Erik Hjorliefson Playing Bonus Ball

Archer vs. Hjorliefson Game 2

Bonus Ball Promo Video from Inside Pool Magazine

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