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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of April 26-May 2

April 26 World Pool Masters Qualifier
Barcelo Imperial Hotel
Blackpool, UK

April 28

Golden Break Pool Tournament
G Cue Billiards
Chicago, IL

April 28-May 1

APA National Singles Championships
Riviera Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

2010 8-Ball Classic Results

First Place
Blue Tier Davis Lastrapes of Macon, GA
Yellow Tier Anthony Marseco Jr. of Luzeme, PA
Red Tier Craig Feyler of Dover, DE
Purple Tier Raymond Procell of Coushatta, LA

Second Place
Blue Tier Dean Veros of Atlanta, GA
Yellow Tier Spring Saylor-Gillis of St. Petersburg, FL
Red Tier Amy Encinias of Las Vegas, NV
Purple Tier Brandon Ryan of Hatfield, MA

Third Place
Blue Tier Victoria Clayton of Dry Fork, VA and Melissa Mcwhirter of Vanduser, MO
Yellow Tier Patrick McGuire of Scranton, PA and Shannon Shackelford of Niles, MI
Red Tier Jeff Knox of Tylertown, MS and Kim Mickulas of Manteno, IL
Purple Tier Shane Fisher of Hot Springs, AR and Wayne Hardee of Harrington, DE

Fifth Place
Blue Tier Debbie Beavers of Chesapeake, VA; Brent Dewdney of Whitby, ON; Dep Swanson of Ladson, SC; and Brandy Unsicker of South Bend, IN
Yellow Tier Billy Alleman of Scott, LA; Richard Garneau of Val Caron, ON; Jill Zummallen-Noteboom of Kankakee, IL; and Timothy Hendrick of Diamond Bar, CA
Red Tier Gregory Adams of Newberry, FL; Montana Jones of Trotwood, OH; Sheldon Madarang of Oklahoma City, OK; and Boyd Williams of Little Rock, AR
Purple Tier Joseph Devizio of Roselle Park, NJ; Barry O'Sullivan of Garwood, NJ; David (Gabe) Apollos of Gallatin, TN; and Jonathan Blasi of Providence, RI

Sportsmanship Award Winner
Victoria Clayton of Dry Fork, VA

2010 9-Ball Shootout Results

First Place
Green Tier Tina Johnson of Fayetteville, NC
White Tier Angel Palomarez of Tuscon, AZ
Black Tier Nelson Montierth of Longmont, CO

Second Place
Green Tier Alyssa Popiela of San Diego, CA
White Tier Seth Prentiss of Newfield, NJ
Black Tier Michael Crowley of Richmond, VA

Third Place
Green Tier David Halbritter of Albuquerque, NM and George Merchan of Carrollton, TX
White Tier Shaun Bardell of Harvest, AL and James Schenck, Jr. of Paragould, AR
Black Tier William Moye, Jr. of Macon, GA and Rick Halls, Jr. – Danville, IL

Fifth Place
Green Tier Ann Eaton of Renton, WA; Leona Loukota of Laurel, MD; Charlotte Williams of Midlothian, VA; and Ronald Zaza of New York, NY
White Tier Melissa Blankenship of Roanoke, VA; James Garrett of Reno, NV; John McCarthy of Temple Terrace, FL; and Michael Ramsey of San Antonio, TX
Black Tier Marilyn Chapman of Fayetteville, NC; Tom Sellers of Bessemer City, NC; Robert Brooks of Rancho Santa Margri, CA; and Brian Parks of Bakersfield, CA

Sportsmanship Award Winner
Amy Nevills of Waxhaw, NC

2010 Jack & Jill Championship Results

Sorry Partner from Toledo, OH
Gene Steele & Becky Orwig

Here for the Money from Gordon, GA
Justin Mixon and Michele Thrasher

Video from Day Three of the 2010 APA National Singles Championships

For more pictures and information, visit the APA Championship Website.

May 1

ACS Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour
Women's Flamingo Billiards Tour

Art of Billiards
Gainesville, FL

From Left: Art Rogers, Shanelle Loraine, Helene Caukin, Jessica Barnes, Nicolle Rasmussen and Dana Rogers
Photo courtesy of

Flamingo Tour Results
1st Helene Caukin, $370
2nd Niki Rasmussen, $250
3rd Jessica Barnes, $100
3rd Shanelle Loraine, $100

May 1

Central Carolina 9-Ball Classic
Gate City Billiards Club
Greensboro, NC

Central Carolina 9-Ball Classic Results
1st Larry Nevel, $1,500
2nd Earl Strickland, $700
3rd Tony Morrison, $320
4th Keith Bennett, $150
5th BJ Ussery, $75
5th Rocky Hawk, $75

May 1

Tri-State 10-Ball Tour
Master Billiards
Sunnyside, NY

Bill Cheng, Andrew Kane and Geoffrey Bauer
Photo courtesy of

Tri-State 10-Ball Tour Results
1st Geoffrey Bauer, $540
2nd Andrew Kane, $300
3rd Billy Cheng, $200
4th Kevin Early, $120
5th Emily Duddy, $70
5th Raj Vannala, $70

May 1-2

BCA Pool League Warm-Up Tournaments
Stingers Bar & Grill
Glendale, AZ

Congratulations to tournament winners Tom Ryan's and No Flash Photography!!!

May 1-2

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Speak Eazy Billiards
Sanford, NC

From Left: Shannon Daulton, Paul "The Cheetah" Mullins, Jeff Abernathy & Speak Eazy Owner Jimmy Bullis

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Paul Mullins, $1,000
2nd Jeff Abernathy, $500
3rd Glenn Russell, $300
4th Shawn Ray, $200
5th Glenn Smith, $125
5th Mike Hagood, $125
7th Brad Shearer, $75
7th Greg Taylor, $75
9th Larry Faulk, $35
9th Roy Musser, $35
9th Cody Wilkie, $35
9th Steve Jenkins, $35

May 1-2

J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour
WPBA Maryland State Women's 9-Ball Championships
Champion's Sports Bar & Grill
Frederick, MD

Winner Megan Smith
Photo courtesy of

JPNEWT Tour Results
1st Megan Smith, $450
2nd Briana Miller, $250
3rd My-Han Lac, $180
4th Kim Jones, $140
5th Kathy Friend, $90
5th Stacie Bourbeau, $90
7th Sharon O'Hanlon, $60
7th Pam Ogarek, $60
9th Shanna Lewis, $40
9th Liz Taylor, $40
9th Nicole Vincent, $40
9th Borana Andoni, $40

May 1-2

Lone Star Billiards Tour
Slick Willie's
Houston, TX

Lone Star Billiards Tour Open Winner Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant (left)
Photo courtesy of

Lone Star Billiards Tour Open Results
1st Charlie Bryant, $800
2nd David Parker, $500
3rd Derek Fontenot, $300
4th Sylver Ochoa, $330
5th Andy Jethwa, $225
5th Danny Tam, $225
7th Sonny Bosshamer, $150
7th Doug Young, $150
9th Danny Lee, $100
9th Aaron Remijio, $100
9th James Davis, Jr., $100
9th T.J. Ortiz, $100

Lone Star Billiards Tour Ladies' Results
1st Ricky Casper, $200
2nd Belinda Lee, $110
3rd Kyu Yi, $70
4th Geraldine Guinto, $55
5th Heather Bryant, $35
5th Teresa Garland, $35

May 1-2

Ultimate 10-Ball Championship

Winner Shane Van Boening
Photo courtesy of

Ultimate 10-Ball Championship Results
1st Shane Van Boening, $10,000
2nd Ignacio Chavez, $5,700
3rd Niels Feijen, $3,700
4th Thorsten Hohmann, $2,200
5th Mike Davis, $1,250
5th Mika Immonen, $1,250
7th Ralf Souquet, $750
7th Charlie Williams, $750
9th Richard Wolfe, $425
9th Tony Crosby, $425
9th Jonny Martinez, $425
9th Ditto Acosta, $425
13th Shaun Wilkie, $300
13th Peter F. Nielsen, $300
13th Marco Tschudi, $300
13th Allen Van Aanholt, $300

May 1-2

Viking Cue 9-Ball/Olhausen Billiards Classic Tour
Mr. Cues II
Altanta, GA

First and Second Place Winners Paul Song and Brian White
Photo courtesy of

Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Paul Song, $1,180
2nd Brian White, $500
3rd Jason Steman, $300
4th Jeff Crawford, $200
5th Tim Orange, $100
5th Jeff Hook, $100
7th Wayne Thompson, $60
7th Joe Kim, $60

May 2

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Atlantic City Billiard Club
Egg Harbor, NJ

From Left: Josh Brothers, Atlantic City Billiard Club Owner Gary Conover and Matt Krah
Photo courtesy of

Mezz Pro-AmTour Results
1st Josh Brothers, $935
2nd Matt Krah, $400
3rd Lou Patrikios, $330
4th Joseph Testa, $150
5th Joe Wright, $75
5th John Alicea, $75

May 2

New England 9-Ball Series
Westgate Lanes
Brockton, MA

New England 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Rich Minichello, $350
2nd Nick Connor, $200
3rd Rich Senna, $120
4th Brandon Cole, $60
5th Dennis Levesque, $45
5th Gareth Steele, $45

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