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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of November 8-14

University of Michigan Team Pool Championships

Congratulations to the Virginia Tech Hokies for dominating the competition and sweeping all three events!

UMTPC Final Standings
1st Virginia Tech Hokies, 1820 points
2nd Michigan Naked Cue, 815 points
3rd Illinois United Nations, 790 points
4th Maryland Wobbles, 560 points
5th Akron Gold, 300 points
6th Purdue Shrimp Chips 2.0, 280 points
7th University of Western Ontario Strokin' It, 250 points
8th Illinois Orient Express, 195 points

November 10-14

Great Southern Billiard Tour/Carolina Open Championships
Fast Eddie's
Goldsboro, NC

GSBT Championships 9-Ball Results
1st Brian White, $2,500
2nd Alex Olinger, $1,500
3rd Johnny Archer, $1,000
4th Shannon Daulton, $600
5th Larry Nevel, $400
5th Shawn Putnam, $400
7th Evan Lunda, $250
7th Tony Morrison, $250
9th T.J. Moore, $150
9th Ryan Buck, $150
9th B.J. Huff, $150
9th Sam Monday, $150

GSBT Championships One Pocket Results
1st Shannon Daulton, $600
2nd Shawn Putnam, $350
3rd Nick Varner, $170
4th Sparky Ferrell
5th Larry Nevel
5th Brian White
7th Adam Towery
7th Carey Dunn
9th Sidney Champion
9th Jeff Abernathy
9th J.R. Poste
9th Ed Herman

November 13

Tri-State Tour
Castle Billiards
East Rutherford, NJ

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Kyle Bubet, $450
2nd Corey Sohlman, $220
3rd Alex Borukhovich, $135
4th Scott Abramowitz, $90

November 13-14

Bay Area Amateur Tour
Stroker's Billiards
Palm Harbor, FL

Bay Area Amateur Tour Results
1st Deanna Foster, $375
2nd Chris Fields, $250
3rd Melissa Morian, $200
4th Kelly Cavanaugh, $150
5th Jamie Toennies, $100
5th Christine Brenner, $100
7th Stacey Lantz, $70
7th Jessica Barnes, $70
9th Stephanie Mitchell, $40
9th Tracey Mullen, $40
9th Sabra MacArthur-Beahn, $40
9th Valerie Dukich, $40

November 13-14

Dishaw Cues CNY Tour
Salt City Billiards
Syracuse, NY

Dishaw Cues CNY Tour Results
1st Mike Donnely, $300
2nd Willie Oney, $200
3rd Dwight Dixon, $120
4th Gary Krebs, $80
5th Rick Ricciard, $40
5th Daryl Osborne, $40

November 13-14

Jacoby Custom Cue Tour
Brown's Billiards
Raleigh, NC

Jacoby Custom Cue Tour Results
1st BJ Ussery, $1,000
2nd Eddie Little, $200

November 13-14

Lucasi Hybrid Southwest 10-Ball Tour
Skinny Bob's Billiards
Round Rock, TX

Lucasi Hybrid Southwest 10-Ball Tour Results
1st James Davis, Sr., $356
2nd David Henson, $267
3rd Doug Young, $178
4th Allen Hall, $90
5th Brian Sanders, $60
5th Cesar Garcia, $60
Highest Finishing Woman Gail Eaton, $60

November 13-14

McDermott Midwest Cup
Legends Billiards
Waukegan, Wisconsin

McDermott Midwest Cup Results
1st Walter Hayes, $413
2nd Jonathan Strzezewski, $255
3rd Christopher Szarek, $165
4th Chris Mason, $97
5th Mike Regan, $55
5th Eric Hincks, $55
7th Paul Repischak, $34
7th Mike Stowe, $34

November 13-14

Ocean State 9-Ball Championship
Snookers Billiards
Providence, RI

Ocean State 9-ball Championship Results
1st Mika Immonen, $2,500
2nd Mike Dechaine, $1,700
3rd Jarrod Clowery, $1,300
4th Dave Grau, $1,000
5th Tom D'Alfonso, $800
5th John Ricciardelli, $800
7th Al Lapena, $600
7th Jeff Kennedy, $600
9th John Ortiz, $400
9th Billy Lanna, $400
9th Mike Minichello, $400
9th Tom McGonagle, $400
13th Mike Bradford, $250
13th Greg Nice, $250
13th Jeremy Sossei, $250
13th Shayne Cote, $250
17th Steve Goulding, $125
17th Phil Davis, $125
17th Robert Madenjian, $125
17th Dave Fernandez, $125
17th Shane Winters, $125
17th Jay Plonski, $125
17th Dave Wright, $125
17th Joe Tucker, $125

November 13-14

Predator Tour
Raxx Pool Room
West Hempstead, NY

Predator Tour Results
1st Matthew Harricharan, $800
2nd Derek Schwager, $600
3rd Dinko Busanich, $400
4th Luis Novas, $300
5th Juan Guzman, $200
5th Erin McManus, $200
7th Donald Chu, $130
7th Richard Ng, $130

November 13-14

Social Ladies 9-Ball Tour
On Cue Billiards
La Mesa, CA

Social Ladies 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Hiroko Makiyama, $650
2nd Melissa Morris, $400
3rd Stacy Novack, $275
4th Emilyn Callado, $155
5th Melinda Huang, $90
5th Lauren Ward, $90
7th Susan Lance, $75
7th Lila Woodland, $75
9th Barbara Lee, $40
9th Shar Vanderstyne, $40
9th Linda Shaffer, $40
9th Lori Jones, $40

November 13-14

Star Billiards 10-Ball Championships
Star Billiards Center
Quezon City, Manila, The Philippines

Star Billiards 10-Ball Championships Results
1st Ronato "Volcano" Alcano, P100,000
2nd Antonio "Nickoy" Lining, P50,000
3rd Jundel Mason, P15,000
4th Jeffrey "The Bull" de Luna, P15,000
5th Carlo Biado, P5,000
6th Demosthenes Pulpul, P5,000
7th Leonardo Hipolito, P5,000

November 14

New England 9-Ball Tour
Schemengee's Billiards
Lewiston, ME

New England 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Ryan Parker, $370
2nd Joe Muse, $170
3rd Nick Connor, $100
4th Quoc Din, $75
5th Corey Tapaly, $45
5th Terry McDermott, $45

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