Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Video Roundup: Great Southern Billiards Handicap Carolina Open/Tour Championships

Roundup of videos posted by Inside Pool Magazine from the Great Southern Billiards Handicap Carolina Open/Tour Championships November 12, 2010 at Fast Eddies in Goldsboro, NC.

Larry Nevel vs. Jeff Abernathy

Larry Nevel vs. Shannon Daulton

Johnny Archer vs. Shannon Daulton

Final Scores

GSBT Championships 9-Ball Results
1st Brian White, $2,500
2nd Alex Olinger, $1,500
3rd Johnny Archer, $1,000
4th Shannon Daulton, $600
5th Larry Nevel, $400
5th Shawn Putnam, $400
7th Evan Lunda, $250
7th Tony Morrison, $250
9th T.J. Moore, $150
9th Ryan Buck, $150
9th B.J. Huff, $150
9th Sam Monday, $150

GSBT Championships One Pocket Results
1st Shannon Daulton, $600
2nd Shawn Putnam, $350
3rd Nick Varner, $170
4th Sparky Ferrell
5th Larry Nevel
5th Brian White
7th Adam Towery
7th Carey Dunn
9th Sidney Champion
9th Jeff Abernathy
9th J.R. Poste
9th Ed Herman

Photo Gallery At InsidePoolMag.com

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