Friday, November 5, 2010

Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of October 25-31

October 28-31

Midwest 9-Ball Tour
Olathe, KS

Midwest 9-Ball Tour Open Pocket Results
1st Shane McMinn, $800
2nd Chip Compton, $500
3rd Beau Runningen, $350
4th James Davis, Jr., $250
5th Joey Gray, $200
5th Dan Olson, $200
7th Gary Lutman, $150
7th Mickey Brandt, $150
9th Todd Carpenter, $100
9th Jason Wilderman, $100
9th Dan Tull, $100
9th Whitey Walker, $100

Midwest 9-Ball Tour Open Results
1st Jesse Bowman, $2,000
2nd Beau Runningen, $1,500
3rd Shane McMinn, $900
4th David Matlock, $600
5th Chad Vilmont, $400
5th Eric Obermier, $400
7th David Jordan, $300
7th Chip Compton, $300
9th Jeff Montgomery, $175
9th Dan Olson, $175
9th Whitey Walker, $175
9th Dustin Gunia, $175
13th Pun, $125
13th Mike Henderson, $125
13th Dan Angstead, $125
13th Will Freeman, $125
17th Tommy Tokoph, $100
17th David Heinonen, $100
17th Mike Banks, Jr., $100
17th Dave Coon, $100
17th Jordan Davis, $100
17th Rick Carlton, $100
17th Gary Lutman, $100
17th Mike Durbin, $100

Midwest 9-Ball Tour Ladies' Event Results
1st Nicole Keeney, $425
2nd Karen Lincoln, $300
3rd Jessica Frideres, $200
4th Apryl McGill, $100

October 29

N.W.P.A 9-Ball Championships
The Rack
Memphis, TN

N.W.P.A 9-Ball Championships Results
1st Johnny Holland
2nd Terry Guess
3rd Bill Frisby

N.W.P.A 9-Ball Championships Results
1st Dan Hall
2nd James Winston
3rd Houston Lewis

October 30

Mezz Women's Tour
Mr. Cue Billiards
Lindenhurst, NY

Mezz Women's Tour Results
1st Caroline Pao, $200
2nd Borana Andoni, $130
3rd Gina Kim-Lipsky, $80
4th Theresa Intelisano, $50

October 30

Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour
Ultimate Billiards
Fort Pierce, FL

Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Richard Broumpton, $500
2nd Mike Davis, $350
3rd Tom Karalis, $250
4th Anthony Meglino, $175

October 30

Tri State Tour
Sandacastle Billiards
Edison, NJ

Tri State Tour Results
1st Mike Gasper, $785
2nd Rob Piersa, $510
3rd Pete Brennan, $320
4th Bernard Vogelsang, $190
5th Scott Simonetti, $125
5th George Osipovitch, $125
7th Jeff Kerr, $95
7th Glenn Andaya, $95

October 30-31

Joss North East 9-Ball Tour
Raxx Pool Room and Grill
West Hempstead, NY

Zion Zvi
Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe

Joss North East 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Zion Zvi, $1,100
2nd Tom D'Alfonso, $750
3rd Mika Immonen, $550
4th Jeremy Sossei, $400
5th Mike Fingers, $250
5th Manual Chau, $250
7th Phil Davis, $100
7th Mike Zuglan, $100

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