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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of November 1-7

November 3-7

Steve Mizerak Championships
Seminole Pro Tour

Hard Rock Casino & Hotel
Hollywood, FL

Steve Mizerak Championships Results
1st Earl Strickland, $20,000
2nd Shawn Putnam, $11,000
3rd Darren Appleton, $8,000
4th Mika Immonen, $5,000
5th Corey Deuel, $4,000
5th Thorsten Hohmann, $4,000
7th Tony Crosby, $3,000
7th Dennis Hatch, $3,000
9th Charlie Williams, $1,900
9th Mike Dechaine, $1,900
9th Pierre Palmieri, $1,900
9th Donnie Mills, $1,900
13th Max Eberle, $1,375
13th Mike Davis, $1,375
13th Shannon Daulton, $1,375
13th Adam Smith, $1,375
17th Ernesto Dominguez, $1,000
17th Stevie Moore, $1,000
17th Jeremy Sossei, $1,000
17th Louis Altes, $1,000
17th Robb Saez, $1,000
17th Randy Epperson, $1,000
17th Shane Van Boening, $1,000
17th Justin Hall, $1,000

November 6

Women's Maryland State 10-Ball Championship
Champion Billiard Cafe
Frederick, MD

Women's Maryland State 10-Ball Championship Results
1st Megan Smith, $300
2nd Briana Miller, $150
3rd Linda Haywood-Shea, $75

November 6-7

Joss NE 9-Ball Tour
Al Conte Memorial

Hippos House of Billiards
Yorkville, NY

Joss NE 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Shane Winters, $1,100
2nd Spencer Auigbelle, $800
3rd Dave Grau, $600
4th Tom D'Alfonso, $400
5th Chris Testa, $250
5th Jerry Crowe, $250
7th Chance Chin, $150
7th Willie Oney, $150

Joss NE 9-Ball Tour Second Chance Results
1st Mike Donnely, $300
2nd Dwight Dixon, $200
3rd Kean Thomas, $150
4th Victor Conte, Jr., $100
5th Walter Szydiowski, $35
5th Brian Lipes, $35

November 6-7

Lone Star Billiards Tour
Skinny Bob's Billiards
Austin, TX

Lone Star Billiards Tour Open Results
1st David Henson, $680
2nd James Davis, Sr., $480
3rd Jason Hunt, $290
4th Brian Sanders, $190
5th Doug Young, $100
5th Casey Crews, $100
7th David Neumann, $45
7th Drew McCoy, $45

Lone Star Billiards Tour Ladies Results
1st Kim Sanders, $260
2nd Jennifer Kraber, $180
3rd Julia Rapp, $110
4th Jasmine Bartz, $55

Lone Star Billiards Tour One Pocket Results
1st James Davis, Sr., $260

November 6-7

Northwest Women's Pool Association Final
The Parlor
Bellevue, WA

NWPA Final Results
1st Liz Cole, $850
2nd Jana Montour, $530
3rd Suzanne Smith, $344
4th Regene Wentzell, $261
5th Jackie Karol, $157
5th Cindy Silva, $157
7th Mikki Small, $110
7th Deby Welfringer, $110

November 6-7

Texas Amateur Tour
Slick Willie's Family Pool Hall
Houston, TX

Texas Amateur Tour Main Event Results
1st Joey Torres, $680
2nd Adam Smith, $445
3rd Bobby Gonzales, $250
4th Fred Brock, $165
5th Victor Rojas, $105
5th Roy Payton, $105
7th Leon Contreras, $80
7th Jim Walker, $80
9th Greg Sandifur, $60
9th Dave Parker, $60
9th Brian Rosenbaum, $60
9th Stefan Slisz, $60
13th Rodney Stewart, $45
13th Bill Fuller, $45
13th Grady Cooper, $45
13th Mark Kopsie, $45

Texas Amateur Tour Ladies' Results
1st Ming Ng, $225
2nd Michelle Yim, $135
3rd JC Torres, $65
4th Ricki Lee Casper, $35
5th Rebecca Riley, $10
5th Yvette Reyes, $10
5th Belinda Lee, $10
5th Heather Bryant, $10

November 7

Maryland State 10-Ball Championship
Champion Billiard Cafe
Frederick, MD

Maryland State 10-Ball Championship Results
1st Josh Brothers, $1,100
2nd Mike Sigel, $625
3rd Adam Kielar, $300
4th Matt Krah, $200
5th Brett Stottlemyer, $150
5th Manual Chau, $150
7th Kevin West, $100
7th Ryan McCreesh, $100

November 7

Tri-State Tour
Gotham City Billiards
Brooklyn, NY

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Trevor Heal, $275
1st Teddy Lubis, $275
3rd Chris Luethl, $210
4th Billy Cheng, $130

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