Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maryland State 10-Ball Championship Videos

Videos from the Maryland State 10-Ball Championships courtesy of Inside Pool Magazine. The 2010 Maryland State 10-Ball Championships were hosted by Champion Billiards and Sports Cafe in Frederick, MD November 6-7.

Megan Smith vs. Brianna Miller

Linda Shea vs. Brianna Miller

Mike Wilson vs. Kevin West

Ryan McCreesh vs. Roger Riley

Matt Krah vs. Manny Chau

Matt Krah vs. Josh Brothers

Brett Stottlemeyer vs. Adam Kielar

Brett Stottlemeyer vs. Adam Kielar 2

Josh Brothers vs. Adam Kielar

Mike Sigel vs. Adam Kielar

Mike Sigel vs. Josh Brothers in the Maryland State 10-Ball Championship Finals

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