Monday, July 5, 2010

Bustamante vs. Chen in WPA World 9-Ball Championship Finals

The WPA World 9-Ball Championship winner will be crowned shortly at the Qatar Billiard and Snooker Federation headquarters in Doha, Qatar.

Weekend Competition Recap

Last Sixteen

Marlon Manalo vs. F. Bustamante (6-11)

Johnny Archer vs. Jason Klat (11-8)

Craig Obsome vs. Oliver Medenilla (9-11)

Antonio Lining vs. Dimitri Jungo (11-8)

F. Felicilda vs. Raymund Far on (11-8)

Sandor Tot vs. Hayato Hijikata (11-7)

Kuo Po Chen vs. Yang C. Shun (11-9)

C. Reimering vs. Ronato Alcano (6-11)

Quarter Finals

F. Felicilda vs. F. Bustamante (5-11)

Oliver Medenilla vs. Antonio Lining (10-11)

Johnny Archer vs. Sandor Tot (11-6)

Kuo Po Chen vs. Ronato Alcano (11-5)

Semi Finals

F. Bustamante vs. Antonio Lining (11-5)

Johnny Archer vs. Kuo Po Chen (10-11)


F. Bustamante vs. Kuo Po Chen

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