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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of June 21-27

June 24-28

Wisconsin Billiards State Championships
Ho-Chunk Gaming
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

June 25-July 5

WPA World 9-Ball Championship
Doha, Qatar

June 26

Flamingo Billiards Tour
Ultimate Billiards
Ft. Pierce, FL

Congratulations to first-time Flamingo winner Stephanie Mitchell!!!

June 26-27

7th Annual Bobby Wells Memorial Tournament
Midwest 9-Ball Tour

Side Pockets
Wichita, KS

From Left: Chuck Raulston, Joyce Wells, Evelyn Dysart & Gabe Owen
Photo courtesy of

Bobby Wells Memorial Tournament Results
1st Chuck Raulston, $1,000
2nd Gabe Owen, $680
3rd Junior Brown, $400
4th Chip Compton, $300
5th Mark Showalter, $20
5th Sean Turner, $200
7th Joey Gray, $150
7th KC Massey, $150
9th Steve Rector, $100
9th Scottie Brown, $100
9th Dan Toman, $100
9th Jerry Reardon, $100
13th Jason Ayesh, $75
13th Eric Cate, $75
13th Kale Coffey, $75
13th Paul Bounsana, $75

June 26-27

Arizona 15 and Under Scotch Doubles 9-Ball Tournament
Stinger's Sports Bar and Grill
Glendale, AZ

June 26-27

Arizona Scotch Doubles 9-Ball Tournament
River City Pockets
Phoenix, AZ

June 26-27

Arizona Women's Billiard Tour
Phoenix, AZ

Winner Ashea Erdahl
Photo courtesy of

AWBT Results
1st Ashea Erdahl, $220
2nd Barbara Lee, $150
3rd Rebecca Wagner, $100
4th Susan Mello, $70
5th Sunny Griffin, $40
5th Susan Wilbur, $40
7th Pearl Napa, $30
7th Kathleen Lawless, $30

June 26-27

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Fast Eddie's Sports Bar
Goldsboro, NC

June 26-27

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Murfreesboro Billiard Club
Murfreesboro, TN

From Left: Murfreesboro Billiard Club Owner April Dobbins, Josh O'Neal, Russ Edwards & Shannon Daulton
Photo courtesy of

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Josh O'Neal, $1,000
2nd Russ Edwards, $500
3rd Mike Laney, $300
4th Daniel McKenney, $200
5th Billy Young, $100
5th Ryan Dunne, $100
7th Ricardo Nixon, $65
7th Jeremy Scarpace, $65

June 26-27

Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour
Brown's Billiards
Raleigh, NC

Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour Results
1st Earl Strickland, $1,000
2nd Keith Bennett, $475
3rd Sammy Monday, $200
4th Delton Howard, $75

June 26-27

McDermott Gambler Pro Tour
Peach State Open

Mr. Cues II
Atlanta, GA

McDermott Gambler Pro Tour Amateur Results
1st Jeff Crawford, $500
2nd Betty Sessions, $325
3rd Felipe Flores, $200
4th Jeff Hooks, $125
5th Pat Cooper, $75
5th Randy Jordan, $75
7th Red Brown, $50
7th Horace Godwin, $50
9th James Alvarez, Free T-Shirt
9th Ron Park, Free T-Shirt
9th Alan Wong, Free T-Shirt
9th Machine, Free T-Shirt

McDermott Gambler Pro Tour Ladies 9-Ball Results
1st Betty Sessions, $300
2nd Katie Cowan

McDermott Gambler Pro Tour Open 9-Ball Results
1st Paul Song, $500
2nd Cliff Joyner, $300
3rd Jeff Crawford, $150
4th Horace Godwin, $80
5th Pat Campbell, $50
5th Kasey Joiner, $50

Gambler Pro Tour Peach State Open

June 26-27

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour
Amsterdam Billiards & Bar
New York, NY

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Mike Yednak, $800
2nd Javier Colayco, $500
3rd Andrew Cleary, $300
4th Jacob Schwartz, $200
5th Michael Wong, $120
5th Sandie Patarino, $120
7th Emily Duddy, $90
7th Luis Novas, $90

June 26-27

Ozone Billiards Predator Tour
Raxx Pool Room
West Hempstead, NY

June 27

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Main Line Billiards
Frazer, PA

Co-champtions Eddie Abraham & Josh Brothers with Main Line Billiards Owner Mike (center)
Photo courtesy of NYC Grind

Mezz Pro-Am Tour Results
1st Josh Brothers, $620
1st Eddie Abraham, $620
3rd Ed Matushoneck, $250
4th Shaun Wilkie, $150
5th Shaun Dobson, $100
5th Bruce Nagle, $100

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