Thursday, July 8, 2010

Congratulations Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour Final Stop Winner Jung Yoo!!

The 40th and final stop on the 2009-2010 Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour (produced by the American CueSports Alliance – ACS) was hosted on Saturday, June 19 in Houston, TX, at Slick Willie's. The $500 added charity event, which piggybacked onto the 14th Annual Houston Billiard Open, attracted a 37-player field in a double-elimination 8-ball format in races to 3.

Jung Yoo (Houston, TX) climbed to the hot seat at the expense of Greg Killips (Houston, TX) 3-1, Matt Hull (Houston, TX) 3-1, C.B. Benitez (Houston, TX) 3-2, T. McGregor (Houston, TX) and Beau Urdiales (Houston, TX) 3-1.

Yoo’s opponent in the tourney finals proved to be Candido Ramirez (Houston, TX). Ramirez’s record prior to the finals included wins over Nate Nguyen (Houston, TX) 3-0, Robert Soto (Houston, TX) 3-1 before a loss to Beau Urdiales 0-3. Ramirez recovered to eliminate in order: Alvie Jones Beau (Houston, TX) 3-0, Richard Chew (Houston, TX) 3-2, Alan Tyser (Houston, TX) 3-0, C.B. Benitez (Houston, TX) 3-1 and Beay Urdiales (Houston, TX) 3-1.

The finals between Jung Yoo and Candido Ramirez took one set, as the undefeated Yoo lost the first game, but recovered to run out the set for the title – 3-1 !

As the highest finishing ACS (American Cue Sports) league member, Alan Tyser of Houston won a free 8-ball singles entry into the 2011 ACS Nationals in Las Vegas.

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour sponsors include: Pool Cue Guru, Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric, Nick Varner Signature Cases and Billiard Gods Productions.

From Left: Beau Uldiras (3rd), Candido Ramirez (2nd) and Jung Yoo (1st)

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour 40th Stop Results
1stJung Yoo (Houston, TX)$195
2ndCandido Ramirez (Houston, TX)$136
3rdBeau Urdiales (Houston, TX)$93
4thC.B. Benitez (Houston, TX)$66
5thAlan Tyser (Houston, TX)$51 + Free 8-Ball Singles Entry to ACS Nationals
5thT. MacGregor (Houston, TX)$51
7thBilly Gallego (Justin, TX)$39
7thAlvie Jones (Houston, TX)$39
9thGreg Barlow (Houston, TX)$29
9thRichard Chew (Houston, TX)$29
9thBen Arangorin (Houston, TX)$29
9thFred Aldrighe Hi III (Corpus Christi, TX)$29
13thWen Ju (Sugarland, TX)$21
13thMatt Hull (Houston, TX)$21
13thAdriana Lopez (Corpus Christi, TX)$21
13thRobert Soto (Houston, TX)$21

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