Friday, July 9, 2010

Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of June 28-July 4

June 24-28

Wisconsin Billiards State Championships
Ho-Chunk Gaming Dells
Baraboo, WI

Wisconsin State Championships 9-Ball Amateur Results
1st Varun Raheja, $1,600
2nd Tyler Styer, $860
3rd John Barton, $635
4th Touy Bouapha, $450
5th Jon Giles, $180
5th Jason Jick, $180
7th Marco Stanosevic, $135
7th Zack Marquardt, $135
9th John Ribbich, $90
9th Haven Ben, $90
9th Thomas Brucker, $90
9th Chris Gitzlaff, $90

Wisconsin State Championships 9-Ball Open Results
1st Jeff Carter, $2,300
2nd Gene Albrecht, $1,275
3rd Jesse Engal, $875
4th Tony Hilla, $575
5th Manuel Chau, $300
5th Ramesha Gokhul, $300
7th Sylver Ochoa, $150
7th Billy Lasee, $150
9th Beau Runningen, $75
9th Jason Barnhall, $75
9th Jon Giles, $75
9th Randy Lamar, $75

Wisconsin State Championships 8-Ball Bar Box Results
1st Jack Wu, $2,300
2nd Ryan Behnke, $1,275
3rd Matt Berg, $875
4th Jeff Potts, $575
5th Ray Skinadore, $300
5th Shane Minihan, $300
7th Chad Cunningham, $150
7th Chad Behnke, $150
9th Jared Anderson, $75
9th David Wilbelhouse, $75
9th Reggie Runnels, $75
9th John Pfeffer, $75

Wisconsin State Championships One-Pocket Results
1st Beau Runningen, $1,296
2nd Sylver Ochoa, $720
3rd Ike Runnels, $504
4th Mike Perron, Jr., $360
5th Jeff Carter, $216
5th Tony Hilla, $216
7th Billy Lasee, $144
7th Bill Fowler, $144

June 29-July 5

World 9-Ball Championship
Qatar Billiards & Snooker Federation HQ
Doha, Qatar

World 9-Ball Championship Results
1st Francisco Bustamante, $36,000
2nd Po Cheng Kuo, $18,000
3rd Antonio Lining, $10,000
3rd Johnny Archer, $10,000

July 1-4

Viking Cue Olhausen Classic
Mr. Cues II
Atlanta, GA

July 3-4

Hollywood Jack Memorial One-Pocket
Hard Times Billiards
Bellflower, CA

Hollywood Jack Memorial One-Pocket Results
1st Sylver Ochoa, $800
2nd Larry Evans, $540
3rd Ismael Paez, $440
4th Al Vafa, $340
5th Nick Spano, $250
5th Jimmy Schaeffer, $250
7th Wayne Pullen, $150
7th Jerry Matchin, $150

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