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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of April 19-25

April 23-25

2010 C&N Sales Year End Team Pool Tournament
Civic Center
Mankato, MN

April 23-25

GB 9-Ball Tour Payl Medati Trophy Match
Blackpool Pro Cup
Blackpool Challenge Cup World Pool Masters Qualifier

Barcelo Blackpool Imperial Hotel
Blackpool, GB

Congratulations: Daryl Peach, winner of the GB9 Blackpool Pro Cup; Ben Finch, winner of the GB9 Blackpool Challenge Cup; and Mark Gray, winner of the 2010 GB9 Paul Medati Trophy!

April 23-25

Bill Ganne Memorial 10-Ball Tournament
U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship Qualifier

The Sharks Club
Alberta, Canada

April 23-25

19th Annual 4 Bears 8-Ball Classic
Four Bears Casino and Lodge
New Town, North Dakota

4 Bears Mens Division Results
1st Shane Van Boening, $4,000
1st Felix Beardy, $2,000
3rd Mark Oleslager, $1,000
4th Joshua Burble, $800
5th Demi Jelatis, $500
6th Robert Pulver, $500
7th Rory Hendrickson, $400
8th Dean Flanders, $400
9th Dusty Gellar, $200
10th Blaine Burns, $200
11th Scott Moe, $200
12th Dan Fisher, $200
13th Tyler Perry, $125
14th Brent Hanson, $125
15th Mike Crooked Neck, $125
16th Rick Lapointe, $125
17th John Thorson, $100
18th Ken Nash, $100
19th Ron Dejarlais, $100
20th Maynard Demaray, $100
21st Lee Huewagon, $100
22nd Jesse Costello, $100
23rd Nevada Meyers, $100
24th Cass Burns, $100
25th Ramon Dyba, $75
26th Pat White, $75
27th Randy Thomas, $75
28th Don Petty, $75
29th Zach Mehus, $75
30th Gene Forbes, $75
31st Tom Kaminski, $75
32nd Kent Nauman, $75

4 Bears Womens Division Results
1st Linda Asleson, $1,500
1st Joanne Jacobs, $750
3rd Jonella Staus, $500
4th Rachael Wentz, $250
5th Burva Connor, $150
6th Yvette Young Bear, $150
7th Franny Amundson, $125
8th Val Wilhelmi, $125
9th Deb Merrival, $100
10th Bonita Zuck, $100
11th Karen Poitra, $100
12th Monica Cambell, $100
13th Carla Dejarlais, $75
14th Tami Haugen, $75
15th Heather Novak, $75
16th Mindy Dodson, $75

April 24

15-Rack 10-Ball Pool League End of Session Tournament
Wynkoop Brewing Company
Denver, CO

From Left: Matt Driste, Nathan Barry and Bret Banwart
Photo courtesy of

15-Rack 10-Ball Pool League End of Session Tournament Results
1st Matt Driste, $310
1st Nathan Barry, $200
3rd Bret Banwart, $100
4th Mike Prewitt, $35
4th Rob Nehr, $35

April 24

East Coast Pool Tour
Shooters Billiards
Southington, CT

East Coast Pool Tour Results
1st Kevin Guimond, $265
1st Jeremy Sossei, $265
3rd Karl Bertelson, $50

April 24

KF Cue Tour
Hammerheads Billiards
Holiday, FL

From Left: Tommy Kennedy, Hammerheads Owner Nora Nelson, Jerry Troisi
Photo courtesy of

April 24 Amateur Event Results
1st Jerry Troisi, $550
1st Glen Olson, $400
3rd Jose Del Rio, $300
4th Wesley White, $200
5th Floyd Reasons, $130
6th Jason Richko, $130
7th George Saunders, $80
8th Jimmy B Dean, $80
9th Lincoln Seiffert, $60
10th Bill Delisle, $60
11th Eddie Wheat, $60
12th Bill Dunsmore, $60

April 25 Open Event Results
1st Tommy Kennedy, $600
1st Mike Davis, $400
3rd Josh Degler, $300
4th Tony Crosby, $240
5th Joe Scarborough, $140
6th Justin Hall, $140
7th James Roberts, $90
8th Adam Wheeler, $90

April 24

Virginia Beach Billiard Club's BCAPL Singles 8-Ball Championships
Barry Behrman's Q Master Billiards
Virginia Beach, Virginia

VA BCAPL Singles 8-Ball Championships Results
1st Jimmy Gassett, $1,000 + US Open Entry
1st Chad Pike, $900
3rd Trevor Stanley, $500
4th Chris Frutrell, $350
5th Richard Nace, $250
6th Edwin Quero, $250
7th Roger Riley, $175
8th Bill Mason, $175
Top Lady Jacki Duggan, $100

April 24-25

BCA Pool League Warm-Up Tournaments
2010 Singles Event

Stingers Bar & Grill
Glendale, AZ

April 24-25

Lone Star Billiards Tour
Casper's Billiards
San Leon, TX

From Left: Assistant Tournament Director Viet Do, Barry Strickland, Ernesto Bayaua & referee Bob McFerren
Photo courtesy of

Lone Star Billiards Tour Open Results
1st Barry Strickland, $780
2nd Ernesto Bayaua, $480
3rd Raymond Cardenas, $300
4th Manuel Ayala, $200
5th Danny Lee, $100
5th John Day, $100
7th Denis Strickland, $75
7th Ty Few, $75
9th Sylver Ochoa, $60
9th Charlie Bryant, $60
9th Dave Parker, $60
9th Jay Russell, $60
13th Robert Demetro, $40
13th Andy Jethwa, $40
13th Sonny Bosshamer, $40
13th Jeremy Ornales, $40

Lone Star Billiards Tour Ladies Results
1st Kyu Yi, $300
2nd Belinda Lee, $200
3rd Deanna Kniola, $80
4th Geraldine Guintu, $55

Lone Star Billiards Tour One Pocket Results
1st James Davis Jr., $550
2nd Sylver Ochoa, $350
3rd Charlie Bryant, $20

April 24-25

Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
Classic Billiards
Conyers, GA

April 25

3-Cushion Billiard Tour "Shot-Contest"
The Rack
Memphis, TN

From Left: Mat Martin (3rd), Jeremy Marcello (1st) and Paul Dodge (2nd)
Photo courtesy of Professor Q-Ball

3-Cushion Billiard Tour "Shot-Contest" Results
1st Jeremy Marcello, $200
2nd Paul Dodge, $100
3rd Mat Martin, $50

April 25

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Drexeline Billiards
Drexel Hill, PA

From Left: Josh Brothers, Bob Maidoff and Adam Kielar
Photo courtesy of

Mezz Pro-Am Tour Results
1st Josh Brothers, $1,300
2nd Adam Kielar, $670
3rd Joe Hong, $540
4th Dominic Noe, $250
5th Raphael Saldana, $200
5th Shaun Wilkie, $200
7th Randy Schwager, $150
7th Danny Mulhollem, $150
9th Eddie Abraham, $100
9th Chip Klein, $100
9th Shawn Dobson, $100
9th Scott Freeman, $100

April 25

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour
Eastside Billiards
New York, NY

Jason Egen (2nd) and Ryan McCarthy (1st)
Photo courtesy of

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Ryan McCarthy, $372
1st Jason Egein, $372
3rd Sam Li, $100
4th Javier Coylaco, $50

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