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Winners Circle for the Week of March 22-28

March 22 World Pool Masters Qualifier
Hiland Billiards
Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan

March 25-28

BCAPL Of Michigan 2010 State 8-Ball Championship
Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
Mt. Pleasant MI

March 25-28

AGIPI Billiard Masters
AGIPI Auditorium
Schiltigheim, France

Congratulations to second time winner, Dick Jaspers (Netherlands)!! Way to go!

View the recap interview with Jaspers & Frederic Caudron (2nd place) here.

March 26-28

30th Annual MCMOA State 8-Ball Championships
Billings, Montana

Webcam chat at Ustream

March 27

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour
Sandcastle Billiards
Edison NJ

From Left: Randy Mackin (3rd), Alex Popov (1st) & Richard Ng (2nd)
Photo courtesy of

Tri-State 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Alex Popov, $490
2nd Richard Ng, $280
3rd Randy Mackin, $180
4th Ken Debrose, $110
5th Joe Varvaro, $70
5th Qian Y Chen, $70

March 27-28

3rd Brickyard Bar Table Classic
Brickyard Billiards
Indianapolis, IN

March 27-28

Great Southern Billiard Tour
The Pool Room
Duluth, GA

Great Southern Billiards Tour Results
1st David Rice, $1000
2nd Billy Kuykendall, $600
3rd Sean Davis, $400
4th Josh Newman, $200
5th Curtis Hale, $100
5th Jack Cavalier, $100
7th Benny Conway, $70
7th Richard Andrews, $70
9th Brian White, $45
9th Robert South, $45
9th Danny Smith, $45
9th Amy Chen, $45

March 27-28

Jacoby Carolina Tour
Babineau's Billiards
Raleigh, NC

Jacoby Carolina Tour Results
1st Michael "Bulldawg" Fuller, $1,000
2nd BJ Ussery, $400
3rd Chris Turner, $300

March 27-28

Joss North East 9-Ball Tour
Salt City Billiards
Syracuse NY

Dennis Hatch in a repeat winning performance at the Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour
Photo courtesy of

Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Dennis Hatch, $1,100
2nd Rob Saez, $800
3rd Chris Orme, $600
4th Lyn Wechsler, $400
5th Dave Grau, $250
5th Ron Casanzio, $250
7th Mike Zuglan, $130
7th Mike Renshaw, $130

March 27-28

J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour
Champion's Billiards Sports Cafe
Frederick, MD

From Left: Briana Miller, Gary Allen (Champion Billiards & Sports Cafe Owner) & Megan Smith
Photo courtesy of

J. Pechauer NE Women's Tour Results
1st Megan Smith, $500
2nd Briana Miller, $310
3rd Neslihan Gurel, $200
4th My-Han Lac, $150
5th Shanna Lewis, $100
5th Erin McManus, $100
7th Sharon O'Hanlon, $60
7th Olga Gashkova, $60
9th Patti Jakusz, $40
9th Kim Jones, $40
9th Nicole Vincent, $40
9th Aubrey James, $40

March 27-28

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour
Island Breakers Sports Bar
Merritt Island, FL

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Amateur Results
1st George Saunders, $590
2nd Prescott Buckwold, $400
3rd Todd Anderson, $300
4th Glen Miller, $250
5th David Uwate, $140
5th Roy Novak, $140
7th Brian McBride, $100
7th Rick Hefelfinger, $100
9th Jeannie Seaver, $75
9th Azmin Nabham, $75
9th Clifford Luce, $75
9th Bill Stoll, $75
13th Papo Aponte, $60
13th Chip Dickerson, $60
13th Craig Horton, $60
13th Mel Rowe, $60

KF Cues 9-Ball Tour Open Results
1st Tony Crosby, $500
2nd Dave Ross, $400
3rd Carlos Torres, $300
4th Julio Aquino, $200
5th Eddie Wheat, $120
5th George Saunders, $120
7th Mike Hutcheson, $70
7th Richard Knight, $70
9th Clifford Luce, $50
9th Chip Dickerson, $50
9th Gary Flannary, $50
9th Wesley White, $50

March 27-28

Lone Star Billiards Tour
The Green Room
Temple, TX

From Left: Helen Hayes, James Davis, Jr. & Michelle Cortez
Photo courtesy of

Lone Star Billiards Tour Open Division Results
1st James Davis, Jr. $800
2nd Robert Clark, $500
3rd Noel Torres, $300
4th Al Mason, $200
5th Max Eberle, $125
5th Nash Peterson, $125
7th TJ Davis, $80
7th Eric Aicinena, $80
9th Roger Allen, $50
9th Corey Dordek, $50
9th Doug Young, $50
9th Eric Brown, $50

Lone Star Billiards Tour Ladies Division Results
1st Helen Hayes, $300
2nd Michelle Cortez, $175
3rd Heather Bryant, $120
4th Kim Sanders, $70
5th Melinda Bailey, $40
5th Kim Pierce, $40

March 27-28

Seminole Pro Tour
Mr. Cues II
Atlanta, GA

Johnny Archer
Photo courtesy of

Seminole Pro Tour Results
1st Johnny Archer, $3000
2nd Thorsten Hohmann, $1700
3rd John Schmidt, $1300
4th Tommy Kennedy, $1000
5th Ralph Eckert, $800
5th Clint McCollough, $800
7th James Roberts, $500
7th Shawn Putnam, $500
9th Stevie Moore, $300
9th Neil Fujiwara, $300
9th Keith Bennett, $300
9th Jeff Crawford, $300
13th Mike Davis, $200
13th David Crocker, $200
13th Hunter Lombardo, $200
13th Trent Talbit, $200

Archer vs. Hohmann-Championship Bout

March 27-28

Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
Blue Fox Billiards
Winchester VA

March 27-28 World Pool Masters Qualifier
Madrid, Spain

March 28

Big D's 9-Ball Tournament
Big D's Bar 'n' Grill
Midland, MI

March 28

Dominiak Northeast 10-Ball Tour Finale
Snooker's Billiards
Springfield, MA

March 28

East Coast Pool Tour
World Championship Billiards
Manchester, CT

East Coast Pool Tour Results
1st Jeremy Sossei, $690
2nd Phil Davis, $450
3rd Jeff Mack, $225
4th Steve Mack, $95

March 28

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Rileys Concord Billiards
Boothwyn, PA

From Left: Rileys Concord Billiards Owner Chris Riley with Co-Champions Josh Brothers & Dominic Noe
Photo courtesy of

Mezz Pro-Am Tour Results
1st Josh Brothers, $900
1st Dominic Noe, $900
3rd Bob Burt, $300
4th Brandon Sluzalis, $200
5th Matt Krah, $120
5th Marty Ciccia, $120
7th Eddie Abraham, $80
7th Joseph Testa, $80
9th Todd Marsh, $50
9th Wali Muhammad, $50
9th Derek Schwager, $50
9th Jay Paranich, $50

March 28

Minnesota Juniors' League Season Finale
Shooters Billiards
Burnsville, MN

Minnesota Juniors' League Members
Photo courtesy of

Trick Shot Competition Results
1st Jordan Boltz for the "Stairstepper"
2nd Zack Lee for the "Missle Silo"
3rd Cody LaValley for "Jay's Special"

Perfect Attendance
Congratulations: Brandon Dong, April Larson, Hailey Fullerton, Zack Lee, Michael McCabe, Tyler Broeckel & Tyler Steinhaus

Faribault Youth Doubles Tournament (Ages 14-17)
Congratulations to winners Tyler Steinhaus & Jamie Paumen

Faribault Youth Doubles Tournament (Ages 18-20)
Congratulations to Austen Warner & Jesse Hill

Blooming Prairie Youth 8-Ball Singles (9-14 Division)
Congratulations April Larson

Blooming Prairie Youth 8-Ball Singles (14-17 Division)
Congratulations Michael Perron, Jr.

Owatonna Youth Team Competition (18-20 Division)
Congratulations Steinhaus, Hill & Perron

"I Beat Daxs Award"
Congratulations Tyler Steinhaus, for beating Daxs Balenger in a best two out of three challenge match.

March 28

New England 9-Ball Series
Buster's Billiards
Somersworth, NH

Rich Senna
Photo Courtesy of

New England 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Rich Senna, $415
2nd Nick Kafalas, $215
3rd Dennis Levesque, $125
4th Josh Rupard, $100
5th Terry McDermott, $75
5th Jason Cheng, $75
7th Brandon Cole, $60
7th Jeff Pike, $60

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