Monday, April 12, 2010

Pool Tournament Schedule for the Week of April 12-18

April 6-18

SML League Playoffs
Olympic Oval
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

April 13-16 World Pool Masters Qualifier
Golden Break Pool Club
Selangor, Malaysia

April 15-18

Ohio State BCAPL Team Championship
All Star Sports Facility
Columbus, OH

April 16-18

North Georgia Billiards Amateur Tour
Tampa, FL

April 17

Bay Area Amateur Tour
Park Place Billiard Club
Clearwater, FL

April 17

Jose Blaze ABCD Tour
One Shot Billiards
Somerset, NJ

April 17

Tri-State Tour
Sandcastle Billiards
Edison, NJ

April 17-18

Arizona Women's Billiard Tour
Phoenix, AZ

April 17-18

Joss Northeast 9-Ball Open XXIII

April 17-18

J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour
Primetime Sports Bar & Billiards
Sayreville, NJ

April 17-18

Northwest Womens' Pool Association Tournament
The Cue Ball
Salem, OR

April 17-18

OB Cues Amateur Women's Tour
Fast Eddie's Billiards
Austin, TX

April 17-18

U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship Qualifier
The Wynkoop
Denver, CO

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