Friday, April 16, 2010

Winners Circle for the Week of April 5-11

April 5-10

World 8-Ball Championship
Fujairah, UAE

World 8-Ball Campion Karl Boyes
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Congratulations to England's Karl Boyes, World 8-Ball Champion!!

April 6-7

Scotch Doubles
Olympic Oval
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

April 6-11

2010 World Cup Qualifier
Manseok Park Badminton Gmnasium
Suwon, South Korea

Congratulations to winner Dick Jaspers (Netherlands) for grabbing top spot in the 2010 World Cup Ranking!! Jaspers' win also moved him from fourth to second in the World Players Ranking. Congrats!!

April 6-11

BCAPL 2010 Texas 8-Ball Championships
Heights Plaza
Harker Heights, TX

April 6-18

SML League Playoffs
Olympic Oval
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

April 10

Tri-State Tour
Master Billiards
Queens, NY

First and Second Place Winners Basdeo Sookhia & Raphael DeBreo
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Tri-State Tour Results
1st Basdeo Sookhia, $680
2nd Raphael DeBreo, $350
3rd Gary Murgia, $150
4th Raul Reyes, $100

April 10-11

Central New York 9-Ball Tour
Salt City Billiards
Syracuse, NY

CNY 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Chance Chin, $460
2nd Jeff Montgomery, $360
3rd Dwight Dixon, $225
4th Victor Conte, Jr., $150
5th Lyn Wechsler, $115
5th Rick Ricciard, $115
7th Jared Zimmerman, $75
7th JB Brotherton, $75

April 10-11

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Classic Billiards
Conyers, GA

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Jeff Jordan, $1000
2nd Mike Templeton, $500
3rd Brian White, $300
4th Jesse Middlebrook, $200
5th Josh Newman, $105
5th Randy Jordan, $105
7th Floyd Reasons, $80
7th Mike Basha, $80
9th Aaron Frady, $40
9th Eddie Adams, $40
9th Claude Marrier, $40
9th Jason Jones, $40

April 10-11

Joss Northeast Tour
Raxx Pool Room
West Hempstead, NY

Joss Northeast Tour Results
1st Rob Krull, $1100
2nd Tony Robles, $800
3rd Shaun Wilkie, $600
4th Brent Boemmels, $450
5th Jorge Rodriguez, $300
5th Ed Abraham, $300
7th Joey Korsiak, $175
7th Mhet Vergara, $175
9th Pete Bowman, $75
9th Daniel Smith, $75
9th John Alicea, $75
9th Ed Vazquez, $75

April 10-11

Seminole Pro Tour
Bankshot Billiards
Jacksonville, FL

Seminole Pro Tour Results
1st Steve Moore, $3000
2nd Keith Bennett, $2000
3rd Tony Crosby, $1500
4th Gabe Owen, $1200
5th John Rouse, $950
5th Mike Davis, $950
7th Tommy Kennedy, $600
7th Hunter Lombardo, $600
9th Jerry Calderone, $400
9th Jeff Crawford, $400
9th Javier Chirino, $400
9th Corey Deuel, $400
13th Shawn Putnam, $300
13th James Roberts, $300
13th Ralph Eckert, $300
13th Charlie Williams, $300

April 10-11

U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship Qualifier
The Golden Fleece
Kenmore, WA

April 10-11

U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship Qualifier
First Break Cafe
Sterling, VA

April 11

Mezz Pro Am Tour
Hot Shot Billiards
Deptford, NJ

Mezz Pro Am Tour Results
1st Josh Brothers, $800
1st Joseph Testa, $800
3rd Dominic Noe, $350
4th Adam Kielar, $200
5th Matt Krah, $125
5th Shaun Dobson, $125
7th Denise Reeve, $75
8th Derek Schwager, $25
8th Joe Hong, $25
8th Devon Ward, $25

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