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Winners Circle for the Week of April 12-18

April 6-18

SML League Playoffs
Olympic Oval
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

April 13-16 World Pool Masters Qualifier
Golden Break Pool Club
Selangor, Malaysia

Congratulations to recent ticket winners Luong Chi Dung and Do Hong Quan of Vietnam, Ahmad Taufiq of Brunei, Muhammad Zulfikri of Indonesia, Dave Grau of Rochester NY and Carlos Cabello of Spain!!

April 15-17

2010 Euro Tour Italy Open
Basso Hotels & Resorts SpaS.R.
Castellana Quinto di Treviso, Italy

Congratulations to three-time Euro Tour Winner Daryl Peach (England)!

Three-Time Euro Tour Winner Daryl Peach
Photo courtesy of; taken by EPBF Bethan L. Sage

April 15-18

35th D&R/Star's Year End Party & Tournament
D&R Star
Rochester, MN

April 15-18

Ohio State BCAPL Team Championship
All Star Sports Facility
Columbus, OH

April 16-18

North Georgia Billiards Amateur Tour
Tampa, FL

April 17

Bay Area Amateur Tour
Park Place Billiard Club
Clearwater, FL

BAAT Tour Results
1st Niki Rasmussen, $350
2nd Kelly Cavanaugh, $250
3rd Sabra MacArthur-Beahn, $150
4th Stephanie Mitchell, $100
5th Rachel Delaney, $75
5th Shannon Jones, $75
7th Keva Hevener, $50
7th Lisa McElroy, $50

April 17

Jose Blaze ABCD Tour
One Shot Billiards
Somerset, NJ

April 17

Tri-State Tour
Sandcastle Billiards
Edison, NJ

From Left: Randy Schwager (2nd), Stewart Warnock (1st) & George Osipovitch (3rd)
Photo courtesy of

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Stewart Warnock, $660
2nd Randy Schwager, $430
3rd George Osipovitch, $265
4th Ron Mason, $160
5th Serrafin Serrano, $100
5th William Zazor, $100
7th John Alicea, $80
7th Scott Abramowitz, $80

April 17-18

Arizona Women's Billiard Tour
Phoenix, AZ

The Final 8
Photo courtesy of On The Break News

AWBT Main Event Results
1st Susan Williams, $215
2nd Sara Miller, $145
3rd Ashea Erdahl, $95
4th Sunny Griffin, $65
5th Edwidge Cavanna, $40
5th Kathleen Lawless, $40
7th Jeri Engh, $30
7th Pat Schultz, $30

April 17-18

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Slate Billiards
Greenwood, SC

Great Southern Billiards Tour Results
1st Marty Free, $1000
2nd Mike Templeton, $500
3rd Tyler Mayfield, $300
4th TJ Seabolt, $200
5th Mike Basha, $100
5th Dennis Spears, $100
7th JR Poste, $40
7th Brian Wise, $40

April 17-18

Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour
On The Snap Billiards
Fuquay-Varina, NC

Winner B.J Ussery
Photo courtesy of

Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour Results
1st B.J. Ussery, $1,000
2nd Johnny Griffin, $425
3rd Arnold Hamlet, $200
4th Michael Fuller, $75

April 17-18

Joss Northeast 9-Ball Open XXIII
Golden Cue Billiards
Albany, NY

Seven-time Joss Tour Winner Dennis "The Hatchet Man" Hatch
Photo courtesy of

Joss Northeast 9-Ball Open XIII Results
1st Dennis Hatch, $1,100
2nd Matt Tetreault, $800
3rd Dave Fernandez, $600
4th Chris Orme, $450
5th Mike Zuglan, $350
5th Paul Rozonewski, $350
7th Bucky Souvanthong, $200
7th Brent Boemmels, $200

April 17-18

J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour
Primetime Sports Bar & Billiards
Sayreville, NJ

Winner Liz Taylor
Photo courtesy of NYC Grind; taken by Anne Craig

JPNEWT Results
1st Liz Taylor, $750
2nd My-Hanh Lac, $500
3rd Emily Duddy, $375
4th Neslihan Gurel, $255
5th Briana Miller, $150
5th Liz Ford, $150
7th Kathy Friend, $110
7th Megan Smith, $110
9th Olga Gashkova
9th Erin McManus
9th Erica Testa
9th Kim Jones

April 17-18

Mezz Pro Am Tour Stop
Skyline Billiards
Brooklyn, NY

Winner Mika Immonen
Photo courtesy of

Mezz Pro Am Tour Results
1st Mika Immonen, $850
2nd Greg McAndrews, $450
3rd Sammy Wu, $350
4th Daniel Smith, $300
5th Mike Yednak, $220
5th Jorge Rodriguez, $220
7th Tony Robles, $125
7th Oscar Bonilla, $125

April 17-18

Northwest Womens' Pool Association Tournament
The Cue Ball
Salem, OR

NWPA Tour Results
1st Liz Cole, $530
2nd June Mailers, $365
3rd Shelby Locati, $230
4th Eve Stockstill, $180
5th Kit Dennis, $105
5th Jackie Karol, $105
7th Andrea Saenz-Maes, $82
7th Mikki Small, $82

April 17-18

OB Cues Amateur Women's Tour
Fast Eddie's Billiards
Austin, TX

First and Second-Place Winners Jennifer Kraber and Ashley Nandrasy
Photo Courtesy of

OB Cues Amateur Women's Tour Results
1st Ashley Nandrasy, $750
2nd Jennifer Kraber, $550
3rd Orietta Strickland, $400
4th Alicia Stanley, $265
5th Julie Stephenson, $150
5th Lisa Marr, $150
7th Deanna Kniola, $105
7th Amanda Lampert, $105
9th Lisa Henderson-Major, $75
9th Melinda Bailey, $75
9th Sue Chong, $75
9th Helen Laiche, $75
13th DeAnn Bray-Warner, $50
13th Judy Carter, $50
13th Tara Williams, $50
13th Ashley Simmons, $50

April 17-18

Social Ladies 9-Ball Tour
Mr. Pockets Sports Bar
Manhattan Beach, CA

Tina Pawloski & Lauren Ward
Photo courtesy of

Social Ladies 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Tina Pawloski, $700
2nd Lauren Ward, $460
3rd Stefanie Boch, $320
4th Hiroko Makiyama, $180
5th Melinda Huang, $110
5th Emilyn Callado, $110
7th Malisa Mapu, $80
7th Raquel McCluskey, $80
9th Melissa Morris, $40
9th Jessica Cox, $40
9th Luz Delira, $40
9th Vicki Wade, $40

April 17-18

U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship Qualifier
The Wynkoop
Denver, CO

Winner Andrew "ATM" Pettenger
Photo courtesy of

U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship Qualifier Results
1st Andrew Pettenger, U.S. Open 10-Ball Qualifier
2nd Adam King, $150 gift bag
3rd Dave Gross, $150 gift bag

Watch ATM vs. Adam King in the Hot Seat Match

April 18

New England 9-Ball Championship
Legends Billiards
Portsmouth, NH

First and Second Place Winners Ernest Perell and Randy Labonte
Photo courtesy of

New England 9-Ball Championship Results
1st Ernest Perell, $1,050
2nd Randy Labonte, $550
3rd Paul Linteras, $300
4th Greg Murry, $200
5th Nick Connor, $125
5th Rich Senna, $125
7th Andrew Maynard, $75
7th Kevin Sun, $75
9th Gareith Steel, $60
9th Nelson Olivera, $60
9th Rich Minichello, $60
9th John Smith, $60
13th Cleiton Rocha, $45
13th Ryan Hodsen, $45
13th Joe Dupuis, $45
13th Rob James, $45

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