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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of October 4-10

October 5

International Challenge of Champions
Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel
Uncasville, CT

Winner Mika Immonen

Congratulations to Mika Immonen, who beat out Francisco Bustamante to capture the 2010 Champion of Champions title and $25,000 pot! The two semifinals and championship matches will be telecast by ESPN starting December 12, 2010.

October 6

International Tournament of Champions
Mohegan Sun Casino Hotell
Uncasville, CT

October 6-11

2010 Predator World Straight Pool Championships
Breaker Billiards
Clifton, NJ

October 7

World Cup of Trick Shots
Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel
Uncasville, CT

October 7-10

2010 Nicaragua Open
Pool Ocho Billiard Club
Managua, Nicaragua

October 7-10

Viking Cue Olhausen Billiards Tour
Mr. Cues II Billiards
Atlanta, GA

October 8-10

Minnesota PVA National Wheelchair 8-Ball Barbox Championship
Billiard Street Cafe
Fridley, MN

October 8-10

Sarajevo Open
Coloseum Club

Sarajevo Open Results
1st Ralf Souquet, $5,622
2nd Darren Appleton, $2,811
3rd Carlo Dalmatin, $1,405
3rd Darryl Peach, $1,405
5th Karl Boyes, $702
5th Gabor Solymosi, $702
5th Nikola Kemilev, $702
5th Marko Bakarcic, $702

Full Results

October 9

Blaze ABCD Tour
One Shot Billiards
Somerset, NJ

October 9

$1000 Guaranteed Amateur B Tournament
Campbellsville Diamond Billiard Club
Campbellsville, KY

October 9

Flamingo Billiards Tour
Cues for the Cure
Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour

Amy's Billiards
Stuart, FL

From Left: JoAnn Mason Parker, Amy Poulter and Chris Ann Fields
Photo courtesy of

Flamingo Billiards Tour Results
1st JoAnn Mason Parker, $400 + entry to the $1,000-added Invitational in November
2nd Chris Fields, $280
3rd Sabra MacArthur-Beahn, $185
3rd Kelly Coyle, $185
5th Shelly Harrison, $190
5th Helene Caukin, $180
5th Amy Poulter, $85
5th Kelly Cavanaugh, $85

October 9

Lucasi Hybrid SW 10-Ball Tour
The Grand
Austin, TX

Lucasi Hybrid SW 10-Ball Tour Results
1st James Davis, Sr., $440
2nd TJ Davis, $330
3rd Cesar Garcia, $220
4th Drew McCoy, $110

October 9

Mezz Pro-Am Women's Tour
Castle Billiards
East Rutherford, NJ

October 9

Tri-State Tour
Eastside Billiards
New York, NY

From Left: Trevor Heal, Yomaylin Feliz, Teddy Lubis
Photo courtesy of

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Trevor Heal, $500
2nd Yomaylin Feliz, $250
3rd Teddy Lubis, $150
4th Paul Everton, $100

October 9-10

3rd Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial
Hard Times Billiards
Sacramento, CA

October 9-10

Come and Take It If You Think You Can Tournament
Ice Breakers Pool Hall
Youngstown, OH

From Left: Mike Mousie, Earl Strickland, Ryan Ward, Mike Gulyassy
Photo courtesy of

Come and Take It If You Think You Can Tournament Results
1st Ryan Ward
2nd Earl Strickland
3rd Dan Bellew
4th Mike Mousie
5th Jim Davis
5th Mike Blackwell
7th Jay Brown
7th T. Washington
9th Dan D'Angelo
9th Billy Tyler
9th Skip Shumate
9th Mike Gulyassy

Kim Staschiac vs Julie Skripac

October 9-10

Desert Classic Tour
Kolby's Corner Pocket
Tempe, AZ

October 9-10

Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9-Ball Tour
Fast Eddie's Billiards
Lubbock, TX

October 9-10

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Kylie's Sports Bar and Grill
Cornelius, NC

Great Southern Billiards Tour Results
1st Josh Newman, $500
2nd Chris Adams, $300
3rd BJ Ussery, $200
4th Chris Turner, $100
5th Matt Reed, $55
5th Cliff Cribb, $55

October 9-10

Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour
Trick Shot Billiards
Clifton Park, NJ

Joss NE 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Dennis Hatch, $1,000
2nd Jeff Smolen, $750
3rd Chance Chin, $550
4th Dave Grau, $400
5th Willie Oney, $250
5th Bucky Souvanthong, $250
7th Ron Cosanzio, $100
7th Mike Zuglan, $100

October 9-10

Kwikfire Tour
Family Billiards
Boone, NC

Kelly Fisher
Photo courtesy of

Kwikfire Tour Results
1st Kelly Fisher, $850
2nd Monica Webb, $600
3rd Line Kjorsvik, $435
4th Lisa Davids, $300
5th Gerda Hoffstatter, $190
5th Allison Fisher, $180
7th Belinda Calhoun, $85
7th Katie Cowan, $85

October 9-10

Lone Star Billiards Tour
Slick Willie's
Houston, TX

Lonestar Billiards Tour Open Results
1st Jason Brown, $700
2nd David Gutierrez, $460
3rd Danny Lee, $350
4th Victor Rojas, $230
5th Don Bullard, $120
5th Alex Cardenas, $120
7th Andy Jethwa, $80
7th Blaine Barcus, $80
9th Marc Garza, $45
9th Sonny Bosshamer, $45
9th Grady Cooper, $45
9th Rodney Stewart, $45

Lonestar Billiards Tour Ladies' Results
1st Ming Ng, $230
2nd Belinda Lee, $150
3rd Deanna Kniola, $100
4th Ricki Casper, $50

Lonestar Billiards Tour One-Pocket Results
1st David Gutierrez, $225
2nd Jason Brown, $100

Lonestar Billiards Tour Junior Results
1st Robyn Petrosino, $50
2nd Nicholas Calderaro, $25

October 9-10

OB Cues Ladies' 9-Ball Tour
Fast Eddie's Billiards
Austin, TX

October 9-10

Seminole Pro Tour
Stroker's Billiards
Palm Harbor, FL

Rodney Morris
Photo courtesy of

Seminole Pro Tour Results
1st Rodney Morris, $3,500
2nd Justin Hall, $2,000
3rd Corey Deuel, $1,200
4th Donny Mills, $1,000
5th Jake Jacobson, $775
5th Steve Foster, $775
7th Gabe Owen, $600
7th Ryan Brekke, $600
9th Ronnie Park, $450
9th Tony Crosby, $450
9th Jesse Ingall, $450
9th Louis Altes, $450
13th Jeanette Lee, $350
13th Han Berber, $350
13th Josh Burbel, $350
13th Julio Aquino, $350

October 10

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Q-Ball Billiards
Vineland, NJ

October 10

New England 9-Ball Series
Sebago Lake Billiards
Windham, ME

New England 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Dan Brien, $320
2nd Ben LaBlanc, $180
3rd Jake Longley, $130
4th Gareth Steele, $100
5th Bob Dennis, $60
5th Corey Tapaly, $60
7th Ernest Porell, $45
7th Roger Morason, $45

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