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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of September 20-26

September 22-26

BCAPL Canadian Open Series
Parkland Pavilion Westerner Park
Red Deer, Alberta

September 22

2010 China Open
Shanghai, China

Si Meng Chen and Yu Long Zhang
Photo courtesy of Markus Hofstaetter and

Men's Division
China's Yu Long Zhang won 11-7 against Filipino Antonio Lining

Women's Division
China's Si Meng Chen won 9-7 against Allison Fisher

September 25

Dishaw Custom Cues CNY Tour
Cap's Cue Club
Syracuse, NY

Dishaw Custome Cues CNY Tour Results
1st Willie Oney, $200
2nd Fitz Conti Jr., $100
3rd Jay Drotherton, $70
4th Brian Lites, $45
5th Mike Renshaw, $20
5th Jason Reese, $20

September 25

Mezz Pro-Am Women's Tour
Atlantic City Billiards
Egg Harbor, NJ

September 25

Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour
Wally's Billiards
Lakeland, FL

BAAT Tour Results
1st Chris Fields, $300
2nd Shelly Harrison, $225
3rd Jamie Toennies, $150
4th Niki Rasmussen, $100
5th Sabra MacArthur-Beahn, $50
5th Kelly Cavanaugh, $50

September 25

Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour
Tiger Sunrise City Open II

Ultimate Billiards
Fort Pierce, FL

September 25

Tri-State Tour
Master Billiards
Queens, NY

From Left: Wilson Cruz, Daniel Dagotdot & Yomaylin "Smiley" Feliz
Photo courtesy of

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Daniel Dagotdot, $670
2nd Yomaylin Feliz, $430
3rd Wilson Cruz, $270
4th Ron Mason, $160
5th Wilfredo Albay, $105
5th George Osipovitch, $105
7th Scott Simonetti, $80
7th Alan Chan, $80

September 25-26

Arizona Women's Billiard Tour
Phoenix, AZ

Winner Samm "Cherry Bomb" Diep
Photo courtesy of

AWBT Tour Results
1st Samm Diep, $220
2nd Sara Miller, $150
3rd Susan Mello, $90
4th Sunny Griffin, $60
5th Edwidge Cavanna, $40
5th Ashea Erdahl, $40
7th Kathleen Lawless, $30
7th Selena Holland, $30

September 25-26

British Amateur Open
Players Pool & Snooker Lounge
Staffordshire, UK

September 25-26

California Pool Players Tour
Family Billiards
San Francisco, CA

September 25-26

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Greentop Billiards
Rocky Mount, NC

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st B.J. Ussery, $1,000
2nd Steven Page, $500
3rd "Pokey", $300
4th Roy Musser, $200
5th Glenn Russell, $100
5th Michael Fuller, $100
7th Cary Dunn, $75
7th Chris Vollmar, $75

September 25-26

J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour
2010 Women's World 10-Ball Championships Qualifier

Castle Billiards Lounge
East Rutherford, NJ

From Left: Megan Smith, Gina Kim-Lipsky, Neslihan Gurel & Stacie Bourbeau
Photo courtesy of

JPNEWT Tour Results
1st Stacie Bourbeau, $640 + World 10-Ball Championships Qualification
2nd Megan Smith, $430
3rd Gina Kim Lipsky, $300
4th Neslihan Gurel, $200
5th Fran Crimi, $125
5th Annie Flores, $125
7th Shanna Lewis, $85
7th Emily Duddy, $85

September 25-26

Lone Star Billiards Tour
Q Stix Billiards
Houston, TX

Lone Star Billiards Tour Results
1st Andy Jethwa, $700
2nd David Gutierrez, $500
3rd Charlie Bryant, $300
4th Robert Dorsey, $200
5th Mark Garza, $100
5th Brian Rosenbaum, $100
7th Brent Thomas, $80
7th Derrick Cantu, $80
9th Doug Young, $45
9th Grady Cooper, $45
9th Sonny Bosshamer, $45
9th Yoko Joe, $45

September 25-26

Midwest 9-Ball Tour
Billiards Ink
Englewood, CO

Midwest 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Tommy Tokoph, $1,350
2nd Mark Haddad, $800
3rd Chuey Rivera, $600
4th Tony Piazza, $400
5th Dave Gomez, $275
5th Ron Lincoln, $275
7th Neil Morrison, $160
7th Sam Cordova, $160
9th Bob Begay, $100
9th Ruben Silva, $100
9th Mike Hellmer, $100
9th Ed Vorrego, $100

September 25-26

Tiger Southwest 10-Ball Tour
Mack Daddy's
N. Little Rock, AR

September 25-26

Triniti Tour Super Event
Orange Ball Billiards
Rockville, MD

September 26

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Atlantic City Billiards
Egg Harbor, NJ

September 26

New England 9-Ball Series
Snookers Billiards
Providence, RI

Billy Lanna
Photo courtesy of

New England 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Billy Lanna, $450
2nd William Whyte, $300
3rd Jim Prather, $150
4th Eric Balaise, $100
5th Joe Dupuis, $75
5th Van Dmar, $75
7th Jason Deangelos, $60
7th Dave Bowden, $60

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