Monday, February 22, 2010

Format Change to Super Billiards Expo Players Championship Adds $20,000

A format change has been announced for the Diamond Billiards Open 10-Ball Players Championship to be held during the 2010 Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge, PA from March 18-21.

The format for this year's event is similar to that used in past years, with $20,000 in guaranteed added money.

  • $500 entry fee
  • Open to all players, male or female
  • Race to 9
  • Double elimination
  • Rotate break
  • Field limited to 64 players
  • Diamond tables with Simonis 860 cloth
  • $20,000 guaranteed added money

Players currently signed up to play include:

  • Johnny Archer
  • James Baraks
  • George Breedlove
  • Keith Christman
  • Kim Davenport
  • Mike Davis
  • Dave Daya
  • Michael Dunn
  • Cary Dunn
  • Daniel Heidrich
  • Thorsten Hohmann
  • Mika Immonen
  • Rodney Morris
  • Jerome Rockwell
  • Charlie Williams

If you are interested in VIP Seating to watch this event, visit the Super Billiards Expo VIP seating page for more information.

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