Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Got Bowling In My Billiards!

No, you got billiards in my bowling!

Someone has finally done it--combined two of America's greatest pastimes into one. No, not baseball and football... billiards and bowling! This new creation is called Knokkers, and it aims to take leisure sports by storm.

What is Knokkers?

Knokkers is like billiards on steroids, with bowling ball-sized balls on a 15' x 30' table raised a foot and a half off the ground. Players walk on the felt to make billiards-type shots by bowling the cue ball. The game is safe, fast-paced and entertaining for spectators.

Introduced in Southern California, the creators are taking orders to coordinate the lease, purchase and setup of Knokkers tables nationwide.

Find out more on the Knokkers website or e-mail them at

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