Monday, January 31, 2011

Derby City Classic 2011 Results

January 21-29

Derby City Classic
Horseshoe Casino
Elizabeth, Indiana

Derby City All Around Champion Results
1st Shane Van Boening, $20,000
2nd Alex Pagulayan, $3,000
3rd Dennis Orcollo, $2,000

Derby City Banks Mini Results
1st Kevin Nichols, $1,000
2nd Gerald Richley, $400
3rd Dan Louie, $200
3rd Dee Adkins, $200
5th Mike Brown, $100
5th Joe Duram, $100
5th Charlie Williams, $100
5th Rob Hart, $100
9th Steve McAninch, $50
9th Doug Pullman, $50
9th Ray Copple, $50
9th Marc Vidal, $50
9th Tim Diaz, $50
9th Thomas Elliot, $50
9th Mike Leak, $50
9th Jeremy Syle, $50

Derby City Senior Banks Mini Results
1st Robert Herchik, $1,000
2nd Whitey Stephenson, $600
3rd John Henderson, $300
3rd Jose Parica, $300
5th Mike Medley, $100
5th Bob Ohashi, $100
5th Steve Grant, $100
5th Jerry McLeod, $100

Derby City One-Pocket Mini Results
1st Richie Richeson, $800
2nd Sammy Monday, $400
3rd Richard Grenier, $150
3rd Shannon Murphy, $150
5th Tim Cahill, $75
5th Huidjie See, $75
5th Tim Long, $75
5th Jeff Jordan, $75

Derby City One Pocket Results
1st Shane Van Boening
2nd Earl Strickland

Derby City Fat Boy Challenge Results
1st Rodney Morris
2nd Darren Appleton
3rd Francisco Bustamante
3rd Lee Van Corteza
5th Chris Bartram
5th Shane Van Boening
5th Stevie Moore
5th Niels Feijen
7th Rafael Martinez
7th Dennis Orcollo
7th Mike Davis
7th Ralf Souquet
7th Jesse Engel
7th Johnny Archer
7th Tommy Kennedy
7th Jason Klatt

Derby City Straight Pool Challenge Results
1st Darren Appleton
2nd Alex Pagulayan
3rd Neils Feijen
3rd Mike Davis
5th John Schmidt
5th Beau Runningen
5th Corey Deuel
5th Dennis Orcollo

Derby City 9-Ball Event Results
1st Dennis Orcollo
2nd Shane Van Boening
3rd Niels Feijen
3rd Mika Immonen

Derby City 9-Ball Mini Results
1st Charlie Williams, $1,000

Derby City Image Gallery from Inside Pool Magazine

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